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Mission 17


Mission 17

Mobile Suit ImageNameAP TotalTotal Number in Mission
Zaku II
Zaku II with Bazooka
Zaku II with Cannon
Zaku II with Flamethrower

Mission 17 Maps

Even after the battle in the last mission Zeon is still persistant as ever. I wonder what they're going to try this time...

You start in the middle area of the mission, and if you take notice that there are no enemies mobile suits in the area. I wonder where those Zeon dogs are hiding...

Your enemies in this mission are the Efreet and 4 Zaku's. After dealing a certain amount of damage to each of these mobile suits they will run off, hunt them down! I would recommend taking care of all the Zaku's in the area then the Efreet, then hunt the Zaku's down.

Once you've taken care of the cronies its time to hunt down the Efreet. This is easy because he always goes to the South-Eastern area of the mission. After dealing close to 1,000 AP damage to it, it'll fly off. Go destroy it!

The third time you find the Efreet it should only need one strong attack to cause it to flee the battle. Get back here and fight me like a man!


Mission Complete!

On to Mission 18!