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Behemoth's Bahamut Lagoon Review

Email the author: Behemoth

This great super Nintendo game was never released in America, but thanks to the Dejap team it is know playable on a super Nintendo emulator in English. Bahamut Lagoon is a mixture between rpg and strategy. Byuu (or Ryu) is the captain of the Dragon Squad and must protect all of the lagoons of Orelus. Emperor Sauzer wants the lagoons for himself, but Ryu and friends won't stand for this. This long game is mostly spent battling and feeding dragons. There are hardly any towns (like 3 or 4) but a lot of playable characters (like 30). The battling for this game is one of the best for super Nintendo (Personally I think it's better than Final Fantasy Tactics in some ways). There is a limited amount of music and sound effects, but the music they do have is good. The game does get repetitive with the constant feeding dragons and battling because that's basically all you can do.

I recommend this game to all the old school rpg fans and to people who like strategy games. The reason why it didn't get that full 5 red jewels is that it didn't offer that much in terms of freedom, there was always a "set-out" plan. And it doesn't really effect the difficulty level if you don't equip your characters with weapons/armor.

Rating: 4.5/5