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Capsule Review - Brain Lord

Title Brain Lord
Developer Enix
Year 1994
Platform SNES
Capsule Rating
Capsule Review: This game claims to have a plot, but it's so low-key that you won't even notice it. Its main gimmick is the puzzles (hence the title of the game). The thing is, unlike in most RPGs, the puzzles are really good here. Aside from the usual trap floors, tiles and push blocks, there are enough little things to keep you interested. Some of the puzzles are easy, some incredibly hard. Add to that a rather well-done, if simple, combat system - it's an adventure game, so the fighting goes on like it does in Illusion of Gaia or Secret of Mana. It's pretty good, if repetitive, but the enemies take a backseat to the traps and blocks and switches, although occasionally the game tries to introduce variety by pitting you against an unreasonable amount of cheap bad guys.

There's some good variety, with the different dungeons and skills and weapons and all, but since there's practically no plot they all seem haphazardly thrown together. That's the main problem with the game. Everything is like that. It's one complete unrelated mess of switches, trap floors, and blobby monsters, and for being so unrewardingly arbitrary it's rather difficult. So is it good? Despite the strong puzzle element, not really. Illusion of Gaia came out in the same year, and it had a far stronger plot with simpler, yet more enjoyable and unique dungeons and fighting.

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