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Mission 13

Space Fortress: A Baoa A Qu

Mission 13

Mobile Suit ImageNameAP TotalTotal Number in Mission
Rick Dom288AP1
Rick Dom300AP2
Rick Dom324AP1
Rick Dom380AP1
Rick Dom400AP2
Rick Dom480AP1
Rick Dom488AP1
Rick Dom540AP1
Zaku II64AP1
Zaku II78AP1
Zaku II288AP2
Zaku II324AP1
Zaku II380AP2
Zaku II420AP1
Zaku II480AP4
Zaku II488AP2
Zaku II540AP3
Zaku II with Bazooka540AP1
Zeong's Hands1000AP (Each)2

Mission 13 Maps

Date: UC 12.31.0079
Corresponding Episode(s): 42

The Battle at A Bao A Qu. This will be the last time you'll fight Char and Zeon for that matter.

Your last mission will be an all out attack on Zeon's mobile suit factory, A Bao A Qu. As you can probably tell this place is heavily guarded and you must break through their defenses and destroy all the guards.

In Mission 12 you saw a destroyed GM drifting in space in this mission however you get to see a Zaku drifting.

In area 1 (the North-West area) you'll discover an EPAC and a MAG. Get them! Your gonna need them.

After disposing of all the mobile suits guarding the factory Amuro in the Gundam will fly off. In the new area you see a less than happy Char in a true mobile armor! All of Zeon rests on Char's shoulders and you must destroy him to end the war!

The Zeong is the final boss in the game and it shows. First things first though if you attack the Zeong you WILL NOT deal damage to it! Instead wait until it fires its hands off to attack you and shot them with your beam rifle. Each hand has 500+ AP.

Once the two hands are destroyed the Zeong will become vulnerable to the Gundam's attacks so let him have it. The Zeong has close to 600AP but it is not that hard to take out just keep an eye on your AP because the Zeong can deplete it rapidly! Wait that's not all, you now must enter the factory and hunt down the Zeong to finish it off.


Mission Complete!

On to Mission 14!