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Jolly Old Sinistral

Written by The 984

Parody of Jolly Old Saint Nicholas

Jolly old Sinistral,
Lean your ear this way!
You shan't let a single soul
Break a rule today.
Some spammers are coming soon;
Now, you dear old man,
Quickly ban their ISPs;
Ban as fast as you can!

When the clock is striking 3:00,
And no one is around,
Then they'll come in a mass
And make quite a sound.
All the topics you will find
Are breaking all the rules.
They really made a mess of the Boards,
Those stupid f***ing fools.

H4x0r5 want to run amok;
1337 want all to ph33r;
A n00b wants a brand new ROM;
Someone just said "Queer."
Teach them fast, they've little brains.
They're not very bright.
Punish them, old Sinistral,
How you think is right.


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