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Dream a Little Dream (Weiila)Taking "playing it both ways" to a whole new level... in a strangely cute way. Tifa is, and Aeris were in love with Cloud. And he can't forget the flower girl, even though he lives happily with the brunette. Good thing there's dreams, no? And a bit of reincarnation might add things up, but not in the perverted way.


Oedipal Oratory (Mazrim) Not so much a fanfic as an interlude in the action of Final Fantasy VII, Oedipal Oratory effectively captures the relationship between Jenova and Sephiroth, and what each person feels in it. Sephiroth's love for Jenova, as well as Jenova's oddly mechanical way of thinking are at once insightful and chilling. A short read, but quite powerful, as with most of Archone's works. A very cool fanfic indeed.


Lullaby of LucretiaA songfic, set in the world of FFVII and written to the tune of "Lullaby of London" by the Pogues. I've never heard the song, but we have very few songfics, and this is one of the best I've read since I've entered the world of fanfiction.

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How Love is Lost (Weiila)The true and tragic story behind the reason of all Aeris Resurrection Fics; their origin as in why people do write them at all. About the evil economic presidents and commitees that will regret certain choices.

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(Weiila)A captivating tale about the Final Fantasy 7 gang after the end of their battle against Sephiroth. New troubles arise with new (and an old) villains that are set on Reno and Cloud. The plot is good, and the relationships between the characters are truly innovative. Nothing is like it appeared to be in the game; Vincent is Reno's father for one and ol' Vinny's relationship with Lucretia is nothing like we're used to see. And even though things are different than usual, drakonlily writes it so that it makes perfect sense.


Search for the Emerald Weapon (Weiila)Oh, don't you just hate those darn Weapons? Well, they can be more complicated to beat than you thought. This is what eventually will turn out as a strategy guide to beat the merm... I mean, Emerald. And humorous along the way :)


Healing (Weiila)An interesting fic, another good example of how an author created character can have a leading role in a fanfic - without being one of those pesky Mary Sues.
A surgeon by the name Rei Desai buys the ShinRa mansion of Nibelheim, unaware that she gets a stingy vampire-lookalike included for no extra charge. An interesting story about how to make renovations and try to make use of a mad scientists old lab, the perils of a former breast-enlargement surgeon, and maybe a little romance between a couple of heroes that weren't part of the main plot...
The Way it Should be (TD)This fic is kind of like poking the brain with a long stick. Strange, but surprisingly not very painful, at least if you bear with it for a bit.


One Winged Angel Translation (Weiila)A... somewhat... innovative translation of the lyrics for Sephiroth's theme song.
OK, not by the rule a fanfic, but I found it a very funny parody. Give it a read, you'll be chuckling guaranteed ^_^
My Arm's Gold an' Hojo Stole my Girl (Weiila)Not a parody translation this time, but an original song - or poem since there's no music - by Frijol. It's once a gain a humorous piece :)
Hojo's Karaoke Number (Weiila)Didn't you see the title? Run for your lives, it's the Apocalypse!!
A song about some unexplained stuff in FF7. Considering the imagenary setting of hte thing, read at your own risk...
My Tamed Canine (Weiila)Another silly song from our song parody writer, this one ah... a love song from Nanaki to whatever lady lion(?) creature he found to marry...


Vincent's Torment (Weiila)This is a peculiar, dreamlike fanfic about Vincent after the games end. He's plagued by nightmares and visions of Lucretia. The border between reality and dream fades quickly, is he sleeping or not? Still in his chest or in the strange cave where the Death Penalty was found?


The flower (Weiila)A different look upon the ever again resurrected flower girl of FF7. A brief, dark tale taking place during one of Aeris' (probably) more depressed moments. Very innovative in the question since she tends to be the happy one.


FF7 - The Sentry Objective
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(Weiila)A story centering around a man named Zymon, hunted by Shinra, living in the Midgar slums selling materia and giving information to Avalance. Not the best pick of career, but what to do in the world of Final Fantasy VII?
There's some harsh language, so younger readers should skip this one. Everyone else, enjoy!

Jenova's Witness

Join the Lifestream (Weiila)The flower girl in the pink dress from Final Fantasy 7 looses her consciousness and takes her first steps in the world beyond, to be greeted by a somewhat surprising entity. There's no revolutionary plot in this fic, but it's a very interesting talk between Aeris and the power.

Lady Aliena

The Choice (Weiila) After the game, Cloud is still troubled with whom he truly loves. I know as well as everyone that there are mouthfuls of fics with "Aeris vs. Tifa in the blondie's heart" theme, but Aliena does a great job as always, so it's definitely worth the time it takes to read.

Locue and AustralianAnonymous

Blood and Whiskey
2, 3
(Weiila)A twisted story with raw humor and a bit of violence. In other words: *waves with the "Not for younger readers!" sign*
Vincent and Cid are in the Big Apple... Grape, discussing life, vampirism, responsibility and the usual stuff when the mafia breaks into the picture, hunting for a lady called Amanda. There's quite a bit of swearing since Cid spends most of the time being lightly said grumpy, and the violence is about the fact that Vincent gets irritated when people shoot at him... run you fools!!

Michyu Girl

Afterward: The Story of Tifa (Weiila)A sweet lil' story. Tifa tells us about her thoughts, feelings and life after her world was saved, spanning from moments after Meteor to months afterwards. Now, monologue stories like this one might have been done before, but if it's sweet and tenderly written that doesn't matter, right? Give it a chance :)
When A Friend Goes Too Far (Weiila)Michyu returns with another Final Fantasy VII story, this one a much longer one than her first.
The characters have had time to settle with their lives after the war against Meteor and Sephiroth, but the peace is shattered as one of their own begin to act strange. It seems like somebody finally found a GOOD way of killing of his enemies.

Nev Stardust

Darkest days (Weiila)Our first songfic. So, alright, we have them. However, I think that if you use a song in a fic then do not base the fic on the song, but let it be a help for the story. This one is a fine example of such, about Vincent's bitter thoughts and views upon himself. It has been done before, it can be done again if done well, and this is :)


If I said I love you... (Weiila)The first one of two connected stories taking place in FF7. Tifa sits with Cloud beneath the Highwind and thinks about the blonde warrior with the huge sword, trying to sort out what she feels for him, and what she should do about it.
... Would you turn away? (Weiila)The second one of two connected stories taking place in FF7. As Tifa sits with Cloud and wrestles with her emotions, Cloud steals glances at her and tries to pan out what he, too, feels about his childhood friend.


Flowers Grow
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(Weiila)Sephiroth was defeated, and Meteor was fought back. But things aren't looking as good as they promised to be. Cloud is trying to cope with his strangling guilt and the hopeless love for a dead woman, caught in a bad depression. Tifa and Barret comes to see him in hopes of cheering him up, but somebody else also shows up with bad news...
Perhaps you have seen plots with somewhat the same seed of a plot, but I promise you that this stands out from the crowd with Prometheus' elegant and breathtaking descriptions of emotions and nature.
Sins of the Father (TD)A beautiful fairy tale about genetic engineering, Vincent, and the birth of Sephroth. (can't say more, or I spoil)
Glories of the Son (Weiila)Hojo finally got his surviving sample, and now he's set on putting it into action. In the violent war between Wutai and Shin-Ra, sixteen year old Sephiroth faces his first battle as he is given command of the invasion troops. This one speaks a lot of how his psyche was shaped...


Evolution of Innocence
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(Mazrim)An ongoing, incomplete, extremely captivating piece of Final Fantasy VII fanfiction, this is, in the words of the author, an ARF (Aeris Resurrection Fetish). But, it assumes that she never REALLY died in the first place (Lifestream bit), and that she doesn't REALLY come back to life (in a manner of speaking). It's cool, and weird, and has a style of dialogue and thought that strikes me as extremely realistic, and awesome. Definitely one of the best fanfics in the archive, in my humble opinion. :P (6/9 COMPLETE!)
Final Fantasy 7 - Resurrection
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(Weiila)Another FF7 fic from Quintcia, this one the first in a trilogy.
Only a couple of days after Sephiroth's death new problems begin to arise. A girl named Raieyana approaches the victorious heroes, and it's not just a coincidence that she looks almost exactly like Aeris. Guess what, Hojo has been fooling around with cells again. But that isn't the problem...
Final Fantasy 7-Reunion,
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(Weiila)The second part of the trilogy is set seven years after the events in Resurrection. It's been fairly calm, but there wouldn't be a story if things just were peaceful, now would it? :)
Everybody who believes Hojo lied about someone's heritage raise a hand and win a prize!
Final Fantasy 7-Redemption,
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(Weiila)The final part of the trilogy, if not yet complete.
Fourteen years since "Reunion", strange things begin to happen and the heroes find themselves in a situation when they have to save the world, AGAIN! And deal with quite difficult personal problems along the way as well.

Steven Mayo

Kingdom of Children (Weiila)This dark story takes place during the time when Cloud was a human vegetable sitting in a wheelchair in Mideel, trapped inside his own past and twisted memories. But he's not the only one in the area being tortured by the spooks of his own mind. Hojo might be the nuttiest guy outside of the crater, but his charisma has touched other scientists. Or maybe it's more like a contagious disease...

Various Authors

Angel of Mine Chun Li (Mazrim)A short, sweet fanfic about Tseng and his love for Aeris. Very emotional at times, with very descriptive imagery and elegant wording.
Bitter Ash 1 2 Anonymous (Mazrim)Another fanfic about Tseng, also about his relationship to Aeris. Tseng is bitter because Aeris won't care about him, centered during the game, during the destruction of the Sector 7 Pillar and just before Tseng's death (hence the two parts)
Bloody Claws Bubbawheat (Mazrim)A violent fanfic taking place in the Shinra mansion before the game of FFVII takes place, centered around Vincent. Some graphic scenes, overall pretty good writing though.
Meeting the God Sir Jecht (Weiila)Cloud is haunted by a strange dream about himself and Sephiroth, just after Aeris' death. It's a personal prelude for him to the battle he and Tifa will fight later against his own madness. A short fic, which can be a nice change from all the epics in the archives.
Perspectives Princess Nadia (Mazrim)A short fanfic from the point of view of Elena, just before Tseng's death. Sorry it's only available in text format, but Frontpage wasn't cooperating when I tried to HTML-ize it, and I've had enough trouble for the day.
Tseng's Prophecy 1 2 3 4 Sly (Mazrim)A fanfic about Tseng, taking place during the timespan of the game, but with some different things happening - very original story, it brings up the question, "Why didn't Cloud just use the Restore materia on Aeris?"