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Cless Alvein


Name: Cless Alvein
Active Status: Active.
Contributions: Created and maintains the E.V.O.: Search For Eden Shrine; created and maintains the Lagoon Shrine; co-created and co-maintains the Shadowrun Shrine; maintains the Tales of Phantasia Shrine; co-maintains the Final Fantasy VII Shrine; maintains the links and affiliates pages; created and maintains the Starcraft Atrium subsite; maintains the polls and the RPGClassics Newsletter.
ICQ Number: 277245065
Join Date: 01/03/02
Chat Room Status in #RPGClassics: Operator
Message Board Status: Moderator (RP Forum, Video Game Forum, Polling Forum)
Quote: SG_The_Musician:DUBOL

Staff Bio

Real Name: My real name is
Nicknames: Oh, people call me lots of things, such as
Age: See, I was born in
Gender: I am officially
Location: For half my life, I lived in
Religion: I'd say my beliefs are definetly leaning towards
Political Alignment: If I was old enough to vote, I'd definetly vote for
Likes: When things get cut off right in the middle of typing cos it's funny when
Dislikes: When things are like
Strengths: What I can do really well is
Weaknesses: Actually, I have been known to screw up a couple of times on
Favorite RPGs: I have a long list, of which include
Favorite Music: I have a weak spot for music that is
Favorite Book: Happy Japan Grandma Gogo Cart Racing Cool Happy Sunshine Rainbow Fun Fun Cooking Rabbit Stopwatch Hatchet Watermelon Omega, 3rd Ed.
Favorite Movies: I was impressed in the theatres by
Favorite TV series: Hey, you know, I really like that show called
Favorite Food: What's really good is
Favorite Type of Weapon: I like to kill people with
When'd you join RPGC? Thu, 3 Jan 2002 00:03:03 (According to Hotmail)
Planned/Future Goals: In the future, I will definetly try to
What's the deal with Pies and Lemons? Well you see
Anything else? Yes. Three things.
1. I'm actually
2. There is a
3. And if you put the two above together, oh boy, do I ever
Anything ELS

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