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Capsule Review - Threads of Fate

Title Threads of Fate
Developer Square
Year 2000
Platform PSX
Capsule Rating
Capsule Review: Threads of Fate (or Dewprism, whichever) is bizarre. It was released already when the PlayStation was on the decline, about to be replaced by the PlayStation 2; its chances of scoring any sort of high place in the genre were next to none, and from the looks of things, the designers weren't even shooting for it. The game is split into two parts by means of a dual protagonist system. You can play as Rue or Mint; unfortunately, neither has much to present to you, as both plots are essentially standard RPG cliches with nothing intelligent or original to say. Rue's is so cliché it's just plain boring, whereas Mint's (who aspires to nothing less, or more, than world domination) is just plain ridiculous. Admittedly, Rue's half does have one interesting gameplay innovation, that being the ability to transform into any enemy he kills and harness its abilities, but one interesting aspect was not enough to save Robotrek and it's not enough to save Threads of Fate. Cartoony, ludicrous, very short, and ultimately completely pointless.

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