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To make this easier on you and me both, the characters have been split up into two pages. The first page is for all the characters during the first 14 missions of the game (the characters that appeared in the anime/movie trilogy). The second page is for the characters that were created specifically for this game (you play the Original Story over the course of Mission 15-20).

Any places that are blank are done so because I don't have the information, if you could provide me with this missing information I'd be grateful. Also, the ranks for the 0079 characters are determined according to what their rank was when they first appear in the anime. I'd also like to credit Mark Simmons for the Federal Forces and Zeon icons which he so kindly made available to the public once the Gundam Project went under. I used a number of sources for the information, one of which was the Official Gundam site. Thanks go out to Dennis Chang for translating the Cross Dimension character information.