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Behemoth's Dark Cloud Review

Email the author: Behemoth

One of the first rpgs for the PS2 console. Even though Level 5 isn't well known for making highly advanced rpgs, they did a pretty good job on this one. Toan, the main character of the game is brought up in Norune village, must restore every town in the world! Pretty big (and fun) task for such a young boy. Collecting Georama parts (parts for building up the towns again) in dungeons, Toan must find all the parts to fully restore the towns across the world.

Graphics-wise this game isn't anything special considering the power of the ps2 and there are no cinematics. The music is repetitive and a mix between Zelda and Chrono cross. The battling is also repetitive, considering you can only do about 5 moves, all sword slashes, but that's where the other characters come in. You can change characters any time you want in dungeons and each character has a different weapon. In the dungeons you have a thirst gauge and a limited amount of times you can use your weapon before it breaks (but they do have repair powder).

Overall this game is nothing special, but is very fun trying to collect all the pieces to build the towns. This game would suit the fans of Zelda series considering it is somewhat similar.

Rating: 3/5