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Chat Room Scripting Rules


Here are the specific rules regarding scripts, remotes, aliases etc. in our chat room. Keep in mind that we will try to be tolerant about scripts. If you can keep yours under control and don't become a nuisance then just about any script is allowable. However, if an operator asks you to deactivate a script immediately do so and then try to find out why afterwards. But as long as you are not a pain none of us will be either :P Failure to deactivate scripts and/or persistent or infantile bickering about it with an op may result in kickings and/or bans, with length to be determined by the chat room operators. Script rules are applicable to _all_ users, whether you are a n00b or a SOP, and will be dealt with as such. The kind of scripts that may be asked to be turned off include but are not limited to:

1. Greeting scripts. Just say hello in person, it doesn't take much

2. "Away" message scripts.

3. MP3 player scripts.

4. Echo scripts.

5. Any sequence of scripts by one person shouldn't exceed 4 lines of text (one "line" of text = one message then the enter key). We are using a 1024x768 resolution with a default font size as our benchmark for judging this rule. Keep in mind this rule (and any rule regarding script length), won't be ruthlessly enforced, but if your script is getting annoying (and thus asked to be shut off) then one reason could be that your script is too long.

6. Any string of "counter scripts" (i.e. Merlin bashes Maz, Maz counters, Merlin counters, Maz counters ad infinitum) shouldn't exceed 5 lines total, again we are using the qualifiers in the previous rule (resolution, size, enforcement of rule, etc.).

7. Exiting and Entering sequences should be capped at 3 lines of text.

8. No scripts that change each character of a message with alternating "light" colors (like aqua, yellow, etc) will be allowed for long. Some leniency will be granted to scripts that use dark colors only.

9. No excessive use of any text-generating script will be tolerated. It will be counted as spam and you will be asked to turn off your script. Such things as quote-generating scripts or !x scripts (where typing !x generates some sort of message) are examples of what we mean. It isn't our fault if other users abuse your script either, so if a ton of people are typing in !x (or whatever) repeatedly you will be asked to turn off your script rather than the other users for abusing it.

10. Do not test out new scripts in our chat room. Please go to a different chat room to test and work it out. #NinjaDojo is a good place for script testing.

If you have any questions, problems, issues, etc in the chat room and can't resolve them there then please direct all complaints to our Chat Room Help Forum under RPGC Community.