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Adventures of Mabatsekker and Kat-Chi: Part 5
by Mabatsekker

"... and Memories in the secret place"

Kat was having the time of her life in the cathedral kindergarten; giving piggyback rides times infinitum, telling stories to the extent of having her throat go sore and skipping ropes seemingly endlessly wasn't exactly the thing you'd consider enjoyable, but she enjoyed this kind of thing. Maybe because of her ability to adjust to the atmosphere around her, or just being "able" with children? Nah, this just made her feel more alive; Children were what she used to be and just remembering those wonderful summernights in the city clocktower with Mabat were among the most cherished of her memories.. along with laughing to Zoliphian and Gar as they tried the same with the city watertower in their attempt to scaling higher than Mabat and his girlfriend. The watertower fell down, nearly washing away half of the city market stalls and making Zol and Gar very, very wet! Just by imagining the looks of Zol on her face that night made Kat smile.

After visiting the children, Kat went to see the elders and offer her blessings to the difficultly injured in the sickrooms, who were delighted to see her well and going; as if she was the very spirit inside them that made them go on! (or just the fact that if she, the gentle healer, defender of the wounded and helpless - survived, sure as heck can a bunch of rugged guardsmen get themselved better in no time!) "Blessed be! You're well, Sareon!" went an elderly, yet familiar voice behind Kat; The most wise and knowable magician - to Kat anyway - Tenchimar of the Draconis line was there to greet her. Despite what you might've thought, Kat leaped over ten feet into the shoulders of the wiseman with a look of delight in her face: "Unca Tench seems well, no?" she asked with a smirk.

The magician replied with an eased tone: "No way in the nine hells I would let a goblin scratch me, my dear girl!" he laughed and then turned his voice to a much more serious tone: "What about you, my dear, are you well? How much longer must you wait to return to your duties?" Kat thought a bit and placed her right indexfinger to her right temple and then replied in a matter-of-fact type of tone: "Actually, I'm free to go. Mabatsekker's gotten us a job already. He said it regarded a caravan with Zoliphian..." she was about to continue, but Draconis continued: "..and Gar Kent. You're about to go to Naltis towers on a caravan with a possible third party of adventurers which has a certain person whom you must escort there safely, namely a special young girl here. You'll meet Nathalie later today, as she's having her final magic exams at the moment.. oh?" Kat was stunned. The old man proved to be more informed than her at the moment - perhaps the person he was tutoring - Mabat, had informed him of the mission?

Before she could reply, she heard a very familiar chime.. and a small 'poof' above her. Nostalgia flowed inside her, and she could see a small girl in the corner of the room by herself, weeping in sorrow to react to that chime as well. Draconis also noted the sound, but gave it no further thought and muttered something about "cantrip mishaps" towards the window. Kat (and the girl) started walking out of the magician's room, and towards the attic entrance; (Which was restricted area to the kindergarten children otherwise) but the little girl paid no heed as she walked up into the attic, followed by Kat-Chi who had a blank expression on her face as her memory guided her up the stairs.. Right to a scene of a miscast spell gone not so seriously haywire with a boy - and a mam lying on the ground. The girl... and Kat ran to their respective aged male persons and asked them if they were alright.. both got answered: "Is this like it is in heaven? If I trule am there, then I'm seeing an angel right here in front of my face!" the younger couple disappeared from Kat's imagination as she was embraced, and then kissed to the cheek, and then, to her ear, was whispered in a voice most charming: "Happy birthday - and anniversary, dear.."

The embrace was broken by Kat herself and then the previous whisperer found himself being pressed towards the wooden floor with his arms held fast by Kat. She talked to this mystery mans' ears with an easy tone.. "Serious illusionary offense, attempted huggling and generally being a sweetheart, I'll have to sentence you to having the same treatment", before the mystery man could respond, he found his lips with synch with Kat's and with them embracing eachother. As the kiss was broken off, the man heard her voice going normal, yet in a whisper: "Happy anniversary indeed, Mabat, happy dearest anniversary.. I wonder how long you planned this?" she asked. Mabat smiled and produced a small box into his left hand. "Long enough.. for you to ponder this;" he started, as he opened the box: "will you accept this engagement proposal of this lowly and humble boy?" he continued with puppy eyes. Kat's eyes were forced open; her heart went overdrive and sweat dropped from her forehead - until she went cool, swallowed and then looked Mabatsekker right in the eyes, which were his weak spot; Mabat couldn't resist this time, as he found their eyes locked as if their gazes were combatting for supremacy, a battle of the titans...

Chapter 6

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