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Step 1: Choosing And Reserving Your Shrine

Q. OK! I want to make a shrine on X game! Can I?

A. Hold your horses. First you'll have to check if anyone's beat you to it. 8-) A shrine can be already finished or already reserved. A list of completed and reserved shrines, as well as a list of suggested shrines we'd like people to make, are back in the main Join page.

Q. The game I want already has a completed shrine. Can I make another one?

A. No. It'd just be a waste of your time.

Q. The game I want is already reserved. Can I have it instead?

A. Not immediately. However, shrines can become unreserved if the one working on it is unable to finish it. You can send me an e-mail and tell me you want to be on the "waiting list" for the shrine if the current owner ever quits.

Q. Can I do a shrine on game X? It's not an RPG, but I wuv it!

A. This site is called RPG Classics for a reason. 8-) Only RPGs are allowed.

Q. Well, I think this game is an RPG, but it's not listed in the "suggested shrines" section!

A. That doesn't mean much. That list is only "high-profile" games, not every RPG in existence. However, the game you want may not even be an RPG. See two questions down for what to do about a game you think is an RPG.

Q. This game is an RPG, but it won't be out for another month. Can I reserve it now anyway?

A. No. Only games that are out can be reserved. In fact, not only does it have to be out, you have to own a copy (or at least have access to one) before you can reserve it. In fact, "reserve" is the wrong word, because it sounds like you're calling "dibs" on a shrine. I expect work to begin on a shrine as soon as it's reserved, which can't happen if you don't have the game!

Q. OK, I've decided which shrine to do! How do I reserve it?

A. Send us an e-mail. In that e-mail, you must include several things:

  • Which game you want. If it's not on the suggested list or listed in our database, tell me why you think it's an RPG. (In other words, tell me what the gameplay is like.) Generally I'm fairly lenient about that. Also, "because you PLAY a ROLE" is a ridiculous statement which can apply to any game at all, and won't be accepted.
  • A password for your new FTP account. Like all passwords, pick one that's hard to guess. 8p It can't be less than 5 characters, or more than 14 characters.
  • A handle/nickname you want to be known by. You can choose your real name too, if you like. 8-)
  • An e-mail account that you can consistently be reached at and that you check once a week at the very least. BE SURE TO TELL ME if this address ever changes. It is your responsibility.
  • One of the following two statements:
    1. A statement that you will create your shrine using Mozilla Composer, subject to the instructions, rules, and tips set out here.
    2. A statement that you will learn to hand-code HTML yourself, and will not use any editors like FrontPage or DreamWeaver to make your shrine. HTML isn't very hard to learn, but we can provide help with it.
  • A statement saying that you have constant access to a working copy of the game (either that you own it or that you can get to it easily and immediately). If you can't play the game, you can't answer questions about it, which is another aspect of making a shrine.
Also, do not just list these items in point form. One of the things we need in a shrine is good spelling and grammar, and I need to see from your e-mail if you're capable of that. If not, I'm afraid you're not cut out to make a shrine. Once again: Please use the same writing style in your e-mail that you would use in your shrine.

Also, be sure to read this question below before sending the e-mail.

Finally: If you're using Yahoo! or Hotmail, make sure to add to your "safe" list (or if you don't have one, make sure to look through your spam mail). These services tend to trash my e-mails, or treat them as spam. If you can't read them, you'll lose your shrine real quick. See below.

Q. Can I reserve more than one shrine?

A. Generally no. Usually the only exceptions would be expansion packs for a game, or alternate forms of the same game (Like Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue).

Q. Can I do my shrine with one or two friends?

A. Er... we'd prefer that you slug it out alone. We don't want to be inundated by RPGC staffers who've done a third of a shrine. ^^; If you can give me a good reason why you need two non-staff shriners (and generally the only reason I accept is "this game is frickin' huge") I may allow you to do so.

Q. Will you be bugging me about finishing my shrine?

A. You bet! 8p Every month since you started your shrine, I'll be sending you a friendly e-mail asking about how well it's coming along. I will expect an answer within one week. If I don't get one, I'll unreserve your shrine and let somebody on the waiting list have it. Simple as that. If you don't think you can handle the shrine, please tell me so that someone else can give it a shot!

Q. HEY! You unreserved my shrine! I want it back!

A. Well... you either didn't respond to my e-mail, or you told me you couldn't handle doing it. If you suddenly have the time and resources to finish it, you can get back in the game if you wish. If no one's taken the shrine yet, just send me another e-mail and you'll get it back, of course. 8-) If someone has already reserved it, you'll have to discuss it with the new owner. Note, though, that anyone who's had their shrine unreserved is immediately put on the "waiting list" for that shrine.

It's also possible that your shrine was deleted due to your storing illegal files on the server. See Step 4 for what you are NOT allowed to keep there.

Q. HEY! You unreserved my shrine (or I quit) and someone else is using my stuff!

A. Our policy, which is written in the welcome letter you get when your shrine is reserved, indicates that if you quit your shrine for any reason (either because you didn't answer a status check e-mail or because you told me you wanted to quit) the information already up can be used in the shrine by the next maintainer, provided they fully credit you for everything you do. If you're not comfortable with that, I'm afraid you shouldn't have reserved it in the first place.

Q. If I'm on the waiting list for a shrine, does that mean I'll automatically get it if the current owner quits?

A. Not exactly. I'll have to contact you to make sure you still have the desire and resources to do the shrine. What's more, the waiting list is first come, first served; there may be people waiting before you.

Q. I'll be out of town for a month and I'm scared you'll unreserve my shrine while I'm gone!

A. Just send me a tiny e-mail telling me what dates you'll be unreachable so I don't panic.

Q. Is there a time limit on finishing a shrine?

A. Not as such... however, no shrine should take longer than six or eight months. I do expect you to do a reasonable amount of work on it (an hour a week is not reasonable). If you've reserved the shrine for quite a while and aren't close to finishing, I may consider reopening it for someone who asks, but I'll probably consult you first. 8-)

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