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This is the savestate hacking section of the shrine. Here you will be able to find offsets for different attributes in the savestate. Sorry, but these offsets are for use with ZSNES savestates ONLY. If anyone knows the offsets for SNES9X savestates and would like to give me them, I'd be more than happy to post them on this page and give them full credit.

For those of you who aren't as knowledgable on savestate hacking or just don't feel like it, I suggest going over to the Downloads page and getting the savestate editor. Yes, I finally made it. Aren't you pwoud of me? ;P

If anyone is skilled with hacking savestates and finding data and would be willing to find the offsets needed to change the mobile suit you control in battle and would allow me to post it on this page I'd really appreciate it. Of course full credit would be given. Email me if you're interested in that or if you're interested in programming a savestate editor.

I'd like to say that I know for a fact it is possible to do this. I found the bytes a year or more ago that control which mobile suit you control (meaning you can control a Zaku, for instance, if you change the right byte to the right number), but I have since lost the piece of paper I had the offsets wrote down on. There were however a few problems with it, mainly the palette for the normal mobile suit (i.e. Gundam, Guncannon, or Guntank) would be loaded and would result in the new mobile suits not have the right colors. Feel free to email me if you'd like to know more or are willing to help.

One last thing, if you need help with this I'd suggest reading this. Its a mini-tutorial of sorts (really, its one of my response to an email concerning savestate hacking).

Current/Total APThe amount of Armor Points the mobile suit has.
LevelThe current level of the mobile suit.
ExperienceThe total amount of EXP that the mobile suit has.
PointsThe number of points available for use to boost stats. Add one for each desired point.
MoveThe number of times you can move.
ItemThe number items you can hold.
Close, Aim, & SkillThe stats for each skill attribute. Maximum=8.
Item InventoryThe number of MAG and EPAC currently in stock. The first number of the byte is the number of MAGs in stock and the second digit is the number of EPACs in stock.
A value of 0203 would mean two MAGs and three EPACs.

Mobile Suit #1 (the Gundam)
StatStarting Offset
Current AP$000017CD
Total AP$00002458
Close DEF$0000246A
Close ATC$0000246B
Aim DEF$00002470
Aim ATC$00002471
Skill DEF$00002476
Skill ATC$00002477
Item Inventory$00001AC2

Mobile Suit #2 (the Guncannon)
StatStarting Offset
Current AP$000017CF
Total AP$0000245A
Close DEF$0000246C
Close ATC$0000246D
Aim DEF$00002472
Aim ATC$00002473
Skill DEF$00002478
Skill ATC$00002479
Item Inventory$00001AC4

Mobile Suit #3 (the Guntank and Second Guncannon)
StatStarting Offset
Current AP$000017D1
Total AP$0000245C
Close DEF$0000246E
Close ATC$0000246F
Aim DEF$00002474
Aim ATC$00002475
Skill DEF$0000247A
Skill ATC$0000247B
Item Inventory$00001AC6