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Hojo's Karaoke Number
by FrijolDorado

Something stupid I wrote while waiting for a huge download.
This work got me through 5% of it! It's the FF7 story from Hojo's point of view, as told to the girls at Costa del Sol in a karaoke night at the beach. In case you're wondering, it's a nosense 60'ish song

Mogs flying with their
Short wings...
Chocobos pecking the floor
Looking for a meal...

(Guitar solo goes here)

Looking for a sword
I find a spear
I'll put it by the grave
Of my lovely dear.

Now you know
She ain't dead yet
She lives still
I hope she'd croak
So I'd give her the flowers
I bought.

As the vampire runs
So the sun glows
But my sun
Keeps shining.

Let me tell you what I mean
I am nice 'cause I'm a scientist
I am far away from being mean
I am crazy but not evil.

Name's Hojo the crazy doc.
Call me Sephiroth's old man
I dumped him in a ship that was docked
When he was born.

After a while I went mad,
I mean angry not mentally ill.
Chased my teacher,
Kidnapped his wife
And experimented with his girl.

A while ago I ran away
That's why I'm at the beach
Wasting my time all day
Sun bathing with my coat on.

But did I mention
I gave a killer a new look
Plastic surgery I gave 'im
Made him a spook.

Not always have I been
This scared
My son's wanting to kill the world
So I ran away
To save my tail.

Boys, girls, study lots
Don't fight like Sephiroth
Be creators instead and make
Your own freaky freaks.

(music goes back to slow tune)

Mogs flying with their
Short wings...
Chocobos pecking the floor
Looking for a meal...

Author's note: Now what am I supposed to do for the next 95% time left???

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