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The Fog over Dollet
by Little Miss Little

disclaimer-i do not own any of these characters below except for dean almasy/ i dont own final fantasy either.

Seifer was sitting next to his distraught father in their home with his mother's body lying on the floor. His father sat staring at the body of the woman he had once loved. Seifer coughed, making his dad jump slightly. Her eyes were closed. They had given up waiting for the ambulance to arrive, she was dead.
The body.
You could almost here the doctors words, spoken with capital letters, Alesha Almasy didn't have a name anymore, she was now just a thing. Something for the police to work out the mystery behind The Body's death. He hated it so much here, the hospital. His father put a comforting arm around him and sipped the now stone cold coffee. Everything, from his grandmother's words to the way the nurse had spoken to him. Although young he could tell that they had carefully chosen their words. He was too young. The little kid that no one wants to tell him the real truth because they don't want him to cry. He had seen mummy dying on the floor for goodness sake. How could they block him out like this? His grandparents sat on the other side of the room. They although not the parents of The Body, they were very upset, but daddy was shaking, his green eyes were glossy and full of sadness, he ran a hand through his blonde hair before standing up and told his parents he was going for a 'walk'. Sefier lay down on the padded bench seating and closed his eyes, he forced his tears back and told himself to act like daddy just had, don't show it. He opened his eyes and looked in the opposite mirror. Mummy appeared beside him and said putting a hand on his shoulder,
"Don't forget to take your coat dear."
He sat up, disbelieving and watched as his daydream flickered away.

The nurse came in, "Excuse me? Would you like to see her?"

"No we'll be fine." replied granny and granda

"Allright then, would you like to see your mum darling?" she asked Seifer, sympathy etched on her face. He nodded and followed the lady into the corridor. The smell of medicine was dreadful. He saw daddy in the next room talking to her. He ran into the room. "Daddy?" he asked when he saw him crying, his head in his hands. Dean looked at his son, he knelt down beside him and picked him up and said gently, "Seifer, mummy won't be coming home with us. You're gonna have to say goodbye."
Seifer took mummy's hand and said, "You'll be happy mummy, but don't eat any fruit!" he said sternly, "God would be very angry with you then. And then daddy and me won't be able to come into the garden to see you. Nigh night mummy." he said yawning. Dean stroked his sons blonde hair and smiled. Even in the darkest situations hecould always make his father laugh. He walked away from the room and grimaced at the pain of seeing his wife like that. He walked into the waiting room. His parents must have left early, they weren't very considerate people he reminded himself frowning. He got into the car and sighed. The funeral would have to be organised, something he really didn't want to do.

~* ~* Chapter 2 ~* ~*

The black car arrived at the door to pick them up. The herse was drving head in the distance. Flocks of people were swarming in from what was apparently the country. Dean Almasy had left it up to his mother and father to sort the guests out. The friends of his wife were all contacted if their phone number was in Alesha's address book. He sat in the car and held back his tears. The drive to the church seemed to take forever. He smiled at his brother who had taken his son to the church. Everyone smiled at him as his entered the church. The minister nodded to the organist to start the introduction music. The Almasy family sat in the front row all looking very distressed. The congregation sat down and the coffin was slowly carried up to the front of the church. Seifer clutched his dad's hand when he could see the face of his mother through the glass over her body. The hymns were sang and prayers were prayed. Eventually, Dean made his way up to the altar. He cleared his throat and massaged the side of his head. The whole church was staring at him.
"Well, um... I just wanted to," he started, his eyes wandering over to the coffin, "Well, I guess I sould thank you all for coming today to see the... uh, the funeral. So um... thank you. You all remember her as a really stubborn person at times, I know I do. But ... um she was, she... meant everthing to me and my, s-son." tears were forming in his eyes, "B-but she was special to e-everyone here too so I'm not going to go on about the days I spent with her because you'll all forget it as soon as you l-leave here, so-" his eyes travelled to the back of the church. His eyes widened, it was her. Alesha was standing smelling all the lilies and as though she felt his gaze, she lifted her head, smiled and nodded.
"I'll remind you about when it was her seventeenth birthday party, she had wanted a big cake but her mum and dad had got her a small cake, she was really annoyed and made everyone help bake a home-made cake. I'm not really very good at speeches so I'll stop here. Thank you." He stepped off the platform and sat down in the seat next to the rest of his family. Everything was a blur, the service went quickly and the minister was leaving the church when he finally left the building.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Chapter 3
2 years later

Dollet was covered in a blanket of fog. It was the most depressing weather situation was what Alesha would have said. He turned on the headlights and drove slowly through the never ending fog. He stopped at the entrance to their house and turned in left. He parked the car and got out. The terrible situation was increasing as he opened the door. The house keeper greeted him and smiled. She took his long black coat and didn't bother questioning the unhappy look on his face. Seifer came down the staircase and waved at his dad. At the age of five he was already crazy about swords and fighting off dragons and saving the world. Hopefully he wouldn't take it badly.
"Seifer, we have to go somewhere today."
"Oh where dad? Is it the beach?"
"No, not the beach, but it's near one," he said putting on a smile, "You'l really like it."
So they got into the car an started driving down the road again, this time the weather had picked up slightly.
He drove the whole way to timber and after numerous trains and stops for fuel, they were there.
"This is it?"
"Yeah... I guess it is."
"Who lives over there?" he said pointing to a massive house which sat on the shore.
"A really nice lady," Dean answered. He walked over to the house and knocked on what appeared to be the front door. A beautiful woman answered the door and said smiling, "Hello, can I help you?"
Dean looked down at his son and said with no emotion, "My son. I am in a nasty position involving my job and I don't want to get him in any trouble."
Edea looked at him, his eyes betrayed his steely composure and the little boy interupted, "Dad, when are we going back home?" his voice faded away as he didn't get any response from his father. Dean nodded his thanks to Edea and turned around. Seifer didn't understand. The lady put a comforing arm round his shoulders and said softly, "Say goodbye to your dad, you're not going home with him today."
Seifer didn't move. After a while he muttered "Bye."
Edea shook her head as she watched the stranger walk away, away from his own son. She guided Seifer inside and closed the door.

* * * * * * * * * *

Dean Almasy never really understood why he left his only son like that, as soon as he reached his house in Dollet he commited suicide. He was buried in the graveyard next to the local church next to his wife.

Dean Almasy
Beloved Husband and Father
Born-May 7th 2034
Died- December 22nd 2058
May you rest in peace


disclaimer-i do not own any of these characters below except for dean almasy/ i dont own final fantasy either.

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