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Mission 20

Prayers for the Dying

Mission 20

Mobile Suit ImageNameAP TotalTotal Number in Mission

Mission 20 Maps

This mission picks up right where the last took off, at the runway inside the base. This is the last mission in 0080!!!! Don't read any further unless you DO want some of the ending revealed to you. You've been warned...

Bork is now extremly mad at the Efreet for more reasons than one, and is looking for revenge. Your mission is to destroy the Efreet.

The Efreet has regained some of its power back, but its still too weak to put up a decent fight. If you beat the Zeong and the Big Zam (which you should have unless you skipped ahead to 0080 you should have no trouble what so ever beating the Efreet.

Be sure to use your strongest attacks, these will cut the amount of time it takes to beat the Efreet down greatly.

Through out the battle the mobile suits will stop and the pilots will begin speaking to one another, I just wish I knew what they where saying, after the brief break its back to battle.

Just like so many mobile suits before it once you deal around 500AP damage to the Efreet it will fly off and you must track it down. You must complete this task five to six times before finally destroying it, but when you do...

Now it's time to set back and enjoy the ending. The screen shown here is probably the most confusing one in the game. To the best of my knowledge there was no sequel to Cross Dimension except for Z Gundam Away to The Newtype, but it doesn't continue the story from 0080. If you have any helpful information regarding this please send me it.

So you've blew your chances of winning and have been defeated at the hands of the mighty Efreet. WAIT! Don't touch a thing! A special sequence follows if the Efreet defeats you. Not much is said except something about Henry going on to Solomn, then the credits follow. This is the only way to see the credits roll.



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