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Prime Point Set

This is one of two games that I know of that uses the Prime Point Set growth system, the other game being Z Gundam Away to the Newtype. The Prime Point Set is just what it says it is, a growth system that uses points to gain attributes and skills. The ability to customize your suits to fit your fighting syle is great early in the game, but once you reach the max level (25) you will have enough points to boost every aspect of the mobile suits to there limits.

Let's start off by taking a look at the Prime Point Set as seen in the game. Then I'll break each section down for you so to better understand how to use it to its max potential.

This one screen reveals to the player alot of information about the selected mobile suit. In the top left hand corner it tells the model number, the current level, and the total amount of experience that has been gained through out the course of the game. Next we come upon the TOTAL, this is one of the most important parts of the whole screen. This one area tells you exactly how many points you have available to spend on the attributes.

Now comes the attributes, lets start with the two easiest ones first. The MOVE attribute determines how many spaces you can move, if you'll notice when moving in the game you'll see a colored diamond postioned around the mobile suits feet this indicates how many more spaces you can move (if you don't see a colored diamond first press SELECT to make sure its on if that doesn't solve the problem download the newest version of ZSNES). The max amount of points that your MOVE attribute can have is eight and your ITEM is six. The amount of EPAC and MAG that you can carry is determined by the ITEM, you DO NOT have to spend points to get EPACs and MAGs! Lets say you want two EPACs and one MAG and you have only one point on your ITEM. First level up until you have two points available for use then use those two on the ITEM and you will then be able to hold three items total. I know it can be a little confusing understanding this but once you start playing it you'll realize how easy it is. Next is the attack attributes. Each attribute can hold a maximum of eight points. The only time that this is not the case is with either the Guncannons or the Guntank, neither one can boost their CLOSE ATTACK attribute.

CLOSEDetermines the strength/defence for/against a close range attack(i.e. Beam Sabers, and Heat Tomahawks)
AIMDetermines the strength/defence for/against a long range attack(i.e. Beam Rifles, Machine Guns, Bazookas, etc.)
SKILLDetermines the strength/defence for/against a special attack. See the Special Attacks page for more information.

The first slot under the WEAPON heading is the mobile suit's B-Guns, the second slot its Close range weapon, and the 3rd its A-Gun weapon.

The NEXT button just takes you to your Special Attacks screen and EXIT takes you the previous screen you was on before entering the Prime Point Set menu.