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Behemoth's Breath of Fire 4 Review

Email the author: Behemoth

Ryu Returns again in the quest for the empire. Unlike Breath of Fire 3, you start off Breath of Fire 4 when you are grown-up, once again Nina appears in this game. This time Ryu is off searching for a man named Fou-Lu which somehow has a connection to him but the very powerful empire is after the same man. The graphics haven't improved that much since Breath of fire 3 (they had three years, come on!) but the battles improved allowing you to have up to six characters in battle. The storyline is great, the only flaw being that you have to overcome TONS of obstacles to reach your main goal. Like Breath of Fire 3 the music is original and unique. The Fairies minigame is back from BOF3 and is improved. With more features and more space to build towns.

I recommend this game to die-hard Breath of fire fans like BOF3, overall this game offers more than breath of fire 3 and is a good game to wait for the release of Final Fantasy 10.

Rating: 4/5