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Final Fantasy First Person Views by Swift Kid

Character: Squall
Game: Final Fantasy 8
Battle: Opening fight scene

I walked to the patch of open area surrounded by dull gray rocks and black dirt. There, my rival stood. He looked cocky as ever. He held his weapon, the gunblade, the same type of weapon I use, at his side. A slight gust of wind ruffled my hair and his trench coat.

“Now don’t get too injured Squall. We need you to stay healthy for the SeeD exam today.” Seifer said sarcastically.

I said nothing back, only grabbing my gunblade from the ground.

Seifer pulled his arm up, and held his weapon in his normal fashion. He had his familiar cocky smirk. A smirk I wanted to slice right off that ugly face.

“Since I’m in a good mood, I’ll let you start us off today.” He chuckled.

He seemed overly confident. All the other times he had trained, he had always seemed determined and focused. Now, he was cocky, overly cocky. I know he had improved from our last session, but I had also.

I charged. My grip tightened on the hilt of my blade. I slowly swung up at Seifer. He too, charged. Our blades hit in a clang of power and sparks. A stray spark grazed my cheek, but I had bigger things to worry about.

Seifer brought back his arm and trusted it forward in an attempt to impale my body. I stepped to the side and slammed the flat edge of my gunblade onto his. With his weapon down, I span, going for the back of his neck. He countered by bringing his blade to his back. I jumped back and held my guard.

“My my, looks like my rival has improved.” Seifer laughed cockily.

I said nothing once again.

“Oh look a little scared. How else am I going to have a little fun?”

“Shut up and fight.” I said finally.

I charged once again at him. I slashed to his right. He brought his hand on the flat end and blocked with the opposite side. I stabbed at his face. He some how managed to move to the side just in time, but I grazed him. I knew this because a fine trail of blood ran down his left cheek. I attacked from the left this time. He barely blocked. I attacked from the right. He was knocked back. I trusted my blade at his face again. He slashed it away.

Seifer brought his arm up, his palm was flat. A red aura began to form until it shot out and hit me dead on. I had then knew I had been hit with a fire spell.

Seifer made the grin again and brought his blade up. I tried to move, but couldn’t. He brought down his blade in what seemed like slow motion. Then, I felt the pain. It was a burning pain, followed by the feel of warm blood running down my face.

I stood up, readied my gunblade, and slashed up with more power and anger than I had ever before. I connected the hit, and blood too ran down Seifer’s face.

Then, all went black.

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