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Chamber of Forever by Belinda De Rose Lynne

The darkness of the sky left me with an empty feeling inside. I have been without a soul ever since I was created. Waiting for someone to save me from the coldness of living like this forever. A hero to light my sky and cure me of my emotionless self. I cannot see, hear, nor speak, besides the only language I learned while I was locked in a chamber of deafening silence. But finally, after seven years of being frozen in the cold and dark forever, this day, shall I be released. This bad dream will be over, after this day. A lot will be in risk, yet this many years of pain and suffering, I am ready to take the chance. Should I never awake? I will just have to wait… even if a lifetime...

I have faced about every death there is. I have drown within the rough currents of water, eaten alive by my fear, and… the worst… the replay in my mind of when I lost my first love.

A blonde woman in her early twenties awoke in the night, it was her fifth nightmare that week. She was clueless to why she was having them. Her nightmares seemed to haunt her in the night and always seemed to last a lifetime. Bu this one was different from the rest. She was waiting under a darkened sky for something to happen. It remained a mystery what she was waiting for as she sat up in her bed, pondering about it. She reached toward her lamp on her night table, hoping she would get light since it was so dim earlier.

Suddenly, there was a noise coming from the kitchen. The blonde woman was well awake now.

She grabbed her gun hidden in her desk drawer and snuck outside her bedroom. Carefully silent, she snuck in the corners and got behind the person holding the gun towards the shadow.

“What do you want?” Asked the blonde, cautiously. “I’m giving you to the count of-”

“Quistis? What exactly are you doing?” Asked a man with long black wearing blue jeans and a dark blue shirt..

“Laguna, what are you doing here?” the Blonde asked.

“Relax, I just wanted to chill here.” the dark haired man answered.

The blonde raised an eyebrow. “Well, can’t you ‘chill’ somewhere else?” Quistis asked. She continued, ”Do you have the least idea what time it is?”

“Nope. I just got up and decided to come over and watch some T.V.” Laguna said turning on the television.

“Okay, well, now that it’s already on, I guess I could watch some with you.” Quistis said.

Laguna smiled and sat on the couch as Quistis cuddled next to him. He pulled a blanket over her so she wouldn’t get cold and changed the channel to cartoons. Laguna noticed how Quistis rolled her eyes.

It didn’t take long for Quistis to fall asleep though and in the comfort he gave her allowed her to fall asleep with a good dream.

Quistis awoke to the scent of bacon in the air. She looked inside the kitchen and saw Laguna cooking breakfast.

“Hey, good morning, sleepy head,” he said. Without looking back Laguna knew who it was.

“Hi… What are you doing?” Quistis asked.

“Well, let’s see here, you’re my friend, I came over at to in the morning and as sweet as you are you didn’t even kick me out, and I am trying to give you some separation from that basement.” explained Laguna.

“But you don’t understand! I have it this time, I just know I do! I have worked on Rinoa for seven years now, and all this time, I’ve been approaching this the wrong way! And you may think I am crazy, but I believe I have it this time. You know?” The blonde woman continued, “My mother died when I was only seven. Ever since then, all I have really had in my life are my electronics. If I didn’t have them, I really don’t know how I could live.”

Laguna could see she was near tears. “C’mere…” he whispered to her as he pulled her in for a soft embrace. “It’s okay.” he assured her.

She pulled away wiping her tears away from her eyes filled with sleep.

“Go wash up and I’ll have breakfast all ready for you.” Laguna said.

Quistis took his advice and headed upstairs for a nice cleansing warm shower. About thirty minutes later, Quistis came out of the washroom looking for Laguna in a pair of blue jeans and a peach/pink short sleeve shirt with a sun on it and left her hair down. No Laguna to be found though. However, on the table in the kitchen, she found her breakfast and a note set aside for her saying :

Dear Quistis,

I’m sorry that I could not stay, but I had to prepare for a meeting I have in an hour. But I didn’t leave before I made you some breakfast.



P.S. I am sorry for earlier today if I upset you. Can you forgive me?

Quistis just smiled to herself when she finished the note. How cold Laguna juggle supporting his friends and keeping his stubborn boss happy at the same time? He was absolutely amazing when it came to things like that. Of course, se guessed that that was what made him such an excellent friend.

She grabbed a chair and sat down the breakfast table gobbling down her food since it was going to be her last non-fast food meal for a long time. Within five minutes, she was done. Quistis was already behind according to her agenda. Quickly, she slipped on her white lab coat, heading for her basement. She had been working on Project Rinoa for seven years, ever since her sweet sixteen. She had not done any spring cleaning in her lab for years, so everything was either junk, or completely disorganized. Although it really did not bother because she had her direct attention on Rinoa. Such a perfect artificial being, Rinoa was. There was not any kind of cover on the outside, skin, nails, hair, nothing. Just wires and old metal parts.

Quistis grabbed her voice recorder, flicked the on switch, and began taking notes, “The date Is currently October 12. Today, I shall be starting with the brain. Wire A1 seems as if out of place. Wire B1 is out of place as well, followed by C1 and D2. Almost all wires except D1 are out of place. Yesterday, Project Rinoa was tested. I received the report and the results were bad due to recurring issues in the brain , so I began to mingle the wires. Apparently, the reaction I got from Rinoa was quite displeasing. The simplest commands I gave her seemed difficult for her to translate. There must be a way to fight this, there must be life. A code for me to break, this time, I have only this last time to try, if I fail, I will have to wait another year to reboot the system.” Quistis got lost in her thoughts, so it surprised her when the phone rang. She nearly jumped ten feet in the air before she left to answer the phone.

“Hello? Miss Trepe?” asked a female voice.

“Hello Dr. Laurens, how are you?” Quistis asked.

“Please, now, Miss Trepe, please just call me Vita.” the woman said politely.

“Then you, Miss Vita, must refer to me as Quistis.” the blonde scientist said friendly.

“Very well Miss Quistis.” said Vita. The two girls laughed.

“Now, Vita, what is your business of calling here, if I may ask.”

“Ah, yes, thank you for reminding me! I am calling here for the results of Project Rinoa, Project 458609.” said Vita, getting at least a little more serious.

“Yes, what about them?” asked Quistis.

“There seems to be a confusion with 458609. She passed. It passed. Miss Quistis Trepe, Congratulations.” said Dr. Laurens, smiling secretly on the other line. She continued speaking, “If you will please bring her to us first thing in the morning, we will gladly activate her for you.”

When things were silent, Vita began getting concerned.

“Miss Trepe, Miss Trepe? Are you there?”

“Oh, I am sorry Vita, but I must excuse myself.” Said Quistis.

“Very well. Have a good day!” said Vita.

“You too, Vita.” said the blonde.

Once they hung up, Quistis couldn’t help but fall helplessly on the couch because her knees weakened with each moment. After seven years, Quistis Trepe was finally going to finish what she had started.

The next morning, Quistis awoke late in the night with tiny sweat droplets tinkling down her cheek. She was sure these endless nightmares would come to a stop when Project Rinoa was completed. Of course, what if they didn’t end until her awakening. Until the spirit of a child was released. She would apparently have to wait to find out. As she fell back on the bed, she drifted off again.

So tomorrow is the day, huh? I guess there’s no turning back. My awakening shall be tomorrow… I wonder what it will feel like… being able to think, talk, and walk, and all that other stuff. Seven years without a soul is too many years for me to be like this. I must be set free, finally… Though I will not gain complete consciousness, but enough to walk and talk is enough for me. Every year I am full of hope, yet every year, I am let down, with each minute consuming me. If tomorrow comes, I will have new hope to follow. No longer shall I drown die, and let my emotionless feelings devour me. I have been without a soul for too long, with my spirit left sleeping somewhere cold. Please… let my bad dream end…

*Quistis’ dream…*

A person with black hair and brown strips running though it, dark, mysterious eyes, and porcelain skin was walking in a beautiful garden near a waterfall. All of the sudden, the wind began to blow fiercely, the sky turning gray as the rain fell like tears from heaven. The girls eyes were filled with fear, anger, and sadness to see this.. The girl tried to escape the storm, but she slipped and fell in the waterfall, dragged into her lost hopes of being rescued…

As Quistis awoke in the daylight, gasping for air, she heard a voice. She heard someone say ‘forever’. When she looked at the clock, it said the time was seven in the morning. Quistis relaxed and got out of her soft, queen—sized bed, heading for the bathroom.

After thirty minutes, Quistis removed herself from the bathroom and was wearing well fit blue jeans and a peach/pink turtleneck with her hair up in a clip and tow front strips down, which made her look classy, yet casual. As she exited her room, she saw Laguna waiting there for her.

“Mr. Laguna, what is it that makes you come over?” asked Quistis.

“Well, I figured since you never called me back, I would come to check on you.” Laguna answered.

“Well, thank you, but I am quite alright.” Quistis said, confidently.

“Is there anything I can help you with?” asked Laguna.

“Actually, yes. Would you please help me move my...I mean, help me take Rinoa to get her activated. I can’t do this by myself.” Quistis asked.

“Sure.” Laguna answered, softly.

Quistis led Laguna through her lab and to Project Rinoa.

“Here it is.” Quistis said. She noticed how Laguna’s eyes were filled with amazement when he looked at he artificial being.

“Wow, Quistis, you really worked hard.” Lguna said.

“For seven years I have tried to built a perfect artificial being.” Quistis continued. “I went to the best robotics college growing up. My parents wanted the best of me, so before they died, they left money for my other relatives to raise me.”

“Well, we better get going.” Laguna said.

“Yes, let's go.” Quistis said.

Quistis and Laguna grabbed something that resembled a coffin, and Quistis opened it from the right side by pressing a button.

“Lift on one, two, three!” said Quistis, cautiously looking over to how his arms were positioned. “Now be careful! Do not drop her!” Quistis said.

“I won’t drop her, Quisty! Now relax!” Laguna assured her.

They carefully slid her in the coffin like thing and she closed it back up.

“Now, let’s lift!” said Quistis.

“Okay.” said Laguna.

The two worked together and lifted it up slowly, yet surely.

“You know, people are mortal.” Laguna said sarcastically.

“Watch it! I have to lift this thing all the time when I’m by myself.” said the blonde. She continued, “Now, here’s the lab door! I have to lift this thing with only one hand now okay? A tad more weight will be on your side.”

Laguna’s eyes widened as Quistis let go. He could not believe that she actually lifted that big thing by herself. If it was heavy for him, wouldn’t it be even harder for her?

Quistis opened the door and took her part again and they made their way upstairs. Through the hallways were plenty of pictures of her and the gang hanging out that he had not noticed before.

“Here’s another door.” Quistis warned letting go, holding with one arm again.

“How many doors are there?” Laguna asked.

“For her? One more door, the car door. When we arrive at the facility, a doctor will meet us out there. I have been good friends with Dr. Laurens, I know for a fact that she would never leave us stranded.” Quistis assured him.

“I just hope you’re right.” said Laguna.

Quistis simply laughed, “Trust me.”

When they arrived at the facility, they were greeted with a friendly ‘hello’ from Dr. Alexander Grey.

“Hello, Dr. Grey, How are you?” asked Quistis as Laguna just waved.

“Do you have her?” asked Dr. Grey.

“Oh, yes, sir.” said Quistis, pulling the container out andgently, setting it on the ground.

“That’s very good, Miss Trepe. Now, bring her into my lab and you can show her to me.” said the doctor.

Quistis nodded.

Two young men took the container and place it on a cart. Laguna kept to himself as he followed the others on their way in.

The building was filled with many doctors, scientists, and about everything else. In the office, there were two girls and a boy, working behind the desks.

Dr. Grey led the people to a room in the far back, by its self. As they entered the room with Project Rinoa, the two young men that carried her left and Dr. Grey closed and locked the door. Quistis was shocked when a chair behind the desk spun around to reveal a red headed woman waiting for them.

“Ah, Miss Trepe, how are you?” asked Dr. Laurens.

“Miss Laurens, please, call me Quistis.” Quistis demanded.

“I am quite sorry.” said Dr. Laurens

“That is just fine, Miss Vita Laurens.” said Quistis.

“Now, shall we examine Project 458609?” asked Dr. Laurens.

“Yes, Dr. Laurens, Dr. Grey, you both know my dear friend, Laguna?” said Quistis.

“Ah, yes, he is quite in vogue here due to his wonderful run for headmaster here in Tribia.” said Dr. Laurens flirtatiously.

“Why thank you, Miss Laurens.” said Laguna.

“Oh, please, just call me Vita.” Dr. Laurens giggled like a child.

“Well, don’t you think we should get started? It will take all day. As well as all night.” said Dr. Grey, ”And that’s if we go at our fastest pace.”

“Right, well, I guess we should get going.” said Dr. Laurens,, out of her trance.

“Laguna, a minute with you, please?” asked Quistis.

“Sure.” Laguna said, walking next to her.

“Listen, could you please go out into the waiting room? See, I’d hate for you to distract Miss Laurens.” said Quistis.

“Okay.” said Laguna walking out of the office. ”Bye.”

In the waiting room…

Laguna had already sat in there for a minute and it was driving him crazy. Suddenly, he saw someone that looked familiar. The person had dark brown hair and was wearing dark blue jeans, a white muscle shirt and a dark blue jean jacket.

“Hey, Squall!” said Laguna.

Squall took one glance at the man and immediately turned back.

“Wait, wait!” said Laguna, chasing after him.

“What do you want now?” asked Squall, as his pissed off, usual self.

“I haven’t seen you in such a long time. Come here!” said Laguna.

“You just saw me last night!” Squall protested.

“That’s nice to know.” said Laguna, ignoring what he said and pulling him in the waiting room.

“He, what are you-” Squall tried to make him stop, but he wouldn’t.

They sat on the couches in silence for a few minutes, until Squall broke it.

“Wow, you really are bored.” Squall said, sarcastically.

“I’m supposed to be supportive towards friends, but she goes almost every week!” Laguna complained.

“Well, I can’t help it! The doctors tell me to.” said a female voice behind them.

Laguna turned around. “Hi, Quistis.”

“Next time, try to be a tad bit sneakier.” Quistis continued walking towards the couch and sitting down next to Squall, “They sent me back and said there was nothing more that I could assist with.” Quistis explained.

“I see. Well, we have to keep ourselves busy for as long as possible, so… let’s talk.” said Laguna.

“We’re gonna have to do a whole lot of talking.” said Quistis.

“Suddenly, the three saw Selphie Tilmitt and her boyfriend Irvine Kinneas walk in.

“Hey, over here!” Selphie yelled, while Irvine just waved.

“Selphie Tilmitt, what are you doing here?” Quistis asked walking towards her. “And Irvine , long time, no see! You look good.”

Selphie laughed, “I know, doesn't he? And he's all mine!”

“Well, come, come sit with us!” said Quistis, welcoming.

“Okay.” said Selphie, dragging Irvine behind.

It was surprising to all to see each other. They hadn’t been together like that together in so long. Of course, no one could forget Zell who showed up shortly after twenty minutes. The girls would go with each other to get coffee or whatever, while the boys caught up on old times by talking about the past, what has happened within the amount of time, sports, and other guy things.

After about ten hours, the gang fell asleep on the couch and slept for about five hours.

What’s happening to me? Where am I? Why don’t I recognize this place? Is this what is going to happen to me? Do I leave all my memories of pain behind just to be confused? How would I find my way? This all seems too real and too fake at the same time. A little too much for me to handle. Maybe it won’t be as good as I thought.

Quistis awoke around five in the morning from another nightmare. Of course, that wasn’t the only thing that woke her.

“Miss Quistis Trepe, she’s done. She’s completed.” said a doctor.

“What?” asked Quistis.

“Rinoa. She’s finished.” said the doctor.

Quistis’ vision was a little better now, she could tell that it was Dr. Vita Laurens.

“Would you like me to bring her out?” asked Vita Laurens.

Quistis just nodded.

With that the doctor left and Quistis woke everyone up. Everybody was sleepy, even Hyper Selphie, but they managed to awaken.

When the doctors came out, they were followed by a young woman with black hair and brown strips running though it, dark, mysterious eyes, and porcelain skin.

Chapter 2

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