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Behemoth's Final Fantasy 10 Review

Email the author: Behemoth

The 10th Final Fantasy, hence the name "Final" Fantasy even though the game has been going on for like 11 years. But is final fantasy ten worth buying just cause of the name, sure that might be one reason, but there's several more.

Tidus, A young blitzball player from Zanarkand, is heading to the stadium to do what he does best, play blitzball. Everything is going great, he's the star, as usual, but then something goes wrong. An enormous creature starts destroying the city in front of his eyes. Tidus gets to close to the creature and gets knocked out. When he wakes up he realizes he isn't in Zanarkand anymore, when he brings up the name Zanarkand, everyone tells him that the city Zanarkand was a city that existed 1000 years ago.

The first thing you'll notice about this game are the graphics, actually the in-game graphics are better than Final Fantasy 7's cinematics. These graphics are the best I've ever seen in an rpg and so far hasn't been beaten (and it's been about 2 years). Some people say that Final Fantasy 10 is just one huge movie, well a bit of that is true, most of the dialogue is voice active. The battling for this game has some special features, like in battles you can switch party members, once you call aeons (summons, calls, or espers in the previous ff games), they become a party member which can use physical attacks or magic. The third feature is the overdrive, this is like the limit break or trance from the previous ff games but in this one you can choose how you get your overdrive. The level-up system for this game is complicated at first but then easy as you get to know it. The sphere grid (the level-up system) let's you choose the way you want to upgrade your characters. Think of it as a board game, each of your party members start as different ends of the board, you will have to collect spheres from battles so you can use them on the spaces you land on. By battling you get a certain amount of (sphere levels) or spaces you can travel, once you land on a space you must use the appropriate sphere to level up that stat. (eg. you land on a strength space you will have to use a strength sphere to power-up). The music is high quality and unique. The storyline is also unique and clearly doesn't resemble any storyline before.

This game is for the fans of Square and for people who loves graphics. This game shows the power of the ps2 and the power of Square. This is a must get for fans of the ff games and for people who want to kill lots of time.

Rating: 5/5