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Behemoth's Kingdom Hearts Review

Email the author: Behemoth

Disney and Squaresoft, yeah I know what you're thinking Mickey mouse with spikey hair and a huge sword eh? Well… pretty close! This game starts off with Sora, the main character, falls onto a glass platform resembling sleeping beauty (don't worry it get's better) you must then choose your weapon, a staff, sword or shield, this affects which parts of you strengthen the most. Eventually you arrive on destiny islands where Sora, Kairi, Riku, Tidus, Wakka and Sephie live. Sora, Riku and Kairi are planning to build a raft to venture the outside worlds. Before they can leave though, dozens of small black creatures come and interfere with their plans.

Kingdom Hearts is one of the first challenging Disney game. Even though the game has the Disney logo and their name, it is quite challenging. The graphics are very cartoonish and there are no cinematics in the game at all, they are just close-ups of the actual-in game play. The storyline is confusing but original. The battling is menu but allows you to do combos and run around freely (and yes the main character fights with a key). All of the party members you get are all Disney, and yes there are more characters from Disney then there are from Final Fantasy's but Cloud himself makes up for that.

Kingdom Hearts is a really great game for about everyone. The battling is extremely fun and addictive, the storyline again is a bit confusing but original. The difficult level varies depending on how much you battle, like all rpg's so this game could be boring for a younger audience.

Rating: 5/5