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Name of DownloadDescriptionWhere to get it
0080 Manual ExcerptA small excerpt from the manual for the game that has detailed information on the new character in 0080. Both the Japanese and the *original* English translation are included in a .ZIP and are in .TXT format. You'll need a program capable of viewing Shift-JIS text files to view the Japanese one.Click Here
English ROM PatchAeon Genesis finally released a patch for this game! It's wonderful, too! Do yourself a favor, and download it!Aeon Genesis
IconsThese are some really nifty icons for windows. They're basically sprites from various mobile suits in the game, but they're cool none the less.Click Here
Japanese ManualPNG format scans of the entire Japanese manual. If anyone's interested in translating these scans and needs something rescanned, email me.Click Here
Mobile Suit Gundam Cross Dimension ROMThe ROM of the game which can be played on an emulator. It is listed as Kidou Senshi Gundam Cross Dimension 0079.
Savestate EditorA program that lets you hack savestates without having to bother with a hex editor. This is just the first version, so there's many improvements to be made but you can manipulate all the stats for each mobile suit.Click Here
SoundtrackA soundtrack containing all of the game's music in .SPC format.
Note: This link is currently down because I'm an idiot that deleted the original copy of the .zip on my harddrive about a year ago. I'll try to get it back up soon.
Currently Unavailable
Sprite SheetsThe original .bmp sprite sheets.Click Here
ZSNESThe greatest Super Nintendo emulator ever.