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Behemoth's Final Fantasy 9 Review

Email the author: Behemoth

The ninth final fantasy, is the series going downhill? Not in the least! Zidane, a young thief who has a tail, and his buddies are plotting to kidnap the princess Garnet of Alexandria, when the get there, they figure out that the princess wants to runaway. But the castle guards won't let this happen. They eventually chase the princess until the queen is forced to shoot the thieves ship down. The huge cannons force the ship to break and the captain of the knightf of Pluto, Zidane, and Garnet the princess are all stranded in the Evil Forest.

This game probably has the best graphics for the PlayStation, definitely for the FF series though (remember FF 10 hasn't came out yet so…). This game has great music (as all the FF's do). The battling for this game is one of the best in the ff games. Learning different abilities as you equip different weapons. Each character has a special thing about them, whether it be sword art, skill, blue magic, summon, you will have to choose your party members wisely. The card minigame is back from FF8 but sadly it isn't as good, it's more complicated and there are more squares on the grid. This game is long but never has a dull moment (only if you are doing something over).

Overall this game offers a lot in terms of storyline, battling and minigames (yeah, this is actually some of the greatest minigames in the FF series). I would recommend this game to about any RPG fan and definitely to a SquareSoft fan.

Rating: 5/5