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Crash26821's Final Fantasy Review

Email the author: Crash26821

Gameplay: Meh. All I can say is that it gets boring as hell. I just gave it extra points for having good magic and stuff. But the gameplay did start turn based RPGs as this is revolutionary....

Graphics: A very good graphic wise game. The graphics are full blown and colored. Can hurt your eyes though. "9" by me...

Sound: This game started it all for the Final Fantasy series. I normally hate recycled crap from game to game but the music is a different story. Where did FF's 2-10 get the victory theme from? Right here baby. When you hear that you know it's Final Fantasy....

Value: This game is a must buy. Yes, a short review by me and crap, but I can't say much more. If I say more it would be like spoilers ringing down your ears. This game started it all for the series and the RPG franchise. Need I say more?

Overall: 8.8