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Day's children; Friday
by Lady Aliena

Yay! I was born on a Friday! Anyway, who is more "loving" than Irvine. Don't you

ever realize why he is such a womanizer? Maybe it had something to do with

certain influences in his life. I know I took lots of liberties with this one,

so don't get mad. This goes out to Oruntia, my fellow Irvine-lover. It's

inspired by "Tuesdays With Morrie," a very good, very sad book. I kind of did

this one a little differently, not concentrating on the birth so much...


Monday's child is fair of face,

Tuesday's child is full of grace,

Wednesday's child is full of woe,

Thursday's child has far to go,

Friday's child is loving and giving,

Saturday's child works hard for a living,

And the child that is born on the Sabbath day

Is bonny and blithe and good and gay.



"Danny, it's a boy!" Jaeger Kinneas burst through the doors of the Timber

Hospital, tearing off his sterile face mask.

His brother-in-law, Daniel, quickly rose from the chair, "How's my sister?"

"Regina's fine. She's tired, but the doctor said everything went smoothly. I

can't believe I HAVE A SON!!!" he gleefully shouted to anyone who was listening.

Daniel smiled. He had never seen his brother-in-law act like this. Normally, he

was reserved and quiet. Regina was the charismatic one. It ran in the family.

"So, what'd you guys decide on as a name?"


"Irvine? Where'd you get that?"

"Gina. She's the one who came up with it. Well, enough talk! They were putting

her in a room as I came out to tell you the good news, so let's go! She's asking

for her brother. Come back and see your nephew!"

The two men turned and merrily walked down the hall on this Friday evening that

Irvine Kinneas entered the world.



Daniel loved to spoil his nephew. Every time he'd visit, he'd bring treats to

the child - candy, cookies, teddy bears...There was no one more important to him

than little Irvine. No one could bring a smile to his face like Irvy could.

Daniel had often thought of settling down and starting a family of his own, but

he didn't think the lifestyle was for him. Afterall, he loved women too much.

Maybe if he ever found a gem of a girl like Jaeger Kinneas did, he'd change his

ways, but he knew that his sister was one in a million, so he contented himself

to life as a bachelor.

"Unca Dan! Unca Dan!" Irvine toddled to the man.

"Lesson #1, Irvine...Things are not always as they seem," he said. Daniel held

out his two hands palm up. A single coin rested on one of his palms. He closed

them and waved them around a little, opening them back up to reveal that both

palms were now empty. Irvine shrieked in delight!

"Daniel," Regina reproved him, "I was just getting him settled down for a nap

and you're riling him up again!"

"Sorry, Gina." He gave Irvine a conspiratorial wink. "Alright, kiddo. You heard

your Mom. Time for a nap."

Irvine's face fell, "NO NAP!"

Daniel laid him down and said, "Alright, Irvy. Lesson #2. Mommies are always

right, though uncles are always more fun!" Irvine giggled and Regina couldn't

help but smile as well. After Irvine settled down and shut his eyes, Regina

walked up to Daniel and put her hand on his shoulder.

"You really should consider settling down, Danny. You're so good with him."

"Well, he's a good kid. You know I can't be like that, though. It's not for me."

She rolled her eyes, "I know, I know...the bachelor lifestyle is bliss! You only

have one person to look out for...yada yada yada. But, SOMEDAY, things will

change. You'll feel differently."

"Yes, but that SOMEDAY'S not today," he countered.



Jaeger dropped the key into Daniel's hand. "Just check up on everything, say

once every two days. You know how Regina is about her plants! We should be back

in a week and a half."

"Have fun!" Daniel grinned and leaned down to hug Irvine.

"I never been mooning before!" he said excitedly. Daniel laughed.

"Lesson #4. Never moon anyone, you got that?"

Irvine nodded seriously.

Jaeger laughed, "He's talking about the lunar gate. We're going to take a day

and go tour it. I told him that's how people can go see the moon."

Regina ambled out of the house with a couple of bags, "I think that's

everything." She leaned over to kiss her brother on the cheek. "Thanks for

agreeing to water my plants, Danny. You know what they mean to me!"

"No problem. You guys just have fun," he responded. "Man, I'd love to visit

Esthar someday. You guys are going to have such a good time. And taking a cruise

to get there...can I come too?" he joked.

"Cruisin'" piped up Irvine.

"Uh oh," Regina laughed, "He's starting to talk like his uncle. We'd better get

going now. See ya, Danny!"

"Bye," he waved as they got into the cab that was going to take them to the

train station. From Timber, they were going to take a cruise ship, sailing

around the Southernmost continent and up around to Esthar, where'd they stay for

a few days, enjoying all the huge city had to offer, visiting the Lunar Gate (or

mooning, as Irvine put it) and a few other sites before returning home. As he

watched the happy family leave, he thought, 'Maybe I've been wrong all

along...maybe the bachelor lifestyle isn't the best one afterall...'



Walking down the street in Timber up towards the office where he worked, Daniel

froze as his eyes focused on one of the news stands.

SHIP WRECK NEAR CENTRA, the headline screamed. Daniel felt his feet begin to

walk faster and then settle into a run. He yanked the newspaper out of the

newstand and began to read, his mind filling with dread.

"Hey, you gotta pay for that, you know," the man at the newstand said angrily.

Annoyed, Daniel threw him some gil and continued to read.

"A Siren's Star Cruise Liner sank yesterday in the late afternoon..." The ship

had apparently hit a rocky protrusion near the southern continent. Not much was

known about the rocky landscape down there and even less was known about the

waters around it. The ship had to slightly alter it's course to avoid a small

storm that had popped up. Unfortunately, it ended up hitting some rock in a

shallow part of the sea. The ship tried to make it to shore, but ended up

sinking 4 miles offshore. Daniel frantically scanned the article until his eyes

fell on the words, "No survivors were found."

No survivors? That couldn't be!

He rushed up to his office and told his boss he'd need a few days leave. Seeing

the newspaper in his hand, and remembering what Daniel had said about his sister

and her family going on a cruise, the man agreed.



Daniel slumped down in his chair and turned on the news station. They were doing

a feature story about the Siren's Star shipwreck that had happened this day, 3

years ago. He felt tears welling up in his eyes once more, remembering how he

had flown down to Centra, unable to believe that his sister, brother-in-law, and

little 3 year old nephew, had died. But along with other grieving family members

and friends, he saw for himself that there were indeed no survivors. For the

past 3 years, his life seemed even more empty until he heard, "Since the wreck,

this continent has been bathed in attention. Many resorts have been founded and

even an orphanage that had been established prior to all the publicity, but not

far from the site where the ship sank, has received attention. When asked why

she chose to locate the orphanage so out of the way, Matron Edea Kramer replied,

'I see this place as a refuge...'" Without listening to another word, Daniel had

jumped out of his chair and hastily threw clothes into a bag. He knew in his

heart that little Irvine was there. He HAD to be!



8 years later...



Today's the day. I'm enrolling in Galbadia Garden. I wanted to go to Balamb, but

Galbadia's a little closer to home. I just wish Uncle Dan could see me. He'd be

so proud.

It was amazing the way it all happened. The earliest, clearest memories I had

were at the orphanage. I was so happy there with all my little friends. I never

stopped to think about how I ended up there. I missed my Mom and Dad. I could

vaguely see them in my head, but I lost them when I was young - I was almost 3

years old when I came to the orphanage. But there was another man whom I held in

my memories as well. My uncle. I was playing with Sephie outside by the water

when he came for me.



Matron opened the door to the insistent knocking, "Can I help you?" she asked


"Do you have a little boy here, he'd be about six years old now, Irvine


Her eyes widened and she said, "Come on in..."

In agony, the man exlaimed, "Please! I've believed he was dead for three years

now. Just tell me! I'm his uncle - my sister was his mother."

"Tell me more," she said cautiously.

"They were going on a cruise around this continent, headed for Esthar and the

ship sank and they said there were no survivors, but I know he's alive. He's got

to be! I saw the orphanage on the news station and I figured that if he had

survived, he would have washed up near here and would be living here now." By

this time, tears were falling from his eyes, "Please, that kid means the world

to me..."

Her face softened and she stood up and walked to the back door, "Irvine, can you

come here?" she called.

Daniel gasped as he saw a little boy with the face of his father and eyes of his

mother run inside. I hadn't forgotten Uncle Dan, either.

"Uncle Dan?" I asked, not really believing what I was seeing.


At once, I ran and hugged him as hard as I could.

That afternoon, he and Matron discussed him taking me away. I was sad to leave

my friends, but excited to have my family back.

"I am usually a little hesitant to release the children to families where there

isn't a father AND a mother, but in this case, I think it would be best for him.

Plus, you are family. That much is evident. He has your eyes," she paused,

making Daniel blush crimson. "I just want to give him one more day to pack up

everything, say goodbye to the children, and have a special 'good-bye' meal."

"You don't know how happy you've made me, Mrs. Kramer!" Daniel exclaimed.

"I'm just happy that Irvine's got his family back," Matron smiled.

"Lesson #5, Irvine..." he looked at me and smiled, "Your family will always come

for you."

So, that's how I came to live with Uncle Dan.



At night, I used to cry for the friends I had left. How I missed them. I loved

Uncle Dan, but he wasn't a kid! He seemed to sense my loneliness and arranged

with his boss to work at home, so we could get to know each other better. I

mean, I'd changed a lot in the three years that I lived at the orphanage. So

we'd sit down and he'd tell me about my mother and my father.

"They loved you very much," he told me.

"Then why are they gone?" I asked.

He looked sad and said, "I don't think they ever wanted to leave you. I can

picture this in my mind..." he began to describe the shipwreck (I may have been

young, but he recognized that I needed to know the truth about what happened),

"I can see the water pouring in and everyone forced into the sea and your Mom

and Dad struggling to keep your face above the water. They probably did

everything in their power to make sure you were safe. I can't tell you what

happened to them, other than that they died out there that day. I CAN tell you,

though, that I KNOW my sister and I KNOW her husband and they were the most

caring people in the world. I know they did everything they could for you and

will always be with you, right in there..." he tapped on my chest. Satisfied, I

reached up and hugged him.

"I'll do my best, Irvy, to see that you're not lonely ever again!" he promised



I think one of the things I remember most about Uncle Dan was the lessons he

taught me. As I grew up, he taught me everything from the value of eating


"Lesson #29. You eat these, even though they're nasty, and you're going to look

better than everyone. You'll be healthy and have muscles. All the girls will

like you because you look GOOD and why will you look good?"

I grinned, "Because I ate these even though they're nasty!"

"You got it, kiddo!" how to ride a bike...

"Lesson #44. When riding a bike, you have to really concentrate about balancing.

Keep your eyes forward and..." and he pushed me. I fell off and kicked the bike.

"OK, Irvine. Lesson #45. When you fall, don't just give up or get frustrated.

Just try again. Now, when you've fallen 50 times...THEN you can get frustrated!"

Well, after a few more tries, I got the hang of it.

And then, I remember one of the most important lessons he taught me...

"Lesson #66. How to look like you know what's always going on...Trust me, Irvy.

This one's important! Sometimes you're sitting there and everyone makes a joke

that you don't get...what do you do?"

I thought for a second, "Ask them to explain?"

"NO! NO!" Uncle Dan laughed, "You've got to play it cool! Smile, just a little,

but not too much, and chuckle. You don't want to burst out laughing because then

they might suspect. Try it."

So, I smiled...

"No, smaller!" he urged.

So, I smiled smaller and chuckled a little...

"Perfect!" he exclaimed. "Also, sometimes you'll be out on a date and the woman

will just be plain confusing, you women are! What do you do?"

"Ummm..." I paused, "Smile just a little, and chuckle?"

"NO! NO!" he said, "This one's tricky. Most of the time, you can just smile and

nod, but if she's asking you questions such as 'Do I look fat?' or 'Is my hair

ok?', then you always tell her what she wants to hear!"

"But isn't that dishonest? Isn't that lying?"

Uncle Dan smiled, "Trust me, Irvine, it's easier that way..."

I just shrugged my shoulders. I guess he'd know. He'd dated more women than

anyone I knew!



When I was 10, Uncle Dan bought me my first gun and said, "Lesson #73...big guns

are better than little guns and every woman likes a man who wields a gun!"

I didn't understand, "But, why?"

"It's all in the image, Irvine," he assured me. I just shrugged.

"Now," he continued, "Lesson #74...when aiming the gun..." he began to show me

how to hold it and how to focus on my target. He taught me about getting

familiar with every aspect of my gun. He'd take me out hunting and to the

shooting range and soon, I became very skilled. I loved shooting, too. I didn't

care about my image; I just liked shooting! But, if it helped me be as

successful with women as Uncle Dan, than it was all the better!



When I was 13, Uncle Dan sat me on the porch and said, "I notice how you've been

looking at Jeannie Garrow from next door. I think it's time we had a little

talk. You may want to write all this down," he winked.

"Lesson #102. How to get a woman. Let me see your 'cool' walk."

"My 'cool' walk?" I asked. He nodded, so I got up and started walking.

"OK, that's a fine 'I'm all alone' walk. Now, do this. Swing your arms very

casually...a little less...ok, now bob up and down like this...not so much, now!

OK, and when you see Jeannie, nod at her like this...YES! You've got it


I was proud of myself. I learned the 'cool' walk!

"Now, you've got to have the right words...what would you say if Jeannie Garrow

walked right up here?"

"Uh, hi Jeannie..."

"Yeah, ok," Uncle Dan stared at me, analytically, "Now, if you're wanting to let

her know you want to be more than friends?"

"Uh, hi Jeannie?" I said.

He threw back his head and laughed. "You've got to have a line. how about 'Hey

baby, I think we're destined to be together' or my personal favorite, 'am I

looking at the sun, or is that just your smile?'"

I laughed, "That sounds ridiculous!"

"It works, though, Irvine. Trust me. Now, you've got the walk and you've got the

words. Now you just need the look and an attitude...Hmmm..." he walked all

around me, again, analyzing me. Suddenly, he snapped his fingers, "I've got it!"


"Well, you've become such a good sharpshooter, I know what look would be perfect

for you!" he led me back into the house, where he started digging through the

closet. He plucked an old cowboy hat and a trenchcoat out of the mess and

instructed me to put it on. Feeling a little silly, I complied. When I looked in

the mirror, though, I liked what I saw.

"Now, you know, we'll just get you some gloves, maybe let your hair grow

out...Irvine, you'll be a bigger ladies man than me!"

Now, I began to get excited, "And I can have that lone-gunman attitude like in

the comics I've read."

Wiping a fake tear from his eye, Uncle Dan laughed and said, "I am SO proud of




Uncle Dan had been diagnosed with cancer a few months before that, though he

tried to keep it a secret from me. He didn't want me to worry, but I noticed him

becoming more and more tired. It was fast spreading type that had started in his

lungs. Finally, I confronted him about it, asking if something was wrong, and

demanding the truth. He sighed and admitted he should have been upfront with me

from the beginning. So, as I watched him become worse and worse, he made light

of everything. He still taught me lessons and arranged to have me enroll in

Galbadia Garden to continue my training with the gun and also so I could get a

good education.

We sat up at night, filling out the forms and talking about what it'd be like.

Two months before I was supposed to go, Uncle Dan was pretty much bedridden. We

had a nurse to make him comfortable and I'd keep him company. I told him I

wasn't going to go to Galbadia after all.

"You MUST go!" he urged.

"NOt with you being..." I couldn't bring myself to say the word, sick.

"Sit down, Irvine," he said. "This will be your last lesson. You're of the age

where I can't teach you anymore - you need to teach yourself now. You've become

a wonderful young man, the kind of son I think your Mom and Dad would be proud

of. I know I've taught you about women and stuff, but lying here, I've had time

to think. None of what I've taught you is important. The important thing is to

find people who care about you and never let them go! Lesson #158. Find one

woman and hold onto her. Find friends and never betray them. It's easiest to

look out for yourself, but look out for others. Only then, will you find true

happiness. As much as I hate to admit it, all those women I've seen have never

filled the void in my life like you have, or like your mother and father did. I

was empty until I found you again!" he squeezed me hand weakly, "You'll go to

Galbadia. This is your dream. Besides, when the time comes for you to leave, I

really don't think I'll be a factor in everything."

"Don't say that!" I protested.

He just smiled, "I lied. I have another one...Lesson #159. Don't be sad for me.

I'm happier than I ever have been and I know that when I finally die, I'll be

happier still, for I'll see a girl who meant the world to me."

"Mom?" I whispered. He nodded. I didn't know what else to do, so I just hugged




He died 3 weeks ago, so I decided to go ahead and do what I know he'd want me

to. I'm on my way to Galbadia taking his lessons of life, love, and vegetables

to heart. I don't know if I'll be able to apply what he taught me right before

he died - that'll be tough, but I'll certainly try.

I turned the key in the door, picked up my bags, and now I'm walking to the

train station to start anew...

Goodbye, Uncle Dan. Say "hi" to Mom and Dad for me...



Author's Note: Squaresoft owns the characters, though I made up Irvine's parents

and Uncle Dan. Mother Goose owns the rhyme. Again, I realize I totally took some

liberties with Irvine's story, but hey! This is fanfiction, so I can, right?

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this...only two days left: Saturday & Sunday. I think

you can guess who they'll be!

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