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Adventures of Mabatsekker & Kat-Chi Sareas - Medieval Part 2
by Mabatsekker

Maba pulled a long breath of air into his lungs and turned his head to the person barging in like she owned the place. Zoliphian, the spoiled tomboy of a Mayors Daughter. Maba had heard that she might've been an adopted child, but he never did heed to it as she was such an annoying person anyway. To her, status was the only thing that mattered, which was more than enough to hold her off from Maba's close friend list. Then again, Zoliphian tried to approach Maba due to his position as a Castle Garrison Officer, and some thru his connections to the church with Kat. Maba couldn't care less about her flirting and all, since all of his friends were "peasants" in Zoliphians eyes.

"Ahem", Zoliphian coughed in an attention-craving way. "If you might let your little kitty go for just a second, you could take the medicine delivery from the Merchants Guild that we brought here. It's outside, you know." She continued, and glanced a bored look at Kat who was still lying still unconscious.

"Why didn't you bring it IN then?" Maba asked in a very sarcasm-dripping voice as he was getting up from his knees. "Menial labour isn't for someone who was charged of delivering a message to you, *SIR* Mabatsekker the gravelshoveler!" Zoliphian countered, referring to his current job. Maba muttered a few words of minor curses and stepped outside to pick the wooden package from the carriage and steps inside with the box. He proceeded walking carefully to the doctors office with it. The doctor pointed him the location where to store the boxes, and asked him if there was anything in particular about Miss Zoliphian. Maba snorted and gave him the most straightforward answer he could muster within a second: "She's a complete pain in the ass. No respect for anyone unless the person's boots need to be licked."

The doctor adjusted his glasses like he was used to hearing things like this and waited for a bit until he went on "You know, she's of the same race as miss Sareas there in the bed, Mr Dermin. She may not look like one, but in fact, Zoliphians feline genes have dwindled away much the same way as Half-Elves have their way. She hides her ears away under her hair, but she still has small fangs and those facial markings, Mr.Dermin."

Maba's eyes widened. "You mean- Those markings on her face aren't something she mimiced from Kat as something fashionable? And her ears have always been covered by her ridiculously long hair... How do you know this, doctor?" The doctor sat down and scribbled a note. "I'm afraid that'd be going to her own private business. I'm still a doctor, remember? I'd suggest you'd bring the topic up with her yourself." Maba stared at the roof and replied coldly: "Easier said than done... What about Kat's condition? I was going to propose her on her Birthday, but everything's in a mess now!" The doctor flipped thru some memos and then said: "Propose her? Aren't you a bit young? As for her condition, she should be waking up in these days. Just calm down and try to stay near her, okay?"

Maba was about to leave when the door flew wide open. "Well, are we done here? I still have my message to deliver!" Zoliphian literally roared as she walked inside. "Almost done unless you tried to keep me here by crushing my nose" Maba replied with his usual no-care, maximum sarcasm attidude towards Zoliphian.

"A-hem! The message is as follows: Requesting the aid of Dermin Mabatsekker and Sareas Kat-Chi to aid in a caravan to Naltis Towers from here where we are now, Galadriel Highchurch. Your job includes protecting the caravan and it's passengers from Raiders and other hostile intents. The job starts the next week (from this day on) and the payment would be 250 gold pieces each to a total of 500 gold", Zoliphian concluded, but continued: "If she's not gonna get up soon, *YOU and ME* are going to go there regardless. I overheard your little proposal idea, and I think you shouldn't propose to someone so helpless before some puny goblins.." She would have raved on, but Maba dropped the ring meant to Kat to the ground as he was adjusting his necklace where the ring was slipped to. "Whoops!" Maba then went to pick the ring up from the root of Zoliphians foot, but his face was met by her shoelace. Maba swore under his breath in Common, Elvish and in pretty much any other language he knew. "What is this? A family heirloom perhaps?" Zoliphian queried as she examined the ring. Maba grabbed the ring from her hands and replied with a "None of your damn business!".

Zoliphian giggled a bit and left. On her way she still informed Maba: "Remember to apply by the merchants guild by tomorrow, or it's no job for either of you lovers!" Maba kept his cool until she left, and walked to Kat's bunk bed, and wiped some sweat off her forehead, and then he took Kat's hands to his own and held them. "Please... Kat, give me strenght..." He was getting tired fast, and fell to sleep on his knees, with is head on her lap...

...To be continued...

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