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Behemoth's Chrono Cross Review

Email the author: Behemoth

The sequel to the infamous Chrono Trigger for the SNES. Does it live up to it's predecessor's fame, well, I sure think so. Controlling the silent protagonist for the majority of the game, Serge must find out why everyone has suddenly started saying he died 10 years ago. Being accompanied by more than 40 optional party each with their unique storyline. Coming back from the previous Chrono game is the Tech idea, new is the characters (except Glenn a.k.a Frog) Attack options (you must either choose, Fierce, normal or weak attack) and the idea of elements (magic that any character can equip). Graphics-wise this game is one of the more recent games for the ps so Square has done a pretty good job but still is a little bit blocky. Cinematics are great though! The music is amazing, ranging from slow lullabies to upbeat Victory music (Remix of Chrono Triggers victory theme!). There are multiple endings along with some fun side-quests. The Storyline is strange and unique which makes it great, having something different than always chasing the villain is good for a change, even though you end up doing that in the end, but still. The have brought back the New Game plus from CT and this time it comes equip with a time controller (let's you fast forward or slow down time) and a friend amulet which lets you have a party member battle instead of Serge. You also must start a new game plus to get all the characters.

I would highly suggest this game to fans to the previous Chrono game and to anyone who wants to play a classic rpg.

Rating: 5/5