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Character Bio for Maybe

Name: Ark Lancaster

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 144lbs

Hair: Light Brown

Eyes: Blue

Physical Appearance: Caucasian. Slim, average build. Non-descript.

History: Grew up in Queens, New York. Mother (Angelica) missing, presumed dead, eight months after son born. Father (Norman) tends to pursue wild business ventures, so Ark would often end up with relatives. Father sees son frequently, despite inability to provide a home for Ark. No legal issues with child services.

Was moved to seven different school districts in Queens due to irrational and uncooperative behavior over the space of seven years. Settled into Kingston School for Special Children (famous for turning problem children into acceptable citizens of society). Passed Grades K-13 with low marks, but excelled at Math and Physics. Was accepted into the NYCU of Higher Math (also with Science and Computer Technology facilities) upon graduation. Has attended for three years obtaining higher that average grades. Is in final year, then will intern across the country in the Diversity is Key program.

Psyche Profile: Ark is a truly unique individual. For all appearances, he is a slacker and a troublemaker, but that is because his majors at university pose no challenge for him. He is striving for a greater challenge, and gets it from causing trouble.

Most of the tricks he has played on others in high school have simply, to my understanding, been done because he is capable of doing them without being stopped. He finds no challenge in his activities, and seeks to fill his life with these challenges, challenges that are not being presented to him by the university. I personally believe that if presented with a government-level math problem, he will say, 'base two, ten, rounded, or in full form,' and he will be able to solve the problem in his head on the spot.

Some psychologists working on Ark's case believe that his misbehavior is caused by the memory of his mother, and her unexplained absence in his life. Hogwash. He would have sought out a parental figure a long time ago; instead, he is highly independent, seeking only static figures such as numbers and laws of nature. I believe that this is an attempt to control his environment. Ark may have been affected by his mother's absence, but not on an emotional level. He may see the world as one big math problem (if I may use that term in this context), seeking the equation that will keep his life under control. That way, he keeps his mind in an intellectual focus that detaches him from the world.

He is not entirely a drone. While his misdemeanors have slackened off considerably, he seems to adopt a roguish disposition when exposed to two certain individuals: Lee Stevens, a science major minoring in high math; and Jason Anderton, another math major minoring in several miscellaneous subjects. These two have their own psyche profiles, so I will not mention their information, but Ark's transformation between intellectual machine to high matinence troublemaker when around them is astounding. I have no idea what causes it, but I think it is for the best. Ark would be reduced to a computer with out them.

While I do not have enough information to put together an accurate psyche eval, I can say this for sure: Ark is a strong willed individual who is incredibly intelligent. He is capable of completing complex mathematical procedures in his head. This makes him a large and potentially very valuable asset to society. He is psychologically stable, and perfectly entitled to a job somewhere.

Dr. Sarah P. Whitharm

[Side note: There are two potentially very large elements of Ark's personality that can be dangerous to him. One is that we cannot know for sure what his reaction to failure will be. Since there have been no cases where he has failed at his major, we have no examples of what his behavior will be if (when?) it happens.

Secondly, aside from cases involving Stevens and Anderton, Ark shows no emotional response from most outward stimuli. For sure, he'll grin at a joke, and frown when confronted by a superior catching him in the act of committing a misdemeanor, but his reactions on a deeper emotional level seem limited. From all of the information I have obtained, Ark has not showed compassion for another person in any of the cases I have been informed about. On an upside, he also doesn't experience anger at a person for an act committed against him. But at the core of him, there is only information, not feelings like sorrow, hurt, joy, or love.

There is no indication that this will continue, but if Ark intends to lead a successful life, he must be able to relate to other human beings. There is no way he can live as a machine forever. It will impede his development as a person, as a whole.]

Name: Callista Caraway
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 126lbs
Hair: Dark Red
Eyes: Light Brown
Physical Appearance: Caucasian. Slender. Delicate. Beautiful, yet doesn't stand out in a crowd. History: Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Grew up with parents Randal and Lucia Caraway. Father is renowned general serving in United States Army, mother nurse. Both served overseas in various campaigns. Family remains close despite father stationed overseas. Mother works in Chicago Health Center.

Callista passed grades K-13 with full marks, graduate with honors. Valedictorian. Majors in Computer Science, minors in Math. Attends NYCU Computer Tech, takes required math courses (including Higher Math) and all Computer Programming classes. Is a very promising student, and has completed all courses at an advanced rate. Has been assigned extra classes, putting her in the same classes as students a year ahead of her. Psyche Profile: Callista is possibly the best student at the university I have interviewed to this date. She is clever, aces every single assignment and test passed her way, has incredible good looks, and even knows karate! She easily has the best psyche profile in the university, and will complete all of the computer tech and math courses a year ahead of everyone else.

Possibly her only flaws are a minor irritant, and a significant problem. First off, although she completes all her assignments with perfect marks, she also tends to require extensions on those assignments. This can probably be overlooked, but I'm sure that the professors at the university would rather her be able to speed up her work.

The second seems to me as a more major difficulty. Although she is capable of having many friends at the university, she tends to shun most of them. It is not as much as being aloof, as it is simply isolating herself. She prefers her own time, working by herself, and keeping things that way. This problem doesn't seem as bad as I try to make it, but in the long run it might eventually stall her intellectual growth. I've considered pairing her with Ark, but the more I thought about it, the more I became convinced that Lee and Jason were bad enough.

There really seems to be nothing in Callista's mind that would impede her growth intellectually, but there seems to be, and this is a stretch, an emotional block in her mind. It is almost worse than Ark's case due to the fact that through the three years she's been here, I haven't seen her socialize with anyone outside of her immediate family, or outside of a work-related environment. I don't know whether this is for lack of trying, but it seems strange that a girl with everything should be so individual, to the point where she doesn't socialize with others. I can only hope that, like Ark, this is not permanent.

Other than that key fault, Callista Caraway is a fine young woman who is capable of anything, and can easily take care of herself in the outside world.

Dr. Sarah P. Whitharm

Name: Lee Stevens
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 153lbs
Hair: Black, Dreadlocks
Eyes: Brown
Physical Appearance: African American. Jamaican dreadlocks. Lanky. Stands out. History: Was born in Las Vegas, Nevada in a 'less off' district. Parents Richie and Lana Stevens lived there with three children (Alex, 15; Alisha, 12; Lee) and various foster children. Father currently deceased.

Attended Northdale Primary and Secondary, an all black school for less well off families. Showed interest in Science, especially Chemistry related projects, and was transferred to the Donahue Boarding School (California) in Grade 8 to take advanced classes, and also to be exposed to newer scientific technology not available at Northdale. Parents approved. Scored high marks in all subjects and was admitted into NYCU Science Labs upon graduation. Psyche Profile: Lee Stevens is really much different from other students at the university than I have seen. Most of the university is cleanly divided into different intellectual study groups, purely for developing the mind. Lee, on the other hand, has taken to playing practical jokes such as booby trapping the girls dormitories. He has an extremely outgoing personality, and seems to thrive on attention (good or bad). This doesn't mean that he got into NYCU on bribe money. He is clearly capably of doing the material presented, but seems to enjoy being as trying as humanly possible while he does it.

Lee is a tester. He always tests the limits of everything. He organizes a black market of bootleg candy, soda, and sometimes even complete lunches. These items usually belong to the staff or school, so it isn't as harmless as I make it out to be. He also pulls pranks alongside Ark and Jason. It seems to me that education is simply providing new ways to disrupt the school.

Lee on his own is a wonderful student. He has many friends on campus, is very helpful, and even volunteers to do extra work for the professors. Lee seems to lose some of his spunk when on his own, which is just fine. He is the perfect example of a good student. He is helpful, nice, and does many productive things on campus.

But turned loose...

Forgive me, I am beginning to speak theatrical. But I was trying to make a point. Lee Stevens when granted free time will turn the campus into half minefield, half black market smuggling ring. He has a talent for disruption, and uses it frequently out of class. His main two goals seem to be pass his classes, and use skills in economics that he learned who knows where. He uses his outgoing talkativeness to earn money to pay his bills, and for other things.

Yet with all of this going on on the side, Lee falls into the role of model student very easily. He has no drug violations, doesn't involve himself in...unsavory...practices, and hasn't even consumed liquor. Lee, for all appearances, is just a little kid trying to succeed in the real world, protected from beer, drugs, and gangs.

Overall, Lee Stevens probably has the best psyche eval on campus. He is outgoing, makes friends easily, and is very smart. He is the model for which all students at the campus should strive to become (minus the smuggling rings and stink bombs). He has great potential, and when he has matured into a fully grown adult, he will be an unstoppable mind in the world.

Dr. Sarah P. Whitharm

Name: Jason Anderton
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 215lbs
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Physical Appearance: Caucasion. Slightly overweight. Bulky. Freckles and designer glasses. History: Born in Huston, Texas. Father (Doug) was engineer at NASA, mother (Natalye) unemployed, takes care of child. Father was high level engineer, cleared for most civilian and military areas of NASA. Died in explosion while testing oxygen tanks for the space shuttle. Suspicious circumstances. Mother alive at the time of this writing, living in Detroit taking care of her own mother when son moved to New York.

Was home schooled by father, following standard primary school curriculum, then was enrolled into the NASA Center for Learning, a school funded by NASA to teach advanced science-oriented classes. Exceled at all subjects and moved to New York to recieve advanced science courses at NYCU Science Labs, along with several courses in Computer Programming at the Computer Tech labs, and several medical knowledge courses at New York City's Northside College. Intended to evenly distribute his courses between NYCU and Northside, but was strongly recommended to take several math classes beyond the nessesary ones for his computer programming classes. He now is taking the full NYCU curriculum as well as his courses at Northside. Is taking classes one year level below others of his age at NYCU, due to his attendance at Northside. Psyche Profile: Jason can probably be put in a little space all by himself somewhere between Ark and Lee. He takes an abnormal amount of classes, scores high marks, yet still manages to keep up with Lee in terms of disrupting the university.

Jason has an incredible dedication to himself, both in body and in mind. He does his homework as soon as he gets the time, and usually finishes it quickly. He can always balance out his homework, has a membership to a gym downtown, and is the only student in the university who is out of debt.

Along with this dedication, Jason has the ability to just kick back and relax, lobbing strobe lights into the dormitories, throwing paper airplanes that can never be caught by the professers, and starting a grease fire in the cafeteria (this almost got him suspended).

I don't think that the case is that Jason is disruptive. Is seems to me that Jason has a very complicated mind. He has what I call 'inversive trait syndrom'. Say, for example, Jason is faced with a leadership role. He can quite easily fall into that role, get organised, and simply get things done. But if someone else is given that leadership role, Jason will defer all power to the leader. He is strong, yet flexible. Driven, yet lethargic. He has a mind of a steel trap, but can't remember which girl waved at him in school. Jason has a most intriguing mind, but it is also the most erratic. This seems to be connected with this model student/annoying prankster mindset. Maybe he has been around Lee too long.

I just can't make an aaccurate enough statement about Jason's, mind, although one thing is clear: Jason has proven himself capable of handling huge workloads and completing them. He seems able to strike a workable cross between hard worker and coniving slacker (but don't tell the professers I said that) and will have a long, enjoyable life.

Dr. Sarah P. Whitharm

End Character Bios.

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