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Music Review by Shinryuu

Welcome to the music review at RPG! Our goal is help people see the soundtracks they listen to in a better light as well as help the RPG music lovers out there know what to get and know what crap they should stay the hell away from before they're stuck listening to something so bad, they'll want to drive ice picks into their ears to relieve the pain.

One of the trippiest games ever made, iS: Internal Section (by Squaresoft) has a soundtrack that is almost as weird. Just like the game itself, this soundtrack might induce seizures... the good kind of seizures, I mean. >_>

To view our previous reviews, check out the archives


Some games often aren’t released for a variety of generally useless reasons. Sometimes, they think the game would be too complicated for us, other times, they think the unusual gameplay would throw us off. And some times, there are some good reasons. How about a potentially dangerous hallucinogenic/psychadelic/kaleidoscopic shooter that can cause epileptic seizures because of its highly bright colors and constantly melting backgrounds ? That’s pretty much what Square/Positron’s iS : Internal Section is, and why they chose not to release it to the states is just that very reason. However, as I’ve imported the game, I can say that we are missing out on one of the most original techno/trance/electronic soundtracks ever written for a video game. A professional electronic music composer, Shinji Hosoe, along with assistant Ayako Saso, were given the arduous task of writing the music to this very unusual game, and let me tell you that they know their stuff, and they know it really well. Here are my opinions on the music.

General review : Most of the music is written specifically to be in synch with the pulsations of the tube that you are travelling in. More beats in the music results in more furious action and insane tube pulsations. The second role of the music was to put you into a sort of trance in order to help you focus on your targets and to ignore the constant flashes and melting backgrounds. Each music fits their environement perfectly. A great example would be « Stage 1 – Get a kick out of Tube », the rapid beats and « fuzz » like sound effects gives the trance effect and fits in just right as you’re introduced to the wonderful, trippy world of iS. One track especially sticks in my mind as being original, and also really hilarious. « Stage 4 – Ignorance is Bliss » is just so bizzare, as you hear a woman moaning in pleasure (O_o !!!!!!!) at some points in the track, and is followed by this curious buzzing noise which sounds like a giant mosquito or something (o_O !!!!!!!!!), not to mention the pink lines forming the tube gives a unique feel in synch with ths track, I always get a chuckle when I hear this music. The boss themes are as unique as the stage themes, I’ll give two examples. « Boss 2 – What goes Up must come Down » is certainly fitting as you’re fighting.. get this : A group of killer cubes all huddled together moving in a waving motion, they start shooting red triangles, red balls, when there’s only one left, it goes all out on you shooting……. Rainbows ???!!!!! O_o Yep, a crazy track for a crazy boss. « Boss 4 – Excessive Information », composed by Ayako Saso, is one nutty track, filled with beeps and buzzes, it completely throws you off guard as you’re up against….. a giant japanese newspaper (HAW !!!! 8D), the fast-paced beats and SFX fit right in as it tries to knock you silly spouting japanese kanji letters at you. Yep, it dosen’t get more unique and bizzare than that. There would be more to say about this fun and addictive soundtrack, but I’d ramble for pages and pages about how the music compliments the scenery so well.

Want this crazy soundtrack ? Uh… gee…… you’re kinda out of luck =/ I was able to get my copy via a japanese contact as this soundtrack is strictly available in japan only. You won’t find it in any import stores. Only Digicube’s website sells it, and unfortunately, they don’t ship internationally. You *might * bump onto it on Ebay, but don’t take my word for it, as I’ve never seen it during my ventures.