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Eyes on Julia
by Abby

This is my first attempt at writing in a long time, and my first attempt at writing a fic for a game ever so I figured I'd start slow. The song is Eyes on Me by Faye Wong as you probably already know, but if you didn't you do now. Please send me any comment that you have at all. I don't care if you're going to just flame me to death, it works for me. Just make sure you put Eyes on Julia as the subject, or else I'll delete it. Well here goes…

"Juh-Julia," said the tall man with proud shoulders and a stern face, almost stumbling over the simple name.

"Julia?" he questioned nervously, his voice obviously shaking as he regained his composure "There's something that I've been meaning to ask you for sometime now"

"Yes?" Julia replied with a soft smile on her face and a faint look of dread in her eyes, knowing the impending question.

"Will you marry me?" the man asked with a softened face, taking a knee and opening a small black box that seemed to have appeared from nowhere.

Old memories came rushing back to her. There was nothing she could do, the floodgates had opened, and they couldn't be closed until time had run its course. Thoughts of a lost love came flashing before her eyes. She shook her head and came back to reality to find the once shining eyes and bright smile had melted into two puddles with a look of rejection.

"N-no th-tha---I mean yes! Yes!" she almost screamed. "Don't think that! I love you more than anything else in this world General Caraway and I couldn't think of my life without you!"

Caraway let out a sigh of relief although he still had doubts in his mind.

"The ring! Let me get th---"

"There's just one thing I have to do first honey. Let's take a trip to the hotel bar. I need to say a goodbye."

-- - -----

"May I?" Julia asked standing before a gentleman dressed in black making his way up and down the grand piano.

"Why sure pretty lady!" He rose to give Julia a seat.

"Are you..."

Julia nodded and suddenly noticed it was dead silent. Conversations stopped and heads turned to find the reason for the abrupt end to their music. She took a good look around from the best seat in the house. Things were exactly the way she had left them. However there was not a face she had recognized. Her eyes came to stop when she saw her fiancé seated in the first booth on the left of the bar. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. This would be the first time she had sung this song to anyone. It was the first song that she had been able to write, but was always unable to bring herself to say the words aloud. She was just about to get up when she had decided this was something she had to do. Her hands hovered over the familiar keys for just a moment before they found their home and began to play the song she played every night, only this time she found the words to go with it.

-Whenever sang my songs
On the sage, on my own,
Whenever said my words
Wishing they would be heard. -

Everyone had their attention fixed on the superstar singing in their small bar.

Julia thought of all the concerts that she had given all over the world. Up on the stage it was just she and her piano, but she always she knew he was there.

-I saw you smiling at me
Was it real or just my fantasy?
You'd always be there in the corner
Of this tiny, little bar. -

Everyone was amazed that not only were they listening to their own, private, unannounced concert, but a whole new song, never before heard.

Julia had come here to say goodbye to her first love, who faithfully came to listen to her play, before she became famous, every night.

-My last night here for you
Same old songs, just once more.
My last night here for you? -

Julia paused. This was really it. There was no going back. She would never meet the first man to win her over again. He had promised to meet her again after the war, and she still came to the bar every night to play, and sometimes sing, but as she searched the crowd for his familiar face, she never found him again. The crowd's whispering brought her back from the past as she began again.

-Maybe yes, maybe no.
I kind of liked it your way
As you shyly placed your eyes on me
Oh, did you ever know?
That I had mine on you. -

She looked over to the corner booth, but this time not to find her first love, but to find her new one. He was sitting upright without expression on his face; after all he had a reputation to protect.

-Darling, so there you are
With that look on your face.
As if you're never hurt,
As if you're never down
Shall I be the one for you?
Who pinches you softly but sure,
If frown is shown then
I will know that you are no dreamer.

So let me come to you
Close as I wanted to be.
Close enough for me
To feel your heart beating fast-

She knew that she could never be with him again. He was perfect. His beautiful eyes always fixed on her. They were full of innocence and compassion. Julia remembered the first and last night they spent together. He talked and talked, and she just listened so interested in everything. He was the first one to learn that Julia wanted to do more and play the piano and that she wanted to be a singer.

-And stay there as I whisper
I loved your peaceful eyes on me
Oh, did you ever know
That I had mine on you-

Just like that she let everything go. As a tear rolled down her cheek she said goodbye and hello. She knew that just as she had found new love, he too had found his true love and they would enjoy they time they had together, just as they would. She looked over to her soon-to be husband again and smiled from her soul before she began to sing to the only man who had yet to shed a tear.

-Darling, so share with me
Your love if you have enough.
Your tears if you're holding back
Or pain if that's what it is.
How can I let you know
I'm more than the dress and the voice
Just reach me out then
You will know that you're not dreaming. -

She watched as Caraway leaned forward onto the table, entranced by Julia's music, cradling his chin in-between his hands, smiling like she's never seen him smile before.

-Darling, so there you are
With that look on your face
As if you're never hurt
As if you're never down
Shall I be the one for you
Who pinches you softly but sure
If frown is shown then
I will know that you are no dreamer-

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