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Behemoth's Breath of Fire 3 Review

Email the author: Behemoth

Ryu's back for the third time and has brought more dragons forms with him. Being found in a forest by two young thieves, Cray and Teepo, the young Ryu is brought back to their hideout to learn the ways of the thieves. Having their hideout burned, Ryu gets split-up from his only friends and has to run away from two evil unicorns. He then eventually ends up in the city of Windia where the young princess Nina has her throne there. It seems that the two evil unicorns want Nina as well (they will do anything for money) so together Ryu and Nina run off to escape their grasp.

This is one of the early games for the playstation, even though the graphics aren't 3D like Final Fantasy 7, Capcom has done a good job on making them 2D. The battles aren't anything special (they have 6 options: Fight, Examine, Escape, Auto-Battle, Items, Abilities) the slashes that each character doesn't even hit the enemy, Kind of similar to FF2. What the battling lacks the storyline makes up for. The music for this game is very original, not similar to any rpg. The gameplay hours for this game is pretty long, especially if you get lost which I guarantee you will at least once without the aid of a strategy guide. They have a fun minigame which involves building a town for fairies. You have to make their economy by making the fairies hunt, grow crops,shop keep and other jobs.

I would recommend this game to die-hard Breath Of Fire fans or for people just wanting to play an average rpg.

Rating: 3.5/5