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History of the Lefain/The story of Berrendar
by Scott Baird

The Lefain were the first of the worlds races, while the Humans, Elves and Dwarves were using stone tools and wearing furs the Lefain had metal weapons and were using powerful magics, the god Chaos created four creatures from the elements, Lich from earth, Kary from fire, Kraken from water and Tiamat from air, Chaos unleashed them upon the world and they went on a rampage, destroying all that was in there path.

In response to this Odin reached into the future and gave the secrets of technology to the Lefain, soon the Lefain were building great machines and used their magicís to power it.

Soon the Lefain were strong and they rose to fight the fiends, each battle was a close call, the fiends were normally driven off but at the cost of many lives, then the Lefains created their greatest machine yet, a castle that was equipped with technology that allowed it to fly, soon they manned the machine with powerful weapons and advanced defences, the Lefains took flight and fought the fiends all at once in a great battle.

The fiends lost to the mighty weapons and were driven off, but they soon created creatures of there own to fight alongside them, a great war began, even the humans, elves and dwarves fought against the creatures which earned them the Lefains respect and a few moved among them to teach them of Odin and magic.

After many years the Lefain had cornered the fiends and moved in to finish them off, but when they attacked they found that they had simply disappeared.

The four mightiest Lefain warriors (called the Sky Warriors) chased a down a human who had apparently sent the fiends into the future, they asked that no one follow them, nothing was heard of the Sky warriors or this human ever again, but true to their word the Lefains did not search.

The Lefain from human lands returned and left the lesser races to themselves, they returned to the Sky castle and years later they had become a peaceful people, Odin approached them and took the most deadly of secrets from the Lefain and bade them to learn the secrets of science and Magic themselves and that is where the story begins.

The story of Berrendar


From the past the four fiends had arrived, Lich used his great magic to foresee the world, the Lefain, their ancient enemy had become peaceful and the humans, elves and dwarves were still developing as races, the fiends were pleased by this and soon they left to begin the end.

Lich moved deep inside the earth and using his powers he corrupted the soil, then using his magic he corrupted the minds of kings, from him the crown war begun and as the blood of the dead seeped into the earth he only laughed.

Kary moved into a volcano and began creating creatures like she had done in the war against the Lefain, she soon sent them down the volcano and they began raiding human lands, then she created her greatest creature, a Red dragon, as this tore across the land she too began to dream of power.

Kraken took to the oceans and he found the dormant race of the Sahaugin, he used his power to cause them to rise against the creatures of the surface, he drove the creatures of the sea into a frenzy, then he captured the only good sea race, the mermaids, he established a kingdom under the waves and he grew content.

But the last, the five headed dragon, Tiamat had another agenda, in the war against the Lefain she had suffered the most, the advanced weapons and powerful magicís struck her and her creatures the most because they were reliant on flight to be able to battle, more than once she had suffered great wounds at the hands of the Lefains, she took flight with a single thought in her mind, to lay siege to the sky castle.

Part 1 = Surprise attack Kinsdar, the leader of the Lefain was concerned, he sat in his chair in the great hall of Odin, a large golden statue of Odin standing behind him, he had been elected as the leader of the Lefain people few years hence, yet he felt little satisfaction, there was little that needed to be resolved in his society.

Since the war against the fiends the Lefain had dedicated their lives to science, they had learnt many secrets of life but didnít have the technology they once had, magic had become strong but the greatest secrets had died with the Sky Warriors.

The only real concern of the Lefain was if the lesser races (the name for the humans, elves and dwarves) ever got their hands on technology or magic that they were not allowed, then more wars could begin.

Then there was Berrendar, a man who had studied warfare and magic yet he was trying to do something unprecedented, he wanted to open contact with the lesser races and start a peaceful union of the four races. Kinsdar thought this absurd, all the lesser races had done since the Lefain had left was wage war against each other with whatever primitive technology offered them, he still remembered the commotion that started when one of the races created a catapult big enough to throw boulders.

Later that day there was going to be a debate in the halls of knowledge, he and the people who supported him against Berrendar and those that supported him.

He did not look forward to facing Berrendar in debate, it was rumoured that he was of some forgotten noble blood line and he had enough power and knowledge to match any of the great Lefain heroes.

But Kinsdar knew that the people would support him, more battles were everyoneís greatest fear, but he was going to make sure that a war would never come to pass.

That day in the halls of knowledge most of the cities leading scientists and mages came and sat in the great auditorium, the auditorium could have easily held a hundred and there was a great central platform were the debaters would talk (there voices enhanced with magic),the place was filled to capacity and the debate began.

Berrendar was truly a magnificent sight, he wore a suit of armour made from an enhanced version of Metal called Mithral, it had been enhanced with magic and was strong enough to deflect an ogres club, at his side he wore a sword which was also made of Mithral and enhanced with magic, but it also held a powerful electric charger which could shock enemies with each blow with no harm to the wielder. Like all Lefain he was tall and thin and had purple hair, yet unlike most of his species that also had purple eyes, he had blue eyes.

Kinsdar expecting him to do this also dressed in his finest clothes, a long silver robe with gold runes that moved around of there own will (magic), he also wore his symbol of office, the chain of Odin, it was a gold chain that was worn around the neck, it also held a glowing white orb on the front, this was said (as legend dictates) a tear shed by Odin when he saw the war of the fiends.

Both men turned to face each other, the debate was about to begin, as the leader of the Lefain Kinsdar had the right to begin.

''Friends, scientists, mages and priests, today we have come because of an issue raised by the warrior Berrendar, he wants the Lefain people to forge an alliance with the lesser races.''

The people who supported Kinsdar started booing at this point.

Kinsdar continued ''This issue concerns the Lefain as a people, that is why we both agreed upon a public debate, I open the floor to Berrendar, to allow him to explain his unthinkable idea.''

Berrendar spoke up ''Since the war against the fiends we have mearly watched the humans, the elves and the dwarves, to them we are nothing more than legend, but I believe that an alliance between the four races would be to everyoneís benefit.''

Kinsdar spoke up ''Oh really, how would an alliance of the races benefit us, if we gave the lesser races technology and magic then what would stop them from using them on us.''

Berrendar said in response ''The humans know more about the creatures of the fiends than we could ever learn in the Sky castle, we could learn how to fight them, the elves know more about nature than we do because they are closer to it, they have even began to create new forms of magic and the dwarves have started great leaps in technology, if we gave them the means then we could regain what we lost, the technology that we were deemed that we didnít need, but its only a matter of time before the creatures of the fiends rise up, they have grown smarter in the years since we left, they have legends also, they may want war against us.''

Kinsdar then replied ''That is preposterous, how can anything attack us from up here.''

''MASTER KINSDAR!'' all could hear a shout from the doors of the auditorium.

Everyone turned and saw the lead scientist, Marason.

She seemed out of breath, one of the mages in the auditorium used a spell of voice enhancing on her, she then said something that none there would ever forget.

''There is something approaching, it looks like Tiamat, the fiend of air.''

Everyone was in a state of shock, then Kinsdar and Berrendar left the platform and both demanded to be shown.

She led them to the main control room where the defences and weapons of the sky castle were kept.

She pointed at a screen on the wall.

The three could clearly see on the screen, a five headed dragon flying in the direction of the castle.

Kinsdar said ''How has this happened, have the fiends returned.Ē

Berrendar said ''We have to prepare the defences and start an evacuation, we wont be able to fight this thing now, we donít have the technology, the best we can do is prepare and try and stall her, we will have to return at a another point and fight.''

Kinsdar only nodded; soon scientists were running around him as they tried to activate the weapons that had not been used in hundreds of years.

Tiamat grinned, she literally drooled at the thought of the extinction of the race that had done so much damage to her and her siblings (for the fiends considered themselves family) she was soon close enough to see the castle, she used her powers to enhance her speed and she closed in.

There was chaos in the control room, Tiamat had picked up speed and would be on them within 5 minutes.

Berrendar entered the room and said to Kinsdar ''How is the defence going.''

Kinsdar said ''These fools donít know how to operate anything, she will soon be here, how goes the evacuation.''

Berrendar face grew sad '' We may not have enough time to get everyone on, we will need an hour at least.''

Kinsdar face grew dark ''I will see what I can do, if Tiamat gets inside the castle then take the ones already on the evacuation ships and take them to land.''

Berrendar turned to him and said ''Sir. I think you should take them, I know of warfare and you know of leadership, the people will need a leader in the strange lands, I made a document telling all I know, i left it on the lead transport for you, now go, this is my job.''

Kinsdar agreed with the logic ''You are a brave man Berrendar, I will make sure you are recorded in the annals of history, you will be on par with the sky warriors themselves, good luck.''

The two men shook hands and Kinsdar left, he left Berrendar to his fate.

Tiamat was nearer now she prepared her breath attack, she was aiming for the control room.

Berrendar stood observing the scanner, when suddenly a scientist shouted '' I think I have found something.''

All turned to face him, he started pushing buttons on a desk, soon a target appeared on the scanner, it was aiming at Tiamat.

Berrendar said ''well, what does it do.''

''Bear with me'' the scientist started tapping buttons franticly.

Then a loud noise, the sound of hundreds of years of technology, kept in a barely usable condition by magic, moving into position.

Suddenly on the screen a great beam of light appeared, it was flying at Tiamat.

Tiamat released its five beams, fire, ice, lightning, acid and pure energy, as she released it she was struck by the laser. It cut a hole in her left wing, she screamed in pain.

The five beams struck the control room, Berrendar ran for the next room, the scientists were still tapping buttons when the beams destroyed most of the control room, but there last act was not in vain.

From a hole in the sky castle ten missiles flew, Tiamat remembered these, she flew towards them, she knew how to defeat them.

Berrendar had barely made it into the next room, the doors shut behind him, he kept running and made it far enough so that he survived the explosion; he kept running, he had to make it to the evac area, he had to warn them.

Part 2 = Hopeless retaliation

Tiamat waited until the missiles were close enough then she used her powers of wind control, she created an implosion of air that dragged the missiles together...they clashed into each other and exploded.

Tiamat only smiled, she sped towards the castle, her revenge was at hand.

Berrendar made it to the evac area, he saw that a few ships had already gone, the people were escaping in flying vessels that would take them to the lands of the lesser races.

Kinsdar vessel had already gone he noticed, at least the people would have a leader he thought, he then raised his voice and shouted.

''We need to hurry this up, women and children first, i need mages and people who now how to operate the machines, we need to stall Tiamat.''

Many of the older mages stepped forward, soon he had a large force; Berrendar drew his sword and shouted.

''Gather the weapons our ancestors called 'gunsí, mages prepare your greatest spells, today we will show our ancestors how fiend killing is done''

He didnít believe his own words, but he needed these people, he needed soldiers.

Tiamat once again drew her breath, she used them and her magic to cut open the walls leading from the control room, she flew into the remains of the control room, she slowly created her own path through the Sky castle.

They group led by Berrendar hid in the hall of knowledge, she would have to come this way to get to the evacuees, they could hear her from were they were, Berrendar prepared his greatest spell, he hid behind the platform of speakers and waited.

Then she came into the room, one of the Lefain peeked out and saw Tiamat in her full glory, a five headed dragon with skin the same colour as the night, her wings nearly touched the ceiling, she had eyes that were red like fire, she scanned the room, as of yet she had not encountered a single Lefain, yet she knew she must be getting close.

Berrendar quickly stepped from behind the platform and quickly chanted the words to his spell.

''Cold on an atomic level....ICE3.''

From his hands shot large spikes made of ice, they flew towards Tiamat and crashed into her thick scales.

She shrugged the cold from her body and prepared to blast the impudent Lefain into the next life.

Suddenly Fire, Ice and Lightning crashed into her from all angles, she drew her wings around her but she was still hurt, she drew her breath again.

She opened her wings and shot five different beams from her mouth.

The Lefain were blown away, most of them were disintegrated by the sheer power of the attack, the survivors drew the weapons they had and pulled the trigger, bullets were fling at Tiamat yet these were not enough, she called upon her unholy and powerful magic.

''Xeno magic, death wave.''

A black cloud flowed from her and any who stood within the cloud wars soon dead.

She continued her attack until only one was left standing, Berrendar who drew his blade and leapt forward, determined to die a warriors death.

Tiamat spun and struck him with her tail when he got close enough, he went flying into the wall and he fell to the floor, no one could have survived that sort of attack.

Tiamat made sure no one else was there, then she carried on her rampage.

Berrendar lay on the floor, he could feel his sword healing him, one of its lesser abilities, it belonged to his ancestor, one of the Sky Warriors.

He felt ashamed, his ancestor could have defeated Tiamat, why could he not.

''Because you where not raised in time of war.''

Berrendar looked up and saw a hazy indistinct image, he looked closer and saw a Lefains face that strongly resembled him.

''I am your ancestor Berrendar, now keep quiet, our power is draining, we the Sky warriors are contacting you, we have been captured but there is a more important matter at hand.''

Berrendar could here the mans voice in his head, he knew enough to trust it.

ĎĎI and the others understood power and weapons, you think yourself a warrior yet that was your first battle, arrogance had claimed you, but that is of no concern.''

''You have to go into the lowest reaches of the castle, there is a door that requires a password to be typed in on the scanner next to it, do you know of such a room.''


''Good the password is WARMECH, it leads to the ultimate weapon of the Lefain, the weapon said to be able to defeat all of the fiends together, it is called Warmech.''

''Activate it, there are instructions in the room, you and Warmech must face Tiamat.''

''If at any point that you go to the land of the humans you will be approached by a women wearing black robes bearing four orbs, the vision we have of the future is sketchy but you must follow this womenís directions.''

''The fate of the Lefain lays on your shoulders Berrendar, times of war are coming again and you will be needed.''

The image started to fade, it said ''do your ancestor proud child and cut of that dammed dragons tail, it got me with that once as well.''

The image faded and Berrendar was shocked at what he saw.

In a place called the Temple of fiends four bats retreated to the safety of the top of the room they were in, the use of power had severely drained them, t they had succeeded in saving the Lefain they believed.

Berrendar was healed by his sword, he picked up one of the 'guns' to keep in his off hand and he ran to the teleported that would take him to the lower levels.

Part 3 = Warmech and the Hunt

Tiamat had killed anyone who had got in her path, she was drawing close to the evacuation area, more Lefain with guns awaited but she relied on her strength to cut through there ranks, she finally came to a large set of metal doors which had the word 'evacuation' written in the Lefain language, she tore them open with her claws and moved inside.

The last transport was preparing to leave, she realised what the Lefain where doing she roared in anger, she would have to hunt the others down later, but now she turned her attention to the last transport that was leaving, she drew in her breath and as it sped towards the tunnel that would lead to safety she fired.

Berrendar moved through the lower levels, he spent nearly half a day but he finally found it, the sealed chamber thatís contents were unknown, the doors were immune to the Lefains best weapons and it was completely airtight, Berrendar moved towards the scanner and typed in the word WARMECH.

The doors made a hissing sound as air entered it for the first time in over a thousand years, a light flickered on and for the first time he saw it, it looked like a suit of armour at first, but he realised the legs were too small, it had 2 unusual pillars sticking out from the left and right side, it held a glass visor on the front and beneath it Berrendar could see complex machinery, the likes of which he had never seen before.

In the room there was another scanner, he moved towards it and it flickered on of its own accord, on the screen he could see a young Lefain, one who held a hammer in his hands, a voice appeared from an unseen speaker in the room.

''Greetings, I am Professor Zagyg, if you are watching this then that means that the fiends have come back, I created this for the final battle against the fiends, but they have gone now so a weapon of this power is not needed, Odin allowed us to keep this on the off chance of the fiends return, it is automatically set up to hunt the fiends, all you have to do is press the button on the bottom of the main body, it will do the rest, this is Zagyg...signing out.''

Berrendar pressed the button on the bottom and lights appeared in the glass visor, a digital voice came from inside the machine.


''Um yes'' was all Berrendar could say.


Berrendar could only curse Tiamat impudence as he climbed upon Warmech back, he only hoped that Warmech was up to the job.

Tiamat had returned from her hunt, she had managed to get most of the transports but a few had escaped, ''no matter'' she thought ''I will find them when I and my brethren sift through the ashes of this world''

She tore open the doors to the hall of Odin and she threw the chair of office into the statue of Odin, when it didnít crack she tore it to pieces in anger.

She then sat in the middle of the room and used her healing magicís to restore the scales she lost and the tear in her wings, then she rested, she had her revenge.

Warmech and Berrendar moved swiftly through the ruins of the city. Berrendar could only turn his head when they went past the body of Lefain who fought to help get the Transports out.

''I will bury you all with honours, you will all be heroes in the annals of the Lefain, i just hope I can be as brave when I die.''


''Thank you Warmech'' Berrendar said to the cold uncaring machine, he drew upon the magic he had left and held his sword tightly in his hand, he had been preparing for this.

Part 4 = the Battle

Tiamat awoke from her slumber, she could hear something approaching ''more Lefain '' she thought, she prepared a lightning spell to cut through them as they entered.

Down the corridor she could see a shape approaching a metallic glint coming from it, there was something on top of it, then she could hear chanting.

''My enemyís obliteration Lightning 3.''

Tiamat could see the bolts of lightning flying at her, she countered with her own spell.

''Chaos blade cut, Electric hatred.''

The two mighty spells clashed and exploded, Warmech rode past into the great hall and Berrendar leapt off and drew his blade, he prepared to charge.

Tiamat laughed ''So a Lefain with a shiny sword and a toy are going to fight, standards have dropped since i last fought your people, your evacuation failed, most of the Lefain are dead, i wouldnít be surprised if youíre the last one.''

Berrendar was consumed with anger, he had to avenge his people, suddenly Warmech moved in front of him.


Warmech turned to face Tiamat, Tiamat said ''Go ahead, do your best toy, I was hit with the best Lefain artillery, what can you do.''

Warmech only clicked in response as two small cannons detached from under the visor, the two pillars on its sides turned to face Tiamat.


The pillars on Warmech sides burst open and a volley of missiles shot and slammed into Tiamat hide, most of the scales were tore off in the first attack, the flesh underneath blackened, Tiamat, unprepared for the attack fell backwards and with a speed unbelievable for something of its size Warmech moved like a bolt of lightning around Tiamat, it was strafing her, not allowing her to regain the concentration to use a breath attack.

Berrendar only stared in fascination, the fiend of air, Tiamat....the one who had nearly massacred the Lefain race in the space of a day was losing badly to a single robot.

Berrendar regained his senses and drew his blade, he moved in for the kill.

Tiamat was in an unbelievable amount of pain, she had most of her scales torn off and one of her wings had been nearly decimated and the thing didnít show any signs of giving up.

She finally drew her breath and got a clear shot, she blasted Warmech at point blank straight in the face.

Warmech didnít slow down, didnít even show any sign that it had been hit.

Berrendar snuck behind her and severed her tail using all her strength, the scales of her back were still in good enough conditions so that his blade could not kill her.

Tiamat screamed in pain as the tail was severed, she called upon her strongest magicís, fire, ice and lightning were not hurting Warmech, she prepared another volley of breaths, she was going to try and slow it down enough so she could escape, Berrendar sword ran the lightning head through the neck, the swords electricity shocking Tiamat body, Warmech continued its attack.

Tiamat grabbed Warmech with her talons and threw it out of the room ,as it recovered she blasted a hole in the wall and moved through, Berrendar giving chase, she fell against the wall and tried to heal herself, but Berrendar blinded with rage carried on his attack.

Tiamat tore his armour to shreds with her first attack, Berrendar didnít care, they could both hear Warmech coming down the corridor towards them, he thrust his sword into Tiamat side and activated its full power, Tiamat screamed in pain and she picked Berrendar up and prepared to bite his head off with the fire head.

Warmech sped into the room and shot a volley of missiles that killed the fire head.

The pure energy head turned and blasted Warmech, it suddenly stopped and started to shake, the speakers on Warmech suddenly burst with static, then it started to shout things.


Tiamat dropped Berrendar and charged past Warmech while it was trying to fix itself, Berrendar could only watch as Tiamat, bleeding and wounded ran from Warmech.

Warmech then shot a volley of missiles at Berrendar, Berrendar barely ducked as the missiles created a hole in the side of the Sky castle, Berrendar held his sword as a crutch...if Warmech was turning on him he had no hope.

Warmech shot a plasma bolt at Berrendar; Berrendar went flying out of the hole and went soaring towards the water at the bottom.

Warmech turned and carried on its hunt for Tiamat.

Tiamat had sealed herself into a room, she used the power of her magic to completely seal herself off, the only way into the room was past a thin bridge, she used what remained of her power to fly her over...but she knew Warmech couldnít get across it.

She was mortally wounded, her healing power would let her live but it would be a long time before she could restore her scales, resurrect the two dead heads and regenerate the tail, but she smiled, the Lefain had been nearly obliterated and she had a new guardian, she smiled as she thought of the people who would try and kill her and instead meet Warmech, she fell into unconsciousness.

Warmech prowled the castle, when the idea that Warmech would not be used had been said, Zagyg decided in his hatred to program it to kill everyone after a short time, he couldnít let his creation go to waste.

Berrendar sword allowed him to survive the fall, its power was nearly gone though, Berrendar body had been broken by plasma blasts, his sword was nearly drained from the pressure of healing its master, Berrendar floated on the water and his body nearly died.


Kinsdar and the other surviving Lefain were in despair, most of the other transports had been destroyed, they were stuck on an island which was miles away from anywhere and they had lost Sky Castle to there ancient enemy.

Kinsdar moved among his people, he finally stood in the centre and said in a clear voice ''My friends, today has been the worst day in our history, but we must be strong, we must prepare shelter and prepare our defences, Tiamat could return at any time to finish us off, but we must not let that happen.''

''Tonight we will build shelters, we need to rest and to grieve, tomorrow we must build our new home.''

A small boy and his father were fishing on the coast near the human city of Pravoka, when the boy shouted ''Daddy daddy look, theres a man on the beach.''

The man saw a body and dragged it further inland, he felt a pulse and shouted ''Go son, get your mother and your brothers, he is alive.''

He turned to the body and looked at it, it was a strange sight, it was a tall thin man with purple hair, who held a sword tightly in his hand, he was muttering words like ''Warmech'' and ''Tiamat.''

The man picked up the body, he had to get him to his house before the strange man died of cold.

''Donít worry'' he said to the body ''Me and my family will take care of you.''

The man saw his wife and three children running towards him, he was unaware he held a creature in his arms that his kind had not seen in hundreds of years.

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