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Update Archive

How frequently this page will be updated is determined entirely on how often I update and/or how crowded the home page gets.

3.18.2004 3:48PM EST
RedComet Update, Added a lot of information to the 0080 background story section. Thanks a lot to Leonheart for contributing this information!

1.24.2004 11:08PM EST
RedComet Update, I FINALLY got around to making a savestate editor for Cross Dimension. With it you can edit any of the mobile suits stats, except for their item inventory (how many MAGs and EPACs they have). I also fixed a problem on the Hacking page, the offsets for the Close ATC/DEF for all three mobile suits was off by a few.

12.20.2003 1:50PM EST
Its me, RedComet, again. I fixed up a few things on the Walkthrough pages. Namely renaming all the images so they're easier for me to find which images are for which missions. Another thing that was added was the date that the mission takes place on and what episodes in the anime (not the movie trilogy) corresponds with the mission. Info concerning the ending of the 0080 section will be up shortly.

11.30.2003 1:35PM EST
The Comet here. I've basically given the Characters page an overhaul as far as info goes. Added a new download in the Downloads section. Cleaned up the visuals on the Hacking page. Fixed a little problem on all the maps pages; the pictures are no longer right below the mission title. Changed most of the bulleted lists into tables across the shrine. Stuff has been fixed in all sections except the Walkthrough and the Weapons & Items pages.

11.22.2003 2:30PM EST
Hey, RedComet here. I just added some new stuff to the shrine because Cro's lazy. Among other things you'll notice a new section on the left, the Background Story section. I admit its lacking quite a bit but hopefully will be brought up to snuff with the rest of the shrine in the near future. Big thanks goes out to vampiresquid for his help! Enjoy!

02.19.2003 2:01PM EST
For the time being Crotanks is going to maintain the shrine. I'm having some troubles of my own so please email him with anything you might need help with. Thanks Cro!

02.3.2003 9:28PM EST
A few cosmetic fixes here and there.

12.19.2002 4:38PM EST
New Sprites.

11.24.2002 11:15PM EST
Gave the entire walkthrough a face lift. Much nicer looking.

11.10.2002 1:15PM EST
Technical stats for all mobile suits.

11.08.2002 11:36PM EST
Finally uploaded the sprite sheets that had been donated to me by Zachary Michael Imbrogno Brown. Thanks for the sprites Zachary!

08.25.2002 11:58AM EST
New clean look for both the Zeon and the Federation Mobile Suits pages.

08.21.2002 1:26PM EST
AP Values for EVERY enemy mobile suit in the game are now available.

08.18.2002 6:48PM EST
AP Values for all enemies up through Mission 14! I've also made all the tables through-out prettier.

08.04.2002 7:58PM EST
Complete information for all Characters finally added; Added a Savestate Hacking Tutorial; Changed the look of the Downloads Section and added more stuff to it; Added a new Game Genie Codes Section (which I'm very proud of myself for). More stuff will be added in the coming months/years. :P

07.05.2002 2:14AM EST
There has been a minor update to the Characters section with Very sketchy information for the characters that appear in the 0080 portion of the game. Also a few small changes have been made throughout; mostly mistakes I made in typing.