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The Daemon Saga
by d_Galloway

The Daemon Saga...
First, there was Mox, a figure of immense power and unbelievable destruction. He was destroyed thousands of years ago, but his spirit occupied his black suit of armor in order to enact his revenge and gain the ulitmate spell. This would allow him complete control over the universe, making him unbeatable. But two heroes, Galloway and Weiila, and their friends defeated his army and destroyed the source of the power, indirectly bringing about Mox's demise in the process.

But Mox wasn't the only one who sought great power. There were two others: Hanzo and Daemon. Hanzo was killed by Mox when he stood in the black-armored mage's way, but Daemon played along the side lines, watching as the events unfolded. Realizing that Mox's plan was doomed at the beginning, he set out to gather his own power.

His original plan, involving water from the fountain of youth, was ruined when a thief named Locke stole his entire supply. He has an even better plan now, however...

Will Galloway and Weiila be able to stop yet another evil force? What is Daemon's evil plan? Who is the misterious shadow that Daemon is talking to? Will I ever get paid for this?

Galloway: The answer to that is "no".
Narrator: Damn.
Coming soon: The Daemon Saga
You'd better brace yourself: this is going to be an intense ride...

Part one...

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