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0080 Background Story

The funny thing about the 0080 missions is that they occur during 0079! Due to my laziness and not wanting to confuse the two stories I'll refer to the story with Bork, Daba, Henry, etc as 0080. This page is only here to give you background information so that the story makes more sense, so you don't have to worry about there being any spoilers here. However, if you don't want the stories spoiled you should probably steer clear of the walkthroughs. The following information was generously provided by Leonheart which, I believe, he translated from the Hao Game Special 22 from Kodansha (a Japanese video game guide book company).

Page 62
U.C. 0079.10.09, 5 days have passed by after the death of Garma Zabi. At the incandescent desert of Gobi, the Earth Federation Force has began their advance to join Operation Odessa. To avoid this, Zeon Earth Invasion Force of Asia has decide to counter. However, the battle ended with the victory of Earth Federation force and the remainings of the Zeon Armed Force has been terminated by the burning desert crying at death. During this progress of war, the Special Task Force Wolf Gar, a platoon which were the remainings of Zeon were looking for a chance for refuel by attacking the temporary base of the Earth Federation Transportation Company Albatros Team, the last to head toward Odessa. However, they spotted a Mobile Suit with high performance kicking the remains of the Zeon in the region. This was the new Mobile Suit, Pixie to be hand over to the White Base Team by the Albatros Team. At the glance of an incredible performance of this Mobile Suit, the five of the Wolf Gar team lost their words.

Page 64
About Transportation Company Albatros Team
This special task company was created to transport Pixie to the White Base Team prepared for Operation Odessa. The team is composed of MS team, transportation team, and supply team under Noct. However 01st platoon has been defeated which Bolk and the reaining two of the 02nd platoon, MS Albatros defense team.

Page 65
Special Task Team Wolf Gar
It is the 17th special task team created using Mobile Suit mostly criminals assembled by Ma Kube. Their missions are mostly reconnaissance and create disturbance of the enemy from behind. Their team was assembled with the counter force to strike against the Silk Road Operation "Desert Dragon" (Probably the operation which the Asian Sector of Earth Federation to join the Odessa Operation suggested recently) but as the Zeon lost the battle, they turned into a wondering team in the desert.

The story starts on October 9th in the year U.C. 0079, exactly 5 days following Garma Zabi's death.

Hopefully that's quite a bit better than what I had previously. I apologize for any grammatical errors in Leonheart's contribution, I may or may not rewrite it some day to fix any rough spots in it.