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Behemoth's Legend of Dragoon Review

Email the author: Behemoth

A playstation rpg made by the Sony.This game was released about the the same time as Final Fantasy 9, but let me tell you right now, it isn't as good as FF9.

The game starts off with a village burning (notice the talking in the cinematics), after the cinematics you will see the main character, Dart (weird name eh?). He will be startled by a dragon and will have to escape. After escaping, he discovers that his village was the one that burned down and that a girl has been captured and taken to prison. This game has pretty good graphics for the playstation and really good cinematics (because the include voice and overall they are well done). The battling is menu but you can make combos (additions) you will have to time your button pressing so that the smaller square closes in on the larger square. The storyline isn't anything special, but isn't dull either. This isn't that long of a game even though there are fours disks (gameplay is somewhere between 30-60 hours).

This game is pretty good but nothing special. I would recommend this game to hardcore rpg fans, because like I said there isn't anything that special about this game.

Rating: 3/5