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Vincent’s Torment
by Gemini_Bloodian

I could not do anything to stop myself. I watched in horror as I gazed at my left hand, I tried to restrain myself but it was too late. I pulled the trigger. Before I could blink an eye the one I loved, Lucrecia had died. I could not believe what I had done. I ran to catch her, but I was not fast enough, She had fallen into the flames. I called out in agony as I watched Lucrecia fall into oblivion. I did not deserve to live. Why should I, a dark monster, ever receive the gift of life, when I should receive the damnation of death? I ran into the darkness. It did not matter to me how or where I was. The only thing I felt was loneliness. To me, time stood still for me, but what is time to a demon?

Chapter 2

I ran through the darkness, searching for a way out. But as I ran, I felt something strange deep within my soul, calling out. I tried to ignore the pain, but it was growing stronger. I felt a strong pain surging throughout my body. I felt it, something inside of me coming out, something I couldn’t control, what I had felt could be nothing less then Chaos. The demon broke out of me, began to control me, had began to mutate me, I tried to resist, but it was futile. I screamed with dark pain, and then my entire world went black.

I woke up, gasping for air; I looked around to see that I was in the same, dark, cavern. I looked at my left hand, remembering what I had done. It was strange; I have been having this same, dark dream ever since…she died 10 years ago. I believe that there is a reason I have this accursed dream, as if it was meant to be a message to me, but the only question is why, what is it trying to tell me? I had been able to resist the demon, but it has gotten stronger somehow, I did not wish to embrace it, for I feared once I transformed, I could not go back.

I had gone outside, at night to stare out at the sky, when I started to hear a voice “Embrace the darkness.”

I called out ”Who are you?” The voice seemed to fade, I followed the voice and it kept repeating the same thing: “Embrace.” Eventually the voices stopped at a strange, burnt cave.

Chapter 3

I recognized this cave. It had been the cave from my dream. I kept telling myself that I must not go in, but I found myself slowly walking passed the entrance. I felt something I had felt once before fear. As I crept, I saw someone standing there. I wondered who could it be. I went closer and closer until the person turned around to show me their face. I realized it was a young woman.


She ran off in the distance, I called out to her but no sound came. I thought I could catch up if I ran faster, but it seemed that harder I tried, the slower I went. I knew I must get to her, I must see her, one last time.

Chapter 4

Eventually, I had found her. We both stared at each other straight in the eyes. I could not accept this was her. I know that I killed her 10 years ago. I tried to speak to her, but there was nothing I could say to her. “Lucrecia…I…”

She cut me off. “It’s alright Vincent, I know, I know.

“Lucrecia, is that really you?” I was bewildered. Had my past finally been erased?

“Yes Vincent, it is.” Her voice was soothing to my ears, like water in the desert.

“I… I just cannot believe it. How are you here?”

“When I died, I… I returned, Vincent. Those accursed Jenova cells… They made me return when I enjoyed my death so much.

”Lucrecia, I love you.”

Then I did what I had always been afraid to do. I kissed her. Her lips were soft. “Lucrecia, I never meant to…”

“Vincent, I do not have a lot of time. I am afraid I will have to be leaving soon; I can feel it coming for me.”

“I will not let it take you Lucrecia I will protect you, even if it means at the cost of my life.”

“You will not have a choice Vincent; I will have to go with it. I am afraid, all I can do to help is to say this: ‘Embrace it.’”


We both hugged, as if time stood still for only us. Then, Lucrecia slow began to fade. It is here Vincent. I must leave. “Wait Lucrecia, I love you.”

And I you, Vincent. Remember, embrace. Then she disappeared.

Chapter 5

I had left the cave, and had seen a young woman who seemed badly injured. I ran to help. “What happened?”

“I was picking flowers, but then a huge, scary monster had tried to kill me. I barely escaped, but the monster seemed to have followed me.”

“Ok. Do not worry; I will protect you. What is your name?”

“Aeris,” the girl replied. There was something… familiar about her. As if we had met before…

“Do not worry… Aeris.”

The monster Aeris had spoken of came bursting through the trees, roaring as he went. As soon as I had a clear view, I fired my gun at it. They seemed to be reflecting off its metallic skin. It started to attack me, but I quickly dodged its attacks.

As I was dodging, I started to feel the pain again. Chaos was awakened in my mind. I tried my best to resist him, but resisting only made me weaker, and gave the monster the advantage, so it took all its power and hit me as hard as it could with a charging headbutt. I dodged as much as I could, but its horns still gouged my left cheek. I tried to stand up but I could not. Blood was rushing down my face.

I heard Aeris scream. The monster was intent on killing her. I knew I could never reach them in time. Then I heard a voice. Embrace it, Vincent.

“Lucrecia, I can’t! I might not turn back!”

Vincent, please trust me Vincent.

“I will Lucrecia, I will, my love.” I used all my strength to stand up.

Then I did what I have feared all these years, I did what I was afraid to do. I had embraced it. I had embraced the darkness.

The End.

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