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2012 AD
by Ersatz Sobriquet

You gonna stand around till 2012 AD?

What are you waiting for, a certain shade of green?

Incubus- A Certain Shade Of Green




Written Log

December 22, 2012 AD, 10:12 a.m.


It wasn't going to happen originally. It was never even an option before. But at this point, we really have no choice. Wait. Let me backtrack for just a moment. I feel like this is going to be a momentous day for us Heventicals. No doubt when I die, they will search for notes such as this, wanting to know more of the inner workings of my mind. So, I shall write all from the beginning.


We, Heventicals are, as you may already know, a great people. We have invented things which other cultures, even other species in other galaxies are only beginning to conjure within their limited realms of imagination. Our mind mass is so much greater than that of most species, allowing us to use it to it's full potential. Telekinesis is the term in fact. It really isn't a complicated process at all... please. Forgive me, of course you would know this. As well as the factthatwe can reproduce food from other organic substances, build vessels that traverse the stars greater than any other race could manage, and so many other wonders to species that arenít worth mentioning.


Though we have accomplished so much, our one fault would be that we are such a curious race, beings that only wish to know more about life and the universe. Though our ever evolving bodies to other races, other lifeforms would be a fascinating enough study, we desire much more. We need to know what is around us and discover all that we can in the limited life span we're granted.I think you agree with me that a millennia is not nearly enough time to discover all that there is to life.


That is why we travel, as of course, you already know as well. To see new worlds and discover the life that exist on each speck of the universe. The galaxies that I've traveled and the planets that I've visited do not compare at all to the beauty and variety that my planet exudes. The lifeforms that I've discovered are nothing compared to our own. Most of the lifeforms that I've encountered are very primitive, just recently developing a language to communicate. Silly beings, using verbal means to express thoughts and ideas, as menial as they are. Even with this clear factor, I still wish to travel the stars.


But none ever were as hostile and as evil as the ones I've encountered on Earth. Now, I will give humanoids this one acknowledgment: They did neutralize a huge threat by dealing with Ultimecia. In a very primitive fashion, but nonetheless, dealt with her as best they could by eradicating her. Since this may be ancient history for those who may ever read this, I'll explain.


Ultimecia was a being just like us Heventicals, but her evolving stage involved her being able to change shape and form, allowing her to take the shape of humanoids. Why she would choose to degrade herself like that is beyond me, but her crimes weren't. She tried to tamper with the timeline in our period and even tried to freeze time, compressing it, if you will, in our universe so that she could achieve more power for her own selfish ways and become an even stronger being, with the thought of ruling the universe. An experiment gone awry caused her to be able to drain a planet of itís life. A very morbid thought, I know.


There was a warrant on her head so that we could strip her of all her powers. She would become even weaker than these humans, and I'll get to them soon enough. She fled the galaxy and I thought if maybe on my frequent journeys around the universe, if I had happened to find her, maybe I would apprehend the creature.


It wasn't too hard to follow her. She left a nice wake of destruction everywhere she went and by time I arrived at Earth, she was there, ready to make Earth her next place for destruction. Of course I didn't want that to happen, thus the reason I was making frequent stops throughout the world of Earth, looking for any clues as to just where she exactly was.


But, I think now would be as good as time as ever to explain to you the nature of humanoids. Humanoids are a people that ride on their emotions more than anything else. I have never encountered a species where fighting and bitter opposition reigned more than calm conversations about life. They resolve almost all of their disputes with wars, that is considering they are formed nations. The individuals, on the other hand, figure out how to separate their problems with their fists. No one favors the more civilized means, and it saddens me to see such a thing.


Many economic problems plague their worlds as well, even though they could all be logically solved and their ecosystem continues to be downgraded as the years and months roll by. It pains me to know that these kind of... savages exist within the very universe I reside in. I would have loved to destroy the planet right then and there, but I wanted to make sure these humanoids were truly evil like I expected them to be.


While I was flying around Earth in my Spacepod, Junix, I encountered a band of individuals. I never experienced fighting to ever occur in all the journey's that I went on and didn't expect anything to be different here. This was a huge error on my part. The humans quickly went into battle mode and summoned awful monsters against me, the like I have never seen before. This type of abuse, to creatures that can think and reason on their own level of logic, to have them commit such horrendous acts is something that even these lowly humanoids should be above. But, yet again, they have proved me wrong.


They damaged my ship severely and I flew away, still shocked that they would dare attack. I had to crash land further onto the continent and staggered around for a bit. The beast of the fields have the same tendency as the humans to attack without warrant, and I engaged many a beast in battle as I tried to find a way to repair my ship. I remember the Teamer of Hev, the group ensuring all space travel to be adequate, told me to carry a level 45 photon pistol. I thought it was a excessive measure, but still complied. Now I see why.


The thing I needed for the repairs of my ship was kikuyu, a substance that was found in various liquids on that planet, Earth. There was a high concentration of it in a drink called Elixir. I knew I had to encounter those humanoids again, no matter what the risk, so that I could repair my ship and leave that god-awful place. Surprisingly, I encountered the same rogue band who once threatened to eradicate me beforehand. But, I pleaded my case, hoping they would give me what I wanted and was forced to... forgive me. This really is a sickening and degrading thing to us Heventicals. But, I was forced to verbally voice the thing that I needed.


Surprisingly, they gave it to me. I wanted to show that no hard feelings were offered, so I gave them a card that they could scan in anyone of their computers that would show them the meaning to life and all it's fascists. I was hoping that they would put that card to good use. I guess they didnít.


As you know, we never kill anyone. It's not necessary. We just simply strip them of their powers and send them to correctional facilities which has a 178% success rate at changing them over. That's what I was going to do with Ultimecia, but they got to her first. Destroyed her, which, on a side note, is a pretty incredible thing, seeing as how she's 2,341 times stronger than they ever would be. How they killed her, I'll never know. Maybe they used those awful monsters that attacked my ship.


In any case, that was the first act of misconduct Earth conducted against the universe. Killing off an alien being. The second, and most severe one sealed their fate.


Once I returned back to Heventic, I told the Teamer of Hev everything that occurred while I traveled on Earth; That of Ultimecia's destruction, my attack, but strangely their help in restoring my ship and of their general nature. They didn't know what to really do. They wanted to neutralize any kind of threat, if there was to be one against the galaxy before it became an issue, but at the same time wanted to make absolutely sure that whatever they did was for the greater good.


They sent Geentic, my partner in life and best friend, on a mission to Earth and to establish safe communications with them. Never had she had any problems on matters such as these, as each and every alien race that was sought out welcomed us with open arms. This was the first time this wasn't the case.


Once Geentic arrived on Earth in a public domain, mass hysteria ensued and many individuals took up arms against her. They captured her and locked her up until it was decided that she would need to die for whatever radical reason they had. The microscopic camera on her person revealed the whole trial and procedure. I wanted to be there. I wanted to stop it all, but not even our advance technology could arrive there in time to halt that assault on life.


A very primitive weapon was fired at her head repeatedly until it was confirmed that she was dead. And that's when I confirmed with the Teamer of Hev to do the thing I'm about to do right now. I've assembled the strongest strike force that had ever been assembled in the history of life in a very quick and sudden assault against Earth. A planet that has such evil, worse then that of Ultimecia, must be eradicated. They won't change.


Iíve had that same mental image replay over and over within this mind of mine, seeing her body jerk and stutter to the ground as her life energy slipped away from her being. She was everything to me, helped me through the rougher parts of my life, and these lifeforms, these humanoids tore her away, doing so without any qualms.


Geentic, the only Heventical I truly loved will never return home again. I'm 455 years old. I thought that she would live out the rest of my days with me as knowledge of the universe grew with me. I don't want any other Heventicals, for that matter any other lifeform that has the means to travel as we do to suffer the same kind of misfortune I had to undergo recently. This injustice must be meted out immediately, and the whole galaxy agrees. Killing off Ultimecia was one thing. She wonít be missed or mourned for. But killing Geentic, my one true love and a HeventicalÖ That will not be tolerated.


There will be no discussion when we arrive at Earth. There will be no mercy dispensed on the part of us. We will do this thing and return to a life where we can rest peacefully and continue to explore the galaxy. Earth will be destroyed. I donít want to live a life where problems will arrive as soon as they have the ability to fly into outer space as freely as we do.



The commander of the other ship just contacted me. We have arrived and judgment time is nigh. Geentic will be avenged, and Earth will not abuse anyone, anymore.


PuPu, Heventic Captain

December 22, 2012 AD, 10:58 a.m.





Notes D' Auteur


The line that Brandon sings in the song A Certain Shade Of Green about 2012 AD struck me as odd the first time I heard of it. I paid it no mind, though. But, that 2012 AD thing came raging back at me last night when looking at the season finale of The X-Files. The "truth" that they've been searching for all along was the fact that aliens are going to invade Earth on December 22, 2012 AD. The fact that these two VERY separate mediums both said 2012 AD got me wondering, and I immediately went to Google. There, I found out what this 2012 AD thing is.


There's too much info, but basically, people believe that there is going to be a significant happening during Dec. 22, 2012. Specifically, 11:00 a.m. Some even believe that there is going to be alien happenings. This all stems from the Mayans and that their calendar stopped at that date because that is when a winter solstice is going to occur, and various solar happenings will be weird. Some took that to the extreme and (with some very good theories) said that aliens were going to come, like Chris Carter on X-Files.


So here I am thinking, "This could be a good idea for a fanfic." and here it is. FFVIII played the role perfectly, what with the little space ship that was flying around the place here and there you might have spotted during the last disc. I also tried to tie him into the role of Ultimecia (I think Square pulled her out their you-know-what at the last minute. There still was no reason she should have been there.) and I think I gave her a better purpose at doing what she did as well.


I was going to go into more depth and look at a resurface of a Ultimecia type woman who's was to take over the world and this would be a Squall's fanfic then. But then this would turn into a epic, something I had no time for. So, I went the obscurity route where I could make up everything to fit my workings. Those stories where new threats come about and the OLD team has to stop them are so used anyway. And, of course, I had to have a bitter sweet ending. It's so typical of me. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this and tell me what you think of the story.


Ersatz Sobriquet

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