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The Daemon saga: Character bios
by d_Galloway

Now in alphabetical order!


Gender: Male
Height: 5'7"
Age: 20
Class: PI
Alignment: Neutral Good

Bio: David hasn't been doing much lately. He's somewhat hit it off with Morgan, but when Neo caught him looking at Celes's nice, rump behind (FORGET I SAID THAT!!!), he's blackmailed into a variety of horrible things. Well, he's still good with guns.

Gender: Female
Height: Unknown
Age: 18
Class: Dancer
Alignment: True Neutral

Bio: Eihra has developed a dance for everything, giving her a definate advantage in the entertainment circuit. Her avid love of Piccolo hasn't affected her fighting skills, either. It's a good thing Galloway doesn't know she's a dancer, though...

Gender: Male
Height: 5'4"
Age: 17
Class: Samurai
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Bio: Galloway hasn't been doing much lately; he's basically learned how to fuse by watching the new season of DBZ, but besides that, he's the same as ever. Oh, and he still craves pizza.

Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"
Age: 14
Class: Ninja
Alignment: Neutral Good

Bio: Gemini has been slouching off lately. His victory over Dragon has made him feel superior to his fellow students, and he often loses track of what's going on. Of course, after Red Phoenix kicks his butt, he starts to pay attention again...

Gender: Male
Age: 50
Height: 6'2"
Class: Hooked Businessman
Alignment: Lawful Good

Bio: In the ultimate case of opposites, Hook is a man with a hook for a right hand (which was lost in a tragic accident) that is actually an intelligent good samaritan rather than a common psycopath. He's been framed of a heinous crime, and when he learns that Daemon was responsible for it, joins the heroes to destroy the monster.

Gender: Male
Height: 5'5"
Age: 14
Class: Ninja
Alignment: Neutral Good

Bio: Hunter is still training, but is behind Gemini quite a bit, even though they're the same age. He's just barely learning the Jitsus, and has developed a rather lousy trademark attack.

Neo Galloway
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3"
Age: 17
Class: Dark Samurai
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Bio: Neo hasn't been up to much recently; he's been watching DBZ and reading porn, but that's it.

Gender: Male
Height: about 165 cm (too lazy to convert it to ' ")
Age: 17
Class: Trainer
Alignment: Neutral Good

Bio: Pokefreak is still hanging around, raising hell occasionally. Although he's usually calmer than most, he can get pretty pissed, especially when people guilt him into doing certain things.

Gender: Male
Height: 5'4" (normal), 6'2" (with mask)
Age: 20
Class: Student (normal), Berserker (with mask)
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Bio: Rick has been enjoying life recently. His wife, Jennifer, has blessed him with a son, and the mask is gone. Then it comes back, along with the news of Daemon. Realizing the danger, Rick sets out with the mask...

Gender: Male
Height: 4'11"
Age: 71
Class: Teacher
Alignment: True Neutral

Bio: Sensei, having reached the level of perfection any ninja can hope for, is making training much more difficult for his two students. He can still fight, but his age is finally taking a toll on his overall strength and speed.

Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Age: 21
Class: Cat Master
Alignment: Neutal Evil

Bio: With the exception of his relationship with Weiila reaching Galloway's attention, not much has happened to Star. His cats still kick the crap out of all enemies in their path.

Terror Mask
Gender: None
Age: As old as time
Height: Doesn't matter
Class: Symbol of evil
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Bio: The mask seems to like Rick for some reason; I mean, why else would it keep showing back up at his house every time something bad happens? And why the hell does Rick keep letting it in?

Ultra Galloway
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3"
Age: 17
Class: Fused Being
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Bio: Ultra Galloway was created by the fusion of Galloway and Neo. Originally, they planned to return to their original form (but who the hell would want to?), but due to various conditions, Ultra Galloway was born instead. An unbelievably powerful being, he's the kind of guy you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley.

Gender: Female
Height: Unknown
Age: 20
Class: Writer
Alignment: Neutral Good

Bio: Back as an adult, and loving it! Weiila's still torturing Magus for that little stunt he pulled at the end of the Mox Saga, and has trained hard in the use of leather whips. She has a good head on her shoulders, but sometimes gets too panicky in high-risk situations.


Gender: Male
Height: Read part 1
Age: Unknown
Class: Evil Time Traveller
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Bio: Daemon is a man with a twisted, uncertain past. He possesses the Talisman of Fornus, which allows him to travel through time. Somehow, he came into contact with Mox, and formed some kind of pact with the mage. He tried to kill Galloway and Weiila when they were born in order to eliminate all future threats, but couldn't get the exact location right away. He now uses any methods possible to eliminate the pests...

Red Phoenix
Gender: Male
Height: 6'5"
Age: 78
Class: Cyborg
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Bio: Red Phoenix was the greatest MERC of all time; that is, until he tried to kill Galloway. In the process, he was nearly killed. His body was then picked up by Daemon, who fashioned it into a cyborg. Every time he seems to die, he returns. Can he ever be stopped?

Caught in between (as in, being fought over for control):

Gender: Male
Height: Varies
Age: 40 something?
Class: Insane esper
Alignment: Varies depending on his mood

Bio: Kerr first showed up in Weiila's fic "Gogo's secret II: Another face", wherein Gogo turns out being named Kefka. Kerr is his insane twin brother who stole his place and name 20 years ago, making the *real* Kefka the sane one... anyway, lately Kerr has been changing quite a bit and though he is still insane (and loud, arrogant and dangerous...) he's a rather nice fellow. If VERY playful, and considering him being in his final boss angel form that's quite a threat. He's quite shifty-minded and will believe pretty much what anyone tells him. The armband he wears allows him to use magic freely, if he's not wearing it can't use magic without turning even more insane...

Gender: Female
Height: 5'1"
Age: A few thousands
Class: Alien queen
Alignment: VERY Chaotic Good

Bio: Loria was Weiila's first character ever, queen of the morentsias (human looking dudes with big butterfly wings). She's kind and caring, but have a temper alike a train loaded with nitroglycerin. And is powerful enough to blow up the moon with a wave of her hand. Since she's a tad bit too hard to control Weiila sealed her up in her mind. Of course, now that the author is more skilled she SHOULD be able to control the queen.

Gender: Male
Height: Varies
Age: Good question
Class: Shapeshifter
Alignment: EXTREMELY Chaotic Evil/Good?

Bio: Age old enemy of Loria's people, and she's destined to fight him. But since he's a cloud of mist with red eyes, how to fight him? He can't be touched or hit with magic while in his mist form. But after a very drawn out battle stretching over several millenias he and Loria agreed that there had to be an end and during the final fight he took the form of a male morentsia that could be hit. He lost. The strange thing about him is that he is officially Loria's archenemy, but he tends to come to save her when somebody else tries to kill her...

Weiila: Daemon, leave my characters the hell alone!!

Battlepower and Techs:

Battle Power: 500
White Magic Power: 0
Black Magic Power: 0

David has no techs!

Battle Power: 1900
White Magic Power: 8000
Black Magic Power: 1000

White Magic: Just like Weiila's.
Mind Melt: Eihra causes the enemy to lose all traces of sanity. The enemy then attacks everyone before killing itself.
Regeneration: Eihra can regenerate lost limbs, just like Piccolo.
Dance: Eihra dances around. This causes random effects.

Battle Power: 9000
White Magic Power: 10
Black Magic Power: 20

Gallo-beam: An energy beam of pure light is sent flying into the opponent. Does moderate damage. Galloway's trademark tech.
Energy Beam: A simple beam of energy. Does rather low damage.
Discharge: A massive explosion of energy fills the area around Galloway, damaging everything within range. Range and power vary depending on enemy location and the amount of energy used in the explosion.
Kaioken: Increases Battle Power by a certain percentage. Galloway usually uses Kaioken times 12, the highest level for it.

Battle Power: 5000
White Magic Power: 0
Black Magic Power: 45

Jitsus: Hunter knows all of Gemini's Jitsus except for Water and Lightning
Top Spin: Hunter jumps on top of the enemy's head, delivers rapid pounding kicks, then ends it with a kick to the chin. Very inaccurate.

Battle Power: 9000
White Magic Power: 800
Black Magic Power: 2500

Fire Jitsu: A wave of fire erupts from Gemini's fingers, frying anything directly in front of him.
Earth Jitsu: A shockwave forms and sends anything it catches flying into the distance.
Water Jitsu: A tornado of water engulfs the enemy, which cannot escape. Bad news for Gemini if he's inside as well. Can only be used by large bodies of water.
Thunder Jitsu: Electricity flows through Gemini's body, is channeled into the arm, and is blasted into the enemy.
Jenova Storm: A massive combo that leaves most enemies dead in their tracks. Gemini's trademark attack.

Battle Power: 9000
White Magic Power: With armband, 20. Without armband, 0
Black Magic Power: With armband, 5000. Without armband, 0
(Kerr CAN still use his magic at full force without the armband, but he's not allowed to as that would render him even crazier. Who's stopping him? Well...)

Dance of Death: *censored by the anti-spoil gang* (Kerr: "And get a better name for the damn thing!")
Double esper: Kerr summons Siren, who's possessing him to keep him under fair control, and her harp silences the enemies and gets them off guard while Kerr attacks. Buh-bye...
Wing Slash: Using his wings of steel feathers, Kerr can cut through almost anything.

Battle Power: 55000
White Magic Power: 700
Black Magic Power: 10000 (Weiila note: See why I locked her up?!)

Dragon transform: Loria turns into a greyish dragon creature and attacks everything moving. This tech can only be invoked by an outer force as she refuses to do this by own will. That is since she completely looses control.
Fire juggle: Setting her hands on fire Loria juggles with her opponent... or rather parts of him, as she'll take him apart before doing this.
Light storm: Loria crosses her wrists and fires a massive beam of light, obliterating EVERYTHING coming in its way.
Various magic: Loria can use pretty much any elemental magic you can think of, including fireballs, lightning bolts, freezing attacks etc, etc...

Battle Power: 10000
White Magic Power: 10
Black Magic Power: 10

Neo-blast: An explosion is created by mixing Neo's aura with that of an enemy. Neo's trademark attack.
Self-destruction: Neo manipulates the enemy's aura so that it becomes unstable. The aura then explodes, killing the enemy.
Energy Beam: Same as Galloway's.
Kaioken: Same as Galloway's.

Battle Power: 6000
White Magic Power: 20
Black Magic Power: 30

Summon Pokemon: Pokefreak can summon a Pokemon to damage his enemies.

Battle Power: 8500
White Magic Power: 2000
Black Magic Power: 8000

Jitsus: Sensei knows all of Gemini's Jitsus, as well as some others.
Wind Jitsu: A forceful burst of wind erupts from Sensei's hand, knocking enemies off-guard.
Sun Jitsu: A scorching wave of heat fills an area, damaging anyone inside.
Moon Jitsu: An entire area goes dark, making it possible for Sensei to escape.
Shinobi Destroyer: An incredibly complex attack that destroys entire armies of enemies.

Battle Power: 54999
White Magic Power: 800
Black Magic Power: 10000 (Weiila note: These people are insane...)

Envelope: Slaver swoops up around his victim and swallows him in the mist that is his body. Nobody really knows what happens within the creature but the victim is rendered unconscious for days.
Eyebeam: The red eyes in the mist sends two beams (duh), very similar to a laser beam. You get the idea...
Various magic: Just like Loria Slaver can use buckloads of elemental magic. Usually his envelope tech does the trick, though...

Battle Power: 8800
White Magic Power: 400
Black Magic Power: 100

Pixy Stixs: AAAHHHH! *collapses from merely mentioning it*

Ultra Galloway:
Battle Power: 50000
White Magic Power: 90
Black Magic Power: 100

Energy Beam: Same as Galloway's and Neo's.
Gallo-Blast: A combination of the Gallo-beam and the Neo-blast. Ultra uses one hand to fire the Gallo-beam while another causes the explosion the instant the beam hits. Unbelievably powerful.
Ultra-beam: An enormous beam is fired from Ultra's hands. Only a handful of things can survive a direct hit from this.
Ultra-Ball: Ultra channels his energy into a large energy ball above his head, then lets it loose on the enemy. Very powerful.
Blitzkrieg: Ultra's energy is completely transformed into electrical energy and powered into his hands. Ultra pulls them to his side briefely, then lets loose an enormous beam of electrical energy with a few energy balls inside it as well. This will destroy almost anything, but leaves Ultra too weakened to continue the fusion.

Battle Power: 2000
White Magic Power: 9500
Black Magic Power: 10

White Magic: Weiila can use all white magic spells.
Invisible Energy: Weiila emits a hidden wave of power from her general aura to the enemy's brain, causing severe spasms and various other conditions. Causes Weiila to tire quickly.

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