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The FF break room 8
by d_Galloway

*Galloway walks on stage*
Galloway: You know the drill by now...
*Galloway walks off stage*
*switches to hidden camera*

*The room is the same (as always). Zell is sitting at the table, which is buried in hot dog wrappers. Zidane enters the room*
Zidane: What the hell happened in here?
Zell: Nothing. It's just lunch time.
Zidane: *looks at his watch* It's only 9:30 am. What makes you think this is lunch time?
Zell: Okay, it's breakfast!
Zidane: Do you eat anything besides hot dogs?
Zell: Well...
*the lights suddenly go out. When they go back on, Zidane and Zell are gone*
*switches back to Galloway*
Galloway: Well, that's it, then. Bye! *is knocked unconcious*

*Galloway wakes up at Barrows Castle*
Galloway: Now what?
*Magus enters the room*
Galloway: Magus, do you ever learn? You lose every freaking time!
Magus: Shut up! Your dark fic characters want revenge!
Galloway: Uh, I returned to dark fics.
Magus: Still, you must be punished!
Galloway: Let me get this straight. You have absolutely nothing on me, you're here when
Weiila specifically said you couldn't leave her house, and...*sees that he's tied to a chair*'ve locked me up in the game Clock Tower, in the basement of the castle that doesn't exist. *breaths*
Magus: Speaking of Weiila...*shows that Weiila is tied to a chair as well*
Galloway: Well, I guess you'll be sending Dan to kill us now.
Magus: Well, there's a problem with that. You see, we were only able to get you here during the actual game, so he's busy chasing a bunch of morons around.
Galloway: Really? Which scenario?
Magus: Uh, let's not make this difficult for the millions who haven't played Clock Tower, okay?
Galloway: Fine. So what are you going to do?
Magus: BOBBY!
*Bobby walks down the stairs*
Bobby: *clangs scissors* Blood, blood!
Magus: Kill these two! *points at Galloway* And start with him!
Bobby: *begins to walk forward*
Galloway: *struggles with the ropes*
Weiila: *ditto*
Bobby: *raises scissors*
*a back wall blows down. Black Mage enters*
Black Mage: How dare you! YOU PROMISED ME PIE!!! *hadoukens Bobby out of the
Magus: *runs away*
Galloway: *finally frees himself from the ropes* Any others in here?
Black Mage: Well, there's...
*Zell enters the room*
Zell: Miss Weiila!
Galloway: Get her out of here. I'll deal with this!
*Zell picks up Weiila and rushes out of the basement. Zidane, Vivi, Locke, and Edward rush through the hole in the wall and follow*
Black Mage: *ditto*
Galloway: *also ditto*

*Galloway runs through a hallway*
Galloway: Damnit! I hate this castle!
*a scream is heard from the distance*
Galloway: *recognizes the scream* Well, he got Beth.
*Helen rushes past Galloway. Dan follows her*
Galloway: Well, that was wierd. *continues on*

*The FF characters are in the church*
Weiila: *begins to wake up* Where are we?
Zell: Some sort of church.
Zidane: *spys a door in the back* Hey, maybe that's a way out.
Locke: *rushes to the door, opens it, takes a peek inside, then closes the door and vomits*
Edward: What's wrong with you? *opens the door and immediately closes it* Mommy! *hides*
Weiila: *begins to move toward the door*
Edward: *comes out of hiding* Don't go in there!
Weiila: What's wrong with this room, anyway? *opens the door, screams, then faints*
Zell: *looks inside* Sheesh, why's everyone so freaked out by a dead corpse shoved into a blood-splattered meat grinder?
Vivi: There's no exit here.
Black Mage: Yeah. I'd hate to end up like that guy.

*Galloway is in the courtyard*
Galloway: *begins to look at a map* There should be a drainage valve around here somewhere, but-
*Jennifer rushes by Galloway, with Dan close behind her*
Galloway: Sheesh. Stupid scissorman. *finds the drain* Here we are. *turns the valve*
*the fountain in the middle of the courtyard is drained, revealing a secret passage* Galloway: Yes!
*Jennifer runs into the courtyard*
Jennifer: Hey, you're that d_Galloway guy!
Galloway: Uh oh.
Jennifer: Look, let me down there with you.
*the FF characters and Weiila enter*
Black Mage: We're going, too!
Galloway: All right.
*everyone goes down the secret passage*

*everyone is in a deep cavern* Galloway: There's a door at the end!
*everyone walks toward the door*
Jennifer: Wait. I hear voices.
Voice: Edward, please. I know you're a good boy! Let's stop this and return to the
Granite Orphanage. Edward? EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
Galloway: Well, Edward's the murder. *opens the door*

*Dan is standing in the corner. Magus is with him*
Magus: Well, Galloway and Weiila survived. What a surprise.
Jennifer: So, you were the murderer the whole time, Edward.
Dan: The name's Dan!
Jennifer: *screams*
Magus: Let's go!
*everyone rushes toward the altar at the other side of the room*
Jennifer: *puts a statue on the altar, revealing a massive stone doorway*
Galloway: Open the door, and show me the way. N-ah eh sh*!
*the doorway opens, revealing a massive gateway into a negative universe. Everyone begins to get dragged toward it*
Galloway: *grabs onto a siderail, with Magus grabbing onto his leg*
Jennifer: *grabs onto a siderail, with Dan grabbing onto her leg*
Weiila: *grabs onto the altar, with Black Mage and Vivi grabbing onto her legs*
The remaining FF characters: *grab onto holes in the rock walls*
Galloway: See you later, Magus! *runs his sword into Magus, sending him flying into the doorway*
Jennifer: *stabs Dan with a dagger, sending him flying into the doorway*

*The next day*
Galloway: Well, another day. And don't worry about Magus or Dan. It turns out that doorway leads to Microsoft HQ, where they were sent back. *falls asleep*

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