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Adventures of Mabatsekker and Kat-Chi: The Characters

Notes: Since the story was originally a D&D-campaign wannabe, the characters have classes and the general fantasy-orientations will surface


Gender: M
Age: 19
Race: Human
Profession: Town guardcaptain
Class: 2nd Fighter, 1st Mage
Preferred weapon: Short Sword

"Mabatsekker has spent his years in the Galadriel Cathedral City, ever since the Dermin family estate was destroyed before he even was born.The estate was overrun by a necromancer's undead legion, and various sources still tell that the same Necromancer is still alive, controlling the area. Mabatsekker decided, ever since the last of his relatives who were spared from the massacre by the undead, that he would take the lands under the flag of his family once more. To do so, he has dedicated his life to train for the ultimate showdown with the necromancer, albeit secretly. When asked of his close company, he mentions Kat-Chi, various people at the church, old Tenchimar, and of course, Zoliphian and Gar. When he was five years old, a slave carriage, common sight during times of war, happened to offer what they had for the people Galadriel. Since the freedom-endorsing people of Galadriel were still poor from the war, they could only afford to save the children. Two of these children were Kat-Chi and Zoliphian, apparently children from a catwarrior tribe. Mabatsekker brought hope for these two by becoming friends with them, and another child in the church orphanage, Gar, who was another victim of war; a half-elf. The four have been having various types of activities ever since they were, indeed, as tall as firehydrants. Mabatsekker is the would-be leader, always challenged by Zoliphian, who on the other hand, manages to get them all in trouble. Engaged with Kat"


Gender: F
Age: 17
Race: Catgirl
Profession: Clergy Aide
Class: 2nd Cleric
Preferred Weapon: Mace. Make it a big one.

"Kat-Chi does not wish to remember anything of her past, until we come to Galadriel for the first time when she was 3 years old. She was brought there by slavers and was bought free by the Galadriel church. Having no parents, or relatives, she was mute until befriended by Mabatsekker, who later became her would-be fiance. They lived like a brother and a sister, always followed by Zoliphian whenever she snuck to wherever they played. She dramatically changed during these years, eventually showing enough affection with Mabat that they came to be called a happy family ever since they were in school. Loves children, legends and reading, and cares for many, be friend or foe. Would love to become a doctor after she settles down. In the group, she's the one full of ideas. Oft calm and harmless as a butterfly, but even Gar runs (albeit silently) away after she gets mad: She wields a mace (*HEAVY*) like a demon once angered. Just ask the old oak behind the guardsmen training center- if it were still alive from a simple.. tantrum. Calms down quickly and is certain to apologize. Engaged with Maba"


Gender: F
Age: 19
Race: Uhhh...?
Profession: Diplomat
Class: 1st Thief, 2nd Sorcerer
Preferred Weapon: Knives. Lots of them.

"Zoliphian came to Galadriel like Kat-Chi: thru a slaver's carriage. She bore many scars, and most likely was a produce of a Dark Elf fighting pit breed. Possesses a catwarrior tribe's ears and birthmarks, yet a dark skin. Even when you have the scars from the past, one cannot but wonder how she looks so beautiful, yet so evil and arrogant at the same time. She was adopted by the Mayor of Galadriel, and got schooled into a (scarily effective) diplomat, but the Elf blood gave her a surprising magical potential. She got to know Mabatsekker when he was still in the custody of the church, when she wondered why the young Maba even tried to make 'that poor wretch' stop crying and feel better, when he could've not and just minded his own business. She was shocked: "Because she is pretty, like you, and pretty girls aren't as pretty when they cry." All that she knew: how to survive, got crumbled from his words, and from that moment on, she just had to get Maba to find out his secret. Well, judging her personality, (cruel b****, as you'd most likely say) she never got far in that matter. Behaves when in higher company, but among the commoners, she acts like she owns the place. And that shows. She always gets into trouble at steady intervals, be it from spying Maba's dormitory if 'that dang Kat is there trying to steal him..' or messing the whole library when looking basic schematics and rituals for a charm spell. She just doesn't seem to get the idea that she's the third wheel. Her lackey, Gar is always one step above the others in what she treats people, but Zoliphian doesn't seem to get the idea Gar's smitten with her. (HOW!?)"

Gar Kent:

Gender: M
Age: 18
Race: Half-Elf
Profession: Bodyguard. *Zoliphian's* Bodyguard.
Class: 3rd Fighter
Preferred Weapon: Great Sword.. swinged with one hand..

"Gar is one big guy. Could probably wrestle with an Orc and still win. Heck, Maba has problems lifting his sword, let alone swinging it, while Gar could even use it to carve a spoon with his left arm. Has been in the Galadriel Cathedral orphanage from his beginnings, when an elven woman left the product of a war crime to the steps of the church. Branded bastard by the villagers, he homever, was a disciplined child without any force. Tall and always silent giant, always wandering in his own thoughts. Lifted his first longsword at the age of 7, and even then, with a single hand and no exertion. He is *strong*, yet probably knows more about modern philosophy than your average swashbuckler down the street. His left eye, homever, is covered with a patch, as it is blind. His good eye isn't ordinary either: Completely Black, save his white pupil. Became Zol's lackey after she got her ass kicked by local bullies who didn't like a darkskinned freak.. who got their asses kicked by Gar. Has slight problems opening his mouth whenever there are more than just one person around.. Seems completely mute when Zol is around. Would love to confess his crush to Zoliphian, but he is.. silent and shy. Pity, as Zoliphian continues embarassing herself as she tries to make Maba hers.."


Gender: F
Age: 10
Race: Half-Dark Elf
Profession: -
Class: Żlevel sorceress
Preferred Weapon: Walking stick

"Many have tried to relieve her of her life, just because fate dealt her some awfuls cards.. and parents. She cannot see in daylight, thus wearing a fold. Sun makes her shiver, and suffering ensues. To further her misery, she was originally created as a sacrifice.. the ultimate sacrifice to enable the numerous clans of dark elves under the earth to come and see in daylight and cause yet more suffering and murder. Thanks to a slave riot in a dark elf city, she was freed from those who would kill her when she was five years old. By the great council of wisemen, whom she was brought to, they decided to place her to Galadriel, where they could research for a way for her to see, and to remove the curse which would allow pure dark elves to see in sunlight. She is entirely cold, and stays alone. In the vicinity of Mabatsekker, she stays constantly attached to his foot, and sees him as her guardian angel of some sorts, while Kat and especially Zoliphian are her big sisters of some sort.. Gar, on the other hand, is often the big teddybear person who she clings to whenever she feels unsafe and Maba is not near. Whatever is going to happen to her when they get to Naltis towers, she knows will be good no matter what. She has to wear a blindfold all the time, or her eyes will suffer, even in moonlight. Luckily, she can see in pitch dark conditions, and has abnormal senses of hearing and smell. Then she can see things other cannot see, and what she sees is very little, as her darkvision has not fully developed yet. Time will tell if she can see the sun ever again."

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