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Name: RoguePaladinTrian
Active? Yes
Contributions: Created the Translation Section (now deceased); created/maintains the Magic Knight Rayearth, Monstania, and Secret of Mana shrines; maintains the Phantasy Star III, Grandia, Shining in the Darkness, and Zelda 2 shrines.
ICQ Number: 34649118
Alternate way of contact: AIM: RPTrian
Join Date: Spring 1999, then again in spring 2001
Chat Room Status in #rpgclassics: Voice Operator (VOP)
Message Board Status: Active.

Staff Bio

Gender: Male
Age: 23
Occupation: Graduate student.
Political Party: Registered independent.
Place of Origin: New Jersey. Northern New Jersey.
Place of Residence: Florida
Likes: Games, reading, hiking, camping, physical activity with no goal other than exertion. Beauty, elegance, and noble-mindedness.
Dislikes: Misfunctioning vacuum cleaners that make people scream really loudly at 11pm at night, small-mindedness, mob mentality, mindless conformity, know-nothing English departments, and educators who do nothing but reproduce their own uselessness in their students. Stock writing where a person writes something in a way because they've either seen it written that way before or have been instructed to write it that way. Are you getting a good idea now as to why I think English departments are the worst threat to creativity and individuality since..since...oh hell, I don't know. The Borg, or something. There we go, English teachers are Borg. End of story.
Beliefs/Philosophies: The American Humanist Association, skepticism, atheism.
Future Goals: Figure out a way to take a vacation during an autumn one year. It's been a long time since I've just relaxed and watched the leaves come down.
Other Projects: Short term: Work on that MA.
Favorite Books: Fantasy (especially Zelazny, Salvatore, Brooks, and the like), science fiction (Arthur C. Clarke, Asimov, etc.), history (especially ancient, but also more recent), and science.
Favorite Movie: Clue. Nothing beats it.
Favorite TV series: M*A*S*H
Favorite Food: Chicken soup.
Favorite Color: Blue, or red. Depends.
Favorite Website: James Randi Educational Foundation, Hi Piers (read the Newsletters), and Anime News Network.
Favorite Webcomics: MegaTokyo, Penny Arcade, and The Perry Bible Fellowship.
Favorite Games: The Zeldas, any Puyo Puyo games, most Marios, most Sonics, the Mega Man series (3 is my favorite), Kirby's Adventure, The Guardian Legend (play it!), and, just to mention, Pocket Fighter (which is a laugh riot). Halo, Smash Bro., and Double Dash for multiplayer, along with a little Soul Calibur. On the PC, Blizzard RTS games.
Favorite RPGs: The Lunar and Phantasy Star series (PS4 especially). Final Fantasy IV, Grandia 2, and Lufia 2. And the Dragon Quest series, the first of which is to blame for my continued loss of time to gaming.
Favorite PC Game: Starcraft and other RTS games. FFXI and WoW were nice for a time, but ultimately unfulfilling.
Favorite Music: I like an eclectic mix of things. Most of the time though, I suppose I can be found listening the anime/game soundtracks or what most people would call "oldies." While I'm outside telling the damn kids to turn down their music and get off my lawn.
Top Five Songs: I don't like picking favorites, and it depends on my mood. If you want an idea, listen to "Hallelujah" by Rufus Wainright and the Tunland song from BoFII back to back.
Favorite RPG Jobs: Dragon Knight. Hey, half the time it's not even that useful, but Kain pretty much made it enduringly awesome. Also, Red Mage. I had one in FFXI. The hat, the incredible feathered hat!
Favorite RPG Character: "Mystere," Lunar: EB Complete. His battle cries are...incredible, in the true sense of the word, the first time you hear them.
Favorite Element: Wind. Very peaceful and calming.
First Went to RPGClassics Late winter 1999. Joined later that year (signed on as the Database maintainer), I believe. Quit sometime that fall, but still checked the site. Re-joined spring 2001.
Why did you come? Just followed the links over from Greg's RPG Realm.
Why do you work for RPGC? I like games...I like contributing. Oh hell, I just like seeing my own name plastered on things.

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