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Behemoth's Final Fantasy Tactics Review

Email the author: Behemoth

Released a few months after Final Fantasy 7 ( the first "real" RPG for the playstation) Square tries to do it again with another installment to the Final Fantasy series. Did they manage to succeed, Oh yeah.

Final Fantasy Tactics isn't like any other Final Fantasy game, in terms of battling and world map, very similar to the game Bahamut Lagoon for the snes. Tactics starts off in a cathedral, when the princess gets kidnapped. The main character recognizes the kidnapper as an old friend and then tells his story of when he met them thus starting the game. Ramza Beoulve, the main character, along with a cast of party members must unravel this mystery of why his best friend has kidnapped the princess in which he served with passion.

This game isn't that much to expect in terms of graphics, but it isn't bad. The battling system is like a board game as in when it's your turn you can go travel across squares and attack the enemy, with lots of classes to upgrade your characters. You can also get monster allies to aid you in battle. In terms of storyline, this game is long but interesting. This game does get boring If you hate doing the same things without change.

Overall this game is a buyer because it is fun for a pretty long time, but isn't the standard rpg, actually it's more strategy than rpg, because you actually do need strategy to succeed in this game. I would suggest this game to fans of Bahamut Lagoon and fans of strategy/rpg games.

Rating: 3.5/5