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OPHood Chat Rules

In the world of IRC, there are different levels of administrators, known as Operators or OPs. The following is a basic list of what each level is, and when/how we give them. A list of our current OPs can be found at the bottom.

Here Is The Op Breakdown And Our Standards For Each Class In #RPGClassics

No Ops:
-Just a standard visitor of our chat.

VOps (+):
-Voice Operators. Voice Operators can invite and talk with moderated channel mode (+m). Must be a staff member or database maintainer in order to have VOps. To learn more about becoming staff, go here.

HOps (%):
-Half Operators. Half Operators are actually a way of showing the visitor when a server administrator (IRCop) is in the room. Half Operators can invite, talk with moderated channel mode, kick users but not ban them. All the HOps you currently see are chat server related and not otherwise part of RPGC, although some like to hang out in our room because we're cool like that :P

AOps (@):
-Auto Operators. Auto Operators can invite, talk with moderated channel mode, change channel modes, kick and apply bans. An AOp must be staff obviously, but also must be in the chat regularly and have a decent knowledge of IRC. This has been relegated to a temporary status for new Ops.

SOps (@):
-Super Operators. Super Operators can invite, talk with moderated channel mode, change channel modes, modify the VOp and AOp access lists, kick and apply bans and apply akicks. SOps too must be staff. This status has been appointed the new status for all Ops after undergoing the temporary status of AOp.

COps/Founder (@):
-Channel Operators/Founders. Channel Operators can invite, talk with moderated channel mode, change channel modes, modify the entire access list, kick, apply bans, and apply akicks. Staff members with the Channel Password (founder access) are in the chat more than they probably should be and have a very solid grasp of IRC commands.

Note: To get AOps or higher, the current OPs will vote to decide if a candidate is worthy enough since we don't need many more of them right now.
Double Note: Don't even think about asking for ops if you aren't staff! ...Stop thinking about it, I see you.

Here Is Our "Code of Conduct" for Chat Room Operators (of all types except where noted)

Operators are...

. To enforce and uphold the chat rules to the best of their ability whether or not they agree with the rules.

. To avoid public disagreement or the overruling of another operator's decision. Contested bans stay in effect until an agreement can be made on the Chat Admin board.

. To adhere to the rules of the chat even more strongly than regular users. Ops are even _more_ required to follow the "law."

. To not abuse their powers just because they can or because of personal issues with another user or op.

. To not show favoritism towards users when making rule-enforcing decisions.

. To participate in debates and discussions in the Chat Admin forum where required or merited. The same applies for "operator meetings."

. To be in the chat a fair and regular amount of time.

. If an operator isn't actively watching the chat, they are to have some alternative method of emergency contact (such as the ophorn.wav, highlighting, or some sort of private messaging sound).

. If no operator is available, the last active op is to "deputize" a VOPed staffer or trusted regular until another active op arrives.

. To be respectful and civil to visitors and ops.

When an op repeatedly or grossly violates one or many of these rules or otherwise grossly abuses their power, they shall first be warned, then other warnings, temporary or permanent removal of ops may be decided upon, according to the decision of the other operators.

Our Current Ops

COps: The_984, Tenchimaru_Draconis, Skankin_Garbage
SOps: ClothHat, Flintedge, Ezboarder, Ackbar, Epicgamer, Kero_Hazel, Green_Mage, ClessAlvein, Shalcar, xzeppelin
AOps: None
HOps: Bane, Uncle Tobias, Sk8, other IRCOps
VOps: All other staff and database maintainers not listed (plus Mercenary9 because he's groovy).

(c)2006 All materials are copyrighted by their respective authors. All games mentioned in this site are copyrighted by their respective producers and publishers. No infringement on any existing copyright is intended. All rights reserved.