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0079 Background Story

This will be pretty straight forward and will only deal with what happens story-wise preceeding the start of the game. I'm not trying to catalog the extensive history of the Universal Century because then this page could conceivably go on forever.

Unlike the more popular Gundam Wing which takes place in a timeline which can't be really connected with the present time (2003 A.D.), the Universal Century timeline is different as it can be connected to our own time. As I'm unsure as to when the time is switch from After Death to Universal Century I have reason to believe the change occurs around 2050. I do know that they calender is switched to Universal Century to signify mankind reaching the stars. If you have any information on this please email me or Crotanks with the info.

Due to increasing pollution and over population of our beautiful planet, Earth, an ambitious space program is launched by the Earth's government in U.C. 0001. The focus of this new program is to build colonies outfitted with artificial environments to deal with the increasing population problems on Earth. With the increase in colonies being built more and more of Earth's inhabitants migrate to the stars. But tension between some of the colonies citizens and Earth begin to form and by U.C.0058 Side 3 (a side is a zone of colonies) declares independence and founds the Republic of Zeon.

Tensions between the Republic of Zeon and the Earth Federation increase and by U.C. 0069 the Duchy of Zeon (Principality of Zeon in the American anime) is formed. By U.C. 0079 war breaks out between the two factions. Within the first month of battle more than 50% of the human population was killed, people were horrified by this. Due to Zeon's new mobile suit technology they quickly gain the upper hand in the war. Although for most of the war Zeon controlled more territory than the Federation, due to lack of supplies and loss of troops they were unable to claim victory. This continued for the next 8 months, but by this time the Federation had completed its secret mobile suit project, Operation V, which was currently being tested on Side 7.

Zeon begins to notice increased Federation activity around Side 7 and two Zaku II's are ordered to investigate. The pilots discover prototype mobile suits and iniate an unauthorized attack. During the attack all but three of the Federations mobile suits were destroyed, the Gundam, Guncannon, and Guntank. After seeing many civilianis killed by the Zakus a young boy by the name of Amuro Ray climbs into the cockpit of the only active mobile suit, the Gundam. And so our story begins...