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Behemoth's Legend of Legaia Review

Email the author: Behemoth

One of the many PlayStation RPGs, but this one isn't that well known, the reason? Well it really isn't that good of a game. It has a couple of interesting aspects, but besides the unique battling and the way of learning spells, this game is pretty boring.

Vahn, being brought up in a small village of Rim Elm, is this game's main character. Humans have lived along with Seru's for a long time, but when the Seru's are exposed to mist, the latch themselves onto the humans turning them into mindless zombies, the mist covers everywhere around the world, the only thing that can stop the mist are the genesis trees found in certain areas. This game graphics are pretty good considering it was just a year after ff7. the storyline is very basic "you must touch these, to stop this" and it continues like that until the end of the game. The battling is new but still menu, but there are combos which you can discover, which is fun, until you get them all. This isn't that long of a game and isn't that much fun, the whole time I played it, all I thought of was beating it.

Overall this game isn't that good of a choice, this game is good for hardcore rpg fans and for gamers who are bored of the straight menu battling.

Rating: 2/5