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The Naar saga Part 2

The Naar Saga part 15: Unfortunate Homecoming

After twisting and writhing through the rips and bends in reality, the heroes landed with a loud thud onto solid concrete. When Galloway finally came to, he struggled his way out of beneath his comrades and tried to look around. However, the sudden return to light had rendered his vision hazy at best, and when you consider that he had to make his way out of under a bunch of kids and a Balding Man, who could blame him for not looking that hard?

Suddenly, T.K. let out a small scream, which nearly sent Galloway flying twenty feet into the air. "I'M HOME!!!"

After Galloway had finally resisted the urge to crush the kid's neck like a twig, he realized that they had made it into T.K.'s and Kari's universe. Naar must have sent them here somehow.

But why?


Scorpion and Sub-Zero found themselves in front of a twisted black castle. It rose high into the clouds, seemingly for all eternity. The gate was made of jet-black ironl, and a huge series of locks were placed on it, seemingly barring all access to the inner sanctum. Of course, a few Ice Blasts from Sub-Zero, accompanied by some Hell Fires by Scorpion, was all it took to break all the locks.

The inside of the castle was lite only by a few randomly-placed torches. Creatures seemingly crawled around freely, their yellow eyes the only noticible things in the darkness. A shrill wind came seemingly out of nowhere as they entered.

Suddenly, the gates closed with a heavy bang behind them. The torches went out, and a horrificly pale light filled the hall. It was enough to see an army of armored soldiers closing in on the two ninjas.


The climb up the steps to Kari's home was about as long as walking through the God-forsaken hell hole called North Dakota. Finally, they reached the floor, Galloway practically crawling by this point. Neo, however, had decided to take the path of least resistance and teleport up. Once again, Galloway used all his strength to keep from strangling him.

They found every door in the building broken down, the insides completely torn through. The destruction clearly showed that someone had gone through quite a bit of trouble in trying to find something...or someone...

After the initial panic of realizing that Kari's family (as well as pretty much everyone else in the city) had dissapeared, all eyes turned to the omnimous floating castle in the distance...


Scorpion ripped through the first row of guards with a few Hapiko slices, while Sub-Zero simply used the old-fashioned punching and kicking. When that didn't work, he ripped the head off one of the guards and used the spine as a spear, ripping straight through an entire row of his enemies.

Finally, the entire hall was filled with the blood of the massacared enemies. Scorpion ripped what was left of them apart for good measure, then lead Sub-Zero deeper into the evil castle.

The next area was a pool of blood. Realizing that there was no other way through, they lowered themselves into the thick liquid. Whoever Naar hired as an interior decorator obviously had some bizzare tastes.

As they waded through, they could hear unearthly laughs amid screams of agony. Something was happening nearby, but that had to wait for the moment.


Falchin gathered his courage, then entered his sister's house.

(Yes, this episode is ending there. Don't sue me.)

The Naar Saga part 16: Yet Another Naar Battle

Scorpion bashed the grate covering open and led Sub-Zero deeper into the cavernous castle. The screams had dissapeared into the distance, leaving an eerie quiet in the small dark hall. The few torches soon began to fade entirely as the two ninjas made their way into the inner sanctum.

Inside, they saw Naar seated on his throne, his back to them. Realizing the opportunity presented, they cautiously approached. But just as they were almost to the enemy, a knife brushed along Scorpion's neck. Naar turned around, his sword in hand.

A shadowy figure emerged from the wall. It was completely black, with only white holes for eyes. It wore a simply black robe and carried a crooked dagger. "Stand back, master," it said. "I will finish these pathetic fools!"

However, footsteps were heard from the hall. The doors to the sanctum were smashed down as Galloway led his troop towards Naar. Upon seeing the shadow, however, he stopped. The figure moved back in disgust.

"Bloodwine!" screamed Galloway. "Get back here now!" The shadow was instantly gone.

"Um...what was that?" asked Weiila.

"Bloodwine," said Galloway. "He's my character on RetroMUD. But we don't have time for lengthy explanations right now. We have an evil god to defeat!"

Scorpion immediately dealt a nasty combo to Naar. Sub-Zero followed in suit, bashing the evil god back and forth between the two. However, this bit of fun wasn't to last. Naar quickly tossed a ball of black slime at Scorpion, pinning him to the wall. When Sub-Zero tried to help him, Naar slashed him across the back. The ninja slumped forward, dead.

With his first two opponents defeated, Naar turned towards Galloway. Unfortunately, Galloway was so pissed at what had happened that he had fused with Neo and gone SSJ3 while Naar still had his back turned. When Naar's eyes met with Galloway's, his enemy was already delivering a powerful blow.

Naar went flying, but didn't go far. He shouted "Night's Everlasting Horror!", and Galloway both sensed and saw the power he had suddenly gained. Naar sent Galloway plummeting into the ground with one blow.

The force unfused the two Galloways, and they rolled aside just in time to dodge another attack. Neo, however, was knocked unconcious by a rock to the back of the head. Galloway, realizing that there was no other way out, drew his new sword.

The entire room was filled with blinding light the moment the sword left the scabbard. Naar feel back, his body now showing wear. Galloway swung the sword at his enemy, and Naar doubled over, nearly dead.

Galloway raised the sword to add the finishing blow, but Naar quickly rolled out of the way and grabbed Starstorm. He then shouted, "If you want your friend to live, then surrender now!" He was obviously going to kill the spazzy cat if he didn't get his way.

Fortunately, the universal law of dumb luck was working today. A lightning bolt flashed down out of nowhere. When it dissapeared, an aged man wearing a white outfit and a large brown hat appeared where it struck. He raised his hands, and Naar was shocked with several thousand volts of electricity.

Star feel from his grasp, unhurt. Without a leg to stand on, Naar teleported away.


The man stood over Sub-Zero and began to chant something. A light began to form around his hand, and soon Sub-Zero was alive and fully healed. Scorpion broke out of the slime on his own.

"Just who are you?" asked Kari, a bit nervous.

The man turned toward her. "I am the guardian of the Earth Realm. I am one of the Gods of Thunder. I am Raiden."


The Naar Saga part 17: The Heaven World

Everyone left Naar's castle, still wondering what was going on. Raiden, however, was quick in sensing their anxiety. Once they had landed, he quickly gathered material for a fire.

"Sit," he commanded. "It is time you learned the truth about Naar and the worlds." Once everyone had been seated, the material was suddenly enveloped in a bright blue flame. The smoke began to form into a circle, and clear images appeared inside. Raiden then began his story.

"As you know, the worlds of the multiverse are each created individually. A god is then born to serve as a guardian of each world. I, for example, was created when the Earth Realm was born. This continues indefinately, for, unlike most legends proclaim, Gods are not always immortal. They can be killed just like any normal being.

"When I was born, Shinnok, one of the Elder Gods, the supreme rulers of all gods, set his eyes upon the new realm. He became consumed with sheer greed, and sought to control it. With the aid of my fellow brothers, I was able to expel him to the Outworld for eternity. His evil power was sealed within a pendant, which was placed in the Temple of the Elements and guarded by the gods of Wind, Earth, Water, and Fire.

"Sub-Zero was tricked into retrieving it for Quan Chi, an evil sorcerer who sought to use Shinnok for his own purposes. However, they were both eventually defeated with the aid of the Lin Keui and the Shaolin Monks. It is a miracle that Scorpion survived, but he did somehow.

"However, the heavens soon began to fall into disaster. The gods saw no need for protecting the worlds, and decided to create a new one, called the Heaven World, to live on. I protested, along with Odin and several others, but they refused to listen. The new world was created.

"Now for Naar. He was born when evil was introduced. His mission was to preserve the balance between good and evil, but he decided that his way was best, and attempted to overthrow the other gods. They resisted, and sealed him in the starlight world. He attempted to escape, but one of the original gods still stood in his way, one that could banish him yet again."

Galloway dared to interrupt the story. "Excuse me, but who is this one god?" Raiden simply stared at him briefly, then continued.

"This god was the God of the Sun. He symbolized the power of good in it's purest form. He is now in the Heaven World, but seeks to change the minds of the council. He knows Naar's power first-hand, and while the others believe in their frail immortality, this one knows that only through battle can all the dimensions be saved.

"This one is Kai, the Sun God. You, Galloway, wield his sword, the Sommerswerd. It was lost in a previous battle between the followers of Kai and Naar. Now it has returned to bring pain and grief to the master of all darkness."

Galloway was completely shocked. He had the weapon that defeated Naar so long ago? So that's why the god of evil had escaped so constantly!

"However," continued Raiden, "you are NOT ready to wield it properly. You have not been trained in the use of it. Also, your friends will also need training, for you cannot win this battle alone. I have also brought along some other friends of yours..."

From behind Raiden, Faetan and the rest of her group emerged. Everyone breathed a collective sigh of relief. "Also," continued Raiden, "I know of one other person who might be able to help. It may seem strange, but this one might hold the key to helping our victory."

From behind everyone else emerged a small, yellow bear with a black nose and a red shirt. Everyone's jaw simply dropped in awe.

"WINNIE-THE-POOH?" screamed everyone in unison (except Raiden, of course). "Oh bother," said Pooh. "I knew this would be hard to believe."

"Well," said Raiden, "it is time we left. Your kidnapped friends and family are within Naar's world itself, but they will have to wait. The time for fun and games has ended. The time for preparing for war has begun."

A huge blue portal appeared. Without thinking twice, everyone walked through it.

(Nothing to see here! Move along!)

The Naar Saga part 18: Training and Evil

Falchin tried to get to his sister, but couldn't for the moment; apparantly she was too busy ruling the village to see him. So he arranged for her to meet him by the fishing pond. Hopefully, she would see through the armor and realize this was her old brother.

Unfortunately, Naar suddenly appeared in front of him. "Falchin," said the evil god, his voice not masking it's anger, "come with me. It is time to prepare for my homecoming."

"Never!" screamed Falchin. "I am not my father! I will not join you!"

"Come on now," said Naar, "it's not like you have much of a choice here." Suddenly, a beam of energy came out of Naar's hand and penetrated Falchin's armor. Shaking helplessly like a puppet, the black mage could only watch as Naar reached for the item his sister had given him.

What she had told him to keep safe.


The Heaven World wasn't a solemn place, nor was it especially happy and joyful. Gods and followers walked to and fro, not paying much attention to them at first. However, they walked two steps before everyone casted their eyes on the little group of mortals and a god.

"Raiden," said a hooded figure standing right next to Galloway, "you know the rules for bringing mortals to this world."

Raiden looked at him with discontent. "These orders come from Kai himself. They are for the safety of all worlds, including this one. So either step away or get killed." The man didn't say another word, but simply backed off.

Raiden led them through the streets and buildings to a particularly large building in the back. It was, for all practical purposes, a fortress. A tall tower rose in the middle, with several smaller buildings and towers joining it at the base. Flags bearing the symbol of Kai were flown without reservation, thus showing that this was where they would find Kai.

Raiden led them through the tall gates to a large courtyard. There he simply instructed them to wait until Kai was ready to reveal himself. Galloway thought up a lame joke to join this, but wisely decided to keep his mouth shut.

And so they waited. And waited. And waited. And waited some more just for a bit of variety.

Finally, Raiden returned. "Kai has commanded that Galloway and Pooh are to see him in private," he said. "The rest of you are to remain in the courtyard for your trainer. I have to leave to speak with the Elder Gods." With that, Raiden left without saying another word.

Galloway and Pooh went inside to meet Kai while everyone else just sat around, got drunk, and played Ping Pong.

*please insert .50 for a joke*

The Naar Saga part 19: The Training Begins

Galloway and Pooh stood in the large room for what seemed like an eternity, the sound of ping-pong balls and booze coming in from the courtyard. Of course, they weren't bothered too much; Pooh prefered honey to beer, and after a small incident involving a ping-pong ball and his netherregions, Galloway had vowed never to play the game again.

Finally, the massive doors parted. Inside walked not a human, but a massive, blinding light. The doors closed quietly behind it, the heavy bar coming down with a dull thud.

"It is time for your training to begin," said a distant voice. "You will learn to use the Sommerswerd properly, which is why you were seperated from your comrades. As for Pooh, well, although this may sound strange, he himself will help to win the battle. Now, come. Your trainer awaits."

The light dissapeared, and the doors opened again. As if by instinct, the two walked through them.


After a while of playing, the score for ping-pong was: Girls: 20, Guys: 0. Finally, they decided to continue drinking until whoever was going to train them decided to show up.

And so they continued to wait. Finally, their own master appeared. It was a beautiful woman, bathed in some kind on unearthly light. She walked towards them without stopping, and it wasn't until she was right next to them that they saw Raiden walking right behind her.

"It is time to begin the training," she said. "I am Ishir, Goddess of Light and companion to Kai."

"Kai would be here himself," said Raiden, "but the Elder Gods have required his presence. This is bad, though; usually, they leave Kai alone unless something is truly wrong. I fear our time is short; we must begin training immediately."

"Follow me," said Ishir, leading the group into a large room.


Galloway and Pooh ended up waiting even longer for whoever was going to train them. It wasn't so bad until Pooh went through his fifteenth and final jar of honey, at which point he began to loose what little brain he had.

Finally, another door opened. In came a young man, with long blonde hair, a muscular body, and a green tunic. He carried a long, silver sword, which cackled with an energy very similar to the Sommerswerd. He stopped in the middle of the room.

"Kai has commanded me to train you," he said. "Normally, he would do so himself, but considering his current circumstances, he had no choice but to appoint me for the time being."

"Who are you?" asked Galloway while Pooh searched frantically for another honey pot.

The man bent his head back and laughed. "Lone Wolf."


Naar returned to his palace. He walked to the back balcony, which overlooked a jet-black graveyard. He reached into his pockets and pulled out the amulet.

The Amulet of Shinnok.

Raising it over his head, he began to chant unearthly words. Suddenly, the ground broke, and massive skeletal beings poured out. They stood at attention to their master.

"It is time for our revenge!" shouted Naar. "Crush the foolish warriors and their gods! We will have our powers back!" This met with enthusiatic appeal with the skeletons. Naar smiled beneath his helmet.

Nothing could stop his Vordaks and Helghasts. Nothing.

Weiila: Vordak? What's a vordak?
Galloway: You don't want to know.
Weiila: Then, what about Helghasts?
Galloway: You REALLY don't want to know.

The Naar Saga part 20: Big Battle!

A week passed in the training. Ishir worked her immortal butt off getting her group ready, and with some rather great success. Lone Wolf also got through to Galloway, but Pooh was a bit tougher to train, especially when he requested honey breaks every five minutes.

Finally, it looked like they might stand a chance against Naar. But just then, a loud knock was heard at the main gate. When Ishir opened it, hoards of Vordaks and Helghasts poured in, pushing her clean aside. Lone Wolf, Galloway, and Pooh heard the commotion and rushed outside, but when they saw the massive army they were facing, they knew this was going to be a tough battle.

Suddenly, the rest of the heroes bursted into the courtyard, meeting the massive army of undead from the side. Taking advantage of the confusion, Galloway quickly unsheathed the Sommerswerd, Lone Wolf pulled out the Skarn-Skae, and Pooh grabbed his tiny wooden sword. They rushed into the battle.


The Elder Gods sat in council, oblivious to what was happening in the courtyard. They talked about what to do with Naar, and all decided to wait it out until they could learn if he actually had the power to return to the heavens.

However, the door was quickly opened. Raiden rushed into the room.

"My fellow Gods!" said Raiden. "The Heaven World is under attack by Naar's minions!"


Colin lead Kari and T.K. to an isolated area outside of the courtyard. However, he soon saw that a much more massive army was entering from a large portal. They had to close it off somehow...

Just then, as if in answer to their dillema, a golden orb feel in front of Colin. Ishir's voice rang out. "It's a Sun-Sphere! Toss it through the portal!"


Galloway swung the Sommerswerd out, ripping about a dozen Vordaks in half instantly. A white bolt of energy shot out of the Skarn-Skae, shredding a row of Helghasts. Pooh's wooden sword wasn't doing much, but the enemies by him were so weakened by that point that a slight breeze would kill them.

Val lead the other group through the crowds, impaling any Vordak and Helghast that got too close. The hero was slicing through them like a knife through butter. Zero and X-Hunter ended up killing about twenty dozen before they got pushed back to the training hall. Chris transformed into a dragon and let loose with a barrage of attacks that decimated the evil flood of creatures.

However, they were quickly tiring and being pushed back. The flood went on seemingly forever. They couldn't last against this threat much longer.


Colin lead his other two members to the portal. He could hear the sound of enormous roaring and growling from within; apparantly something even bigger than before was about to enter.

Without thinking twice about it, he tossed the Sun-Sphere in. The moment it entered, all the heavens were bathed in a blinding light. The Voraks and Helghasts in the courtyard where blinded and burnt, and the heroes took immediate advantage of this, slicing through as many as they could find.

When the light dissapeared, the portal was gone.


Naar cursed his loss, but knew that it was only a minor setback. The fools were bound to come after him; all he had to do was wait...

THE END OF PART 20 The Naar Saga part 21: Triple Threat

Naar knew he had precious little time to come up with a new plan. Large armies would not be enough to take them while they were together, and even though Galloway loves to split the groups up so they're weaker and more helpless, they were still quite powerful.

That's when it dawned on him. He knew exactly what he had to do...

Without a moment's hesitation, he teleported himself out of his castle.


He reappeared inside a large laboratory of some kind. Scientists were busy everywhere, working on something few knew the full potential of. Naar concealed himself using his dark powers and walked among them.

His spying soon payed off. He followed one into a highly-secured area. The scientist was wearing a Hazard Protection Suit, but Naar didn't need one; after all, he WAS the God of Evil. The scientist walked toward some large, metal containers and began his job.

Naar quietly snapped his neck, then smashed the containers open. Alarm bells quickly rang out, and everyone did what came naturally: they screamed like little girls and ran around. Naar then pushed some buttons on a computer nearby, and a hulking, monstrous figure appeared.

"Come," said Naar. "Your time of awakening has come."


Naar then set off to the Black Mage village. Talk was going around that Falchin, wearing Mox's armor, had been found nearly dead in the forest. This was all good for Naar; after all, it was HE who attacked Falchin to begin with.

He walked to where the Black Pentagram once stood. He found a lone figure standing there. It was a man, in his mid-30's, wearing a trenchcoat-like garment and a robe, and carrying a sword. Naar beaconed to him, and he followed.


Finally, Naar entered a small American town, completely devoid of all life. Carefully dodging evil monstrosities, he entered a room where the walls, roof, and ground were made from nothing more than rusted, blood-stained metal.

Striding to the middle of the room, Naar began to chant something. A gargoyle entered the room, it's body twisted and yellowish, it's head bent and discolored. Like the others, it followed Naar.


Returning to his castle, Naar prepared what was left of his shattered legions. He would soon have more, he knew, but that would have to wait. He just had to wait until the foolish heroes decided to split up.

Then he would have them.


Raiden returned to the heroes. "The Elder Gods have deemed Naar a menace," he said, "but there are too many areas to concentrate on right now."

"Well then," said Galloway, "we have to split up!" Everyone frowned at the idea, but didn't think about it much. They had to rest one more night. Then they would leave.


Naar heard this, and laughed. They would soon die. He would soon make them die!


The Naar Saga part 22: Split-up

After a restful night, the group got up and prepared to take their massive numbers and set off on the amazing adventure of a lifetime. Raiden opened the portal leading to Galloway's Flying Bunker, and everyone stepped through.


Galloway stepped out the other side. However, it wasn't long before he noticed that many of their number had vanished. Only Weiila, Poke, Star, Colin, Kari, Gemini, Sensei, and Pooh had made it to him.

But the BIG surprise was that Weiila, Poke and Star were adults again! They did their little victory dance a bit, until Galloway knocked them out and dragged them onto the bunker.


Val, the hero, T.K., Scorpion, and Wil found themselves standing in some kind of dark dungeon. They casted their eyes around, but saw no life. Suddenly, three figures entered.

One had a long red beard, a robotic helmet, some rocket shoes, and looked fast. One had a laser sword, a bionic arm, and some big muscles. And the third had a yellow beard, a mechanical shield, and a belly the size of a yacht.

"Um," said Val, "I think we're lost."

The red-beared one laughed. "So the sorceress got you too, huh? I mean, teleportation magic isn't perfect, but this is ridiculous!"


Sub-Zero, Igatona, Faetan, Maba, Zero, and X-Hunter landed in foggy forest. The fog was so thick, they couldn't see their own hands in the front of their faces. They barely made out a muddy brown path, which lead even farther into the tangle of trees and plants.

Realizing that their was no other alternative, they set out.


Naar laughed at what was going on. The fools would soon die. The generals were already out there; the heroes couldn't withstand their power.

Weiila: Man, that was short.
Galloway: "And so Weiila became a ki"
Galloway: Fine.

The Naar Saga part 23: Lost!

"Let me get this straight," said Val. "You three are Vikings..."

"Yeah," said the red-bearded one.

"And you were kidnapped by an evil alien overlord who plans to serve you for dinner."

"That's about the size of it," the muscular one said. The fat one just stood in a corner and picked his nose.

"And you fell through a time machine, and are now trying to find out where the hell you guys are, right?"

"Uh...yeah," said the fat one.

Val just stood there. "Well, guys, guess we should head out-"

She then turned...and saw the sign that read:

Your friends have been kidnapped, courtesy of Naar. Oh, and Vikings suck!

The red-bearded one rammed into the sign, smashing it into several pieces. The muscular one then tore it into tinier pieces. Finally, the fat one let out a HUGE fart on it, vaporizing all that was left.

Val backed away, slightly disgusted. "Just who the hell are you guys?"

The red-bearded one stepped forward. "I am Erik the Swift. I am the fastest runner and highest jumper in our village."

The muscular one stepped forward. "I am Baleog the Fierce. My strength and accuracy know no equal."

Finally, the fat one stepped forward. "I am Olaf the Stout. My shield can be used in many different ways."

"Okay," said Val, "I suggest we find a way out of here. My spear can protect us!" This met with the three vikings muttering in unison, "We're doomed." Fortunately, Val was too busy looking at her spear to notice their comment and dirty looks.


Naar put his coffee cup down. The big, green, ugly alien sitting across from him did likewise.

"And that's why I think we should nuke Canada," said the alien. "I mean, it's not like it ever needed to exist to begin with; why not eradicate all life from it?"

"A fascinating idea," replied Naar. "But, seriously, Tomator, I have a general ready to help take care of those pesky heroes. Will you be so kind as to let me eradicate those pesky vikings as well?"

Tomator laughed. "Of course, Naar. Go ahead and kill them off."

The two laughed heavily and went into conversasion about how all evil radiated from a small piece of land in France.

(no funny stuff)

The Naar Saga part 24: The Eternal Battle continues

Chris landed with a thud onto the ground. When he came to, he saw that he was in some sort of wrestling arena; it was circular in shape, there were two different doorways leading to it, and a huge crowd was stacked into a bunch of stadium seats. Fortunately, the lights were all off, except for some spotlights, and he took cover behind a statue of a horned lion.

"Ladies and gentlemen!" said an announcer's voice. "Are you ready to rumble!" The crowd let out an explosive YES!!!

The announcer continued. "The CKF is proud to present: THE MAIN EVENT!!!" Once again, the crowd exploded into cheers and shouts.

"In the left corner, the runner-up in last year's championship, the bone-crusher, the rip-roaring tornado of doom himself, BLOODLOSS!"

The doors on one side opened up. At first, it looked like just an ordinary guy was coming out, but on closer examination, it turned out to be a cyborg! Chris barely held in a gasp; could this mean he was in the future?

"And the challanger, a new fighter, but one that's tearing through the ranks like a hot knife through butter, let's give it up for R.A.X.!"

Another door opened, and yet another cyborg came out. Chris couldn't make either of them out very well from where he was, but he was certain that this was going to be a painful match.

Suddenly, a cage came crashing down. This was a caged match! Chris was now trapped inside with two cyborgs!

A buzzer went off, and the battle began. Bloodloss charged straight at R.A.X., but the other cyborg dodged and delivered a solid kick directly to the base of the neck. Bloodloss, however, grabbed the leg and slammed R.A.X. down.

A swarm of punchs exploded from Bloodloss's arms, but R.A.X., having already moved out of the way, grabbed his opponent, lifted him over his head with one arm, and bodyslammed him into the ground. Cheers erupted from the stands; apparantly R.A.X. was the fan favorite.

The match continued like this for quite some time, with neither side gaining any favorable balance in the battle. Finally, it was brought to a sudden and graphic end. R.A.X. delivered an incredibly strong kick to Bloodloss's chest, sending him flying back towards Chris. At first, it looked like he was simply going to knock the statue over or slam against the cage, but instead, he got impaled on the horn of the statue.

Blood splashed down onto Chris, who didn't care much for this kind of bath. The crowd, however, loved it. Cheers were everywhere, as every single person enjoyed the spectacle of a man's life being taken out by a single blow. The cage lifted, and R.A.X. exited the arena. Chris stayed hidden from everyone, even as the statue was carted off to be cleaned.

Where the hell was he, and when the hell was he?


"Alright," said Galloway, "it's getting late, so we should get some rest. We'll divide up the rooms accordingly."

Poke got stuck with Colin and Sensei, Star got stuck with Gemini, and Weiila got stuck with Kari and...Pooh!

Weiila: What? I'm with Pooh?

The Naar Saga part 25: The Eternal Champion

Chris stayed in the back, careful not to be seen by anyone as they went down the hall. He had no idea what was going on, but since this might be his only way of figuring out, he had to follow.

Besides, this R.A.X. guy was pretty good.


Naar climbed the top steps of the tower. The aura of good was getting stronger with every step he took, and yet there was a bit of neutrality in there as well. It was as if he was feeling a power that nobody had ever truly experienced.

This could only be the power of an Elder God.

Finally, he emerged onto the tower's top floor. It was a square room, filled with only three objects: a statue of a man, a glowing altar, and a large shimmering orb. Four windows, each with either the shape of an Eagle, a Shark, a Tiger, or a Dragon, provided natural lighting on one side, with torches doing the rest on the other side.

Naar approached the altar, determined to destroy it before it's master could learn what Naar had done. How he had prepared for Chris's demise.

Unfortunately for him, he was a bit too late. A ball of light flashed into the room through one of the windows. When it touched down in the center, it took the form of what looked like a man, but was made out of pure energy. It wore what looked like a dress and a simple white shirt (the proper names escape me at the moment). It simply looked at Naar.

Suddenly, Yang order ninjas dashed into the room. Behind them were Vordaks and Helghasts. The form began to turn toward them, but reached a hand out towards Naar. The God of Evil suddenly found himself totally unable to move.

The ninjas immediately began to throw dirks, shurikens, and various other pointy objects at the form, but in the blink of an eye, he dodged every one of them. A Helghast busted through to face him head-on, but soon learned that it wasn't a good attack plan. The form knocked the Helghast's entire upper body off with one backhand.

The Vordaks soon charged forward simultaniously, as if to destroy the altar their master was after, but the form was too quickly. In a matter of mere nanoseconds, the skeletons were nothing more than stinking chunks of decaying flesh. The Yang ninjas then blew several whistles, and more Helghasts and Vordaks appeared. However, the ninjas were already dead by then, their bodies beaten beyond recognition.

Tiring of this, the form simply turned to his new attackers and raised his arms. The entire room was engulfed in a bright white light, and through it, the form and Naar could see the shadows of the Vordaks and Helghasts being torn and disintegrated into nothing.

Finally, the light vanished, and the form turned towards Naar. But, as if the power holding him was fading, Naar began to move, ever so slowly, toward the altar. The form, however, had had enough. He grabbed Naar, lifted him over his head, and threw him straight out of the tower. The evil god fell nearly eighty feet onto jagged rocks, but being immortal, he survived. Cursing the form, he teleported to heal once again.


The form sat by the altar, catching it's breath.

"The other gods may be right," he said. "Maybe I have lost too much of my power to continue to battle Naar. But, I must try. I must find my champions!"

With that, he left.


Chris, having been caught by the armies of security, was being held in the detention area of the arena when he heard what sounded like cheering from above. Security guards fastened his arms and legs to several metal clamps. He then felt himself rising. The ceiling opened up, revealing the arena!

He stopped just after leaving the detention area. The ground he was on raised slowly, until it was at 90 degrees. Chris looked around, trying to find out what the heck was going on. Then he got his terrifying answer.

R.A.X. entered the arena. The announcer shouted, "Since this loser thought he could stalk R.A.X., his promoter has decided that he will beat the life out of him!"

Chris struggle to get free. R.A.X. walked towards him and whispered, "This is nothing personal. I just have to keep my job."

Just then, a ball of light entered the arena. The form appeared, stopping R.A.X. from beginning his attack.

"Yes," said the form. "My first two champions are here! The fate of all mankind is bleak unless a great change takes place. You will help that change. I myself are the instrument of that change. I am the Eternal Champion."

Nothing to see here...move along...

The Naar Saga part 26: One Night in the Bunker

Poke soon found that the room he, Colin and Sensei had been assigned only had two beds. It soon became clear that one would have to use the sleeping bag tucked away in the corner. Unfortunately, Colin's bald head blinded Poke while Sensei's ninja reflexes allowed him to mark that the two beds belonged to Colin and Sensei. Poke tried to use his Charizard, but then realized that Galloway had taken his Pokeballs and hidden them safely away.

After preparing his so-called "bed", Poke fell asleep instantly. His two roommates, however, weren't in a sleeping mood at the moment, and decided that the best way to tire themselves out was to talk on and on about how things were in the "good old days". Poke thought about smothering them with his pillow, but there were two of them and one of him, so he wisely kept his mouth shut.


Starstorm and Gemini each claimed a bed, then fell asleep quickly. Starstorm's cats, however, were another story. They decided that Gemini looked like the perfect target for their little nap; they didn't quite realize that Gemini isn't the most cat-loving person on Earth.

After a few were brushed off of Gemini, they began to whine to Starstorm. The kitty master then made his way over to Gemini. What happened next is unclear, but Gemini had a few scratches to prove that Star wasn't happy.


Galloway slept peacefully. That is all we shall say about him.


Weiila opposed the idea of sharing a room with Pooh from the very moment Galloway mentioned it, but Kari thought the bumbling bear of very little brain was kinda cute, so he stayed.

Since the room, once again, only had two beds, it reduced to picking straws. Unfortunately, nobody had a short straw on them, so it went into more arguments. Finally, Weiila decided that since Kari forgot the short straw, she would sleep on the floor.

Everyone had just begun to fall asleep when the sound of heavy snoring awakened Weiila. At first, she thought it was only that stupid bear, Pooh, but when she looked around, she realized that the bear, having fallen out of bed during one of his Hephalumps and Woozles nightmares, was awake, she deduced that Kari was snoring.

But she didn't seem like the snoring type. Then why was she doing it?


As the night passed into day, everyone got up from their hectic slumber and prepared to set out.

And this, my friends, is the most pointless chapter ever!

The Naar Saga part 27: Forgot about These Guys, didn't Ya?

Sub-Zero, Igatona, Faetan, Maba, Zero, and X-Hunter continued down the long, foggy trail for hours on end. Finally, the fog began to part, and they could make out the outline of a quant little village.

Deciding that there wasn't any harm in asking about where they were, they entered the town.

(About five minutes later)

Sub-Zero struggled against his ropes, but they kept him completely tied to the stake. The others weren't having any luck escaping from their bonds, either.

One of the villagers walked forward, carrying a scroll. "You have all been charged with the crime of witchcraft! You are hearby sentenced to be burnt at the stake until you are nothing more than a pile of pure ash. Your ashes will then be burnt into even smaller ashes, and so on."

"George," said another villager, "you're rambling again."

The villager backed away. "Now, where's that other warlock?"

A group of rather rough villagers brought out a young man, probably in his late-20's. He wore a blue robe and a hood, but the big thing was his eyes: they were glowing bright green. Maybe this guy really was a warlock, after all...

He was tied to another nearby stake, and some of the other villagers began to try to lite a fire. Unfortunately, it was a windy day, so their attempts weren't very successful.

"Since we have some time," one villager said, "we will open up the floor to wild accusations."

(about an hour later)

Now about a quarter of the entire village was at the stake. They finally got the fire going, but the wind blew it out again. They then put another batch of people onto the stake. Finally, the wind stopped.

They were just about to begin the burning when they saw a ball of light approaching them. It materialized into the Eternal Champion.

"Warlock!" someone screamed. "Burn him!"

They charged at the champion, but by then, he had untied everyone from the stake. When the other villagers reached him, he teleported everybody out of harm's way.


Val tried to keep what slivers of sanity she had left intact, but she was losing it quickly, due to her viking companions. They went off, solving one absurb puzzle after another, all the while trying to find a way to escape.

"Man," said Erik, "I can't wait to get back. I feel the urge to discover a new continent or something."


Naar did nothing for once.


The Naar Saga part 28: The First General

Val continued to follow the Lost Vikings down the many bizarre and unworldly places their long, neverending travel took them. Somehow, she was able to withstand their bad jokes, which is a miracle in itself.

"There!" shouted Olaf. "A door!"

"Of course it's a door," said Erik. "There's always a door!"

Val bit her lip to keep from smacking them. They stepped through the door...


When they came to, they were lying in what looked like an ancient stone room. Val got up and rubbed her head. "Damn, I hate invisible holes."

The other vikings got up and looked around in dismay.

"There's no door here!" whined Olaf.

"The one we just went through is too high up. I can't jump there!" said Erik.

"There aren't any jewels! I can't swing my way up!" bellowed Baleog.

Suddenly, a mechanical contraption came down. In it was the ugly green alien called Tomator.

"Ah, my little Vikings," he said. "How nice of you to come. I always wanted to see how you would die!"

An elevator came slowly down. On it was a disgusting freak of nature. Its skin was bloodied and rotting. A gigantic eye was growing out of one shoulder. Its hands were long, sharp claws, dripping with blood. The mouth was sewn shut; the face showed that this was probably always true.

"Naar gave this to me," said Tomator. "He says it is called a 'Tyrant', whatever that means. So, how would you like to die, fast or slow?"

Baleog, however, had already pulled out his Fire Arrows and shot them straight into the Tyrant. It fell to one knee.

"Bah!" said Baleog. "What a worthless creature!" Unfortunately for him, the monster decided to get up at that very moment. The poor ugly viking soon found himself flying back after one blow from his enemy.

"Hah hah hah! I have you now, vikings!" said Tomator.

Val, however, had had enough. "Die, you son-of-a-bitch!" she screamed, conveying her very soul into her words. She pulled Gungnir back and threw it straight at Tyrant. The deadly spear ripped straight through the monster's heart, issuing a lot of blood.

Screaming in agony, the monster began to move backwards. It pull Gungnir out just as it fell into another pit. Val started a little victory dance, but Tomator's words soon ended the celebration:

"Naar told me about Tyrant. It does not die easily. It will come back, and next time, the outcome will be far different!" With that, Tomator rode off.


Galloway continued to work on the bridge of the Flying Bunker while everyone else attempted to make breakfast on a moving vehicle that didn't have all the Shock Absorbers in place, especially over those turbulent areas.

Suddenly, Weiila rushed to the bridge. "Have you seen Kari?" Galloway shook his head, and she left in a panic. With no other option, he followed.

They finally realized that the only place she would be was the room she slept in. When they kicked the door open, awakening Pooh, they found only an empty sleeping bag and a small note:

I took care of the girl while she was sleeping. She's now in some very hot place. Oh, and I love the way you decorated inside. It's amazing what you can do with a modest budget. -Naar


The Naar Saga part 29: The Cowboy

Kari woke to find herself lying face-down in a bunch of sand. When she dug her head out, all she could see for miles was a massive desert wasteland. A few cacti were here and there, but even they were close to drying out. In fact, the only shade to be found anywhere was beneath a few cliffs.

With no other option, she ran straight for them. However, the wind began to pick up sharply after that, causing her to stumble around blindly after a short while. Finally, she collapsed onto the sand yet again.

When she finally got her head moving again, all she saw before blacking out completely was a blunt black object coming down towards her.


Kari once again opened her eyes. Now she was in a small, damp cavern. There were a few beds on one side, a picture hanging from one wall, a few chairs, and a crate that, judging from the bottles and cards on it, served as a table. Besides for those few decorations, as well as the single lantern that kept the place lit, this was the dreariest place in the universe.

Suddenly, a side wall was pushed open. Five men entered. They were dressed in a rather wierd get-up; loose, dirt-stained pants and dirty, torn shirts that were probably once white. They looked at each other, then at Kari.

"Well," said one of them, "who wants to fuck the kid first?"

"God damn it!" said another. "Can you believe how long it's been since we last fucked somebody?"

Suddenly, the cavern wall, which had closed behind them, came crashing down. In strode another man. He was considerably taller and more muscular than the other five. He wore a cowboy hat, some leather boots, some leather clothing, a rope for a belt, and a long overcoat.

"I saw you take the kid," he said. "It was just a matter of following you guys here. What kind of monsters try to have sex with a kid?"

Of course, the other five guys weren't listening. They simply pulled out some knives, shovels, and pickaxes. "Okay, bastard!" said one of them. "Let's see you handle this!"

One of them rushed forward, a shovel raised in his arms, but the cowboy was ready for him. A solid punch straight to the gut sent the foolish man slumping to the ground, paralyzed by complete pain.

Two of them followed, armed with a pickaxe and a knife. The cowboy took one down with a kick to the head, then immediately picked the other one up over his head and tossed him straight into the cavern wall. The fourth one threw a knife straight at his enemy, but he dodged and threw some knives of his own, pinning the man to the ground.

The final one, realizing that close-combat was not a good idea, pulled out a simple six-shot revolver and fired. The cowboy, however, dodged every round. The man tried to hastily reload, but the cowboy pulled off the his rope belt and, using it like a whip, took the gun from his enemy. He then jump-kicked him straight in the mouth, ending the struggle.

Kari just sat there, completely shocked. The cowboy walked towards her, but she passed out from shock just before he reached her.


Naar looked onward in displeasure. His third general was ready for the third group of fools, but his second was not. Where the hell was he?


Meliah walked into the room her brother was being kept in. He was still in the armor, and still unconcious. She walked towards him, a smile on her face.

"Be well," she whispered. "Our baby will need you."


The Naar Saga part 30: Back to the Dungeon

Galloway continued to fly the Bunker around, looking for any clues that could lead them to what happened to Kari, Eihra, and the rest of their missing friends. Of course, it didn't dawn on him that clues wouldn't really be found in the air, but that didn't stop him.

Suddenly, the entire Bunker began to shake like crazy. Galloway quickly checked the status menu and learned the worst; somehow, several of the engines had suddenly gone off-line, and nothing could reactivate them. The Flying Bunker was now the Falling Bunker!!!

Galloway quickly pressed the PANIC button. The back room was filled with the sound of alarms and a computer voice shouting "PANIC!!!!!!!". Everyone began to run around like crazy, except for Pooh, who was too absorbed in his Honey Pots to notice the total state of terror surrounding him.

Galloway continued to pilot the Bunker to the best of his ability, looking for the best place to plow the vehicle into. Finally, after finding a nice, clear area, he shoved the controls down. The Bunker smashed into the Earth with a loud crash, continued movement for several miles, then finally stopped.


Galloway checked on everyone and, finding that they were alright, exited the Bunker. It wasn't completely destroyed, but he had to learn what caused the engine failure. Until he found out what happened, the vehicle wouldn't be safe to fly.

Then he noticed something. He had landed right next to the dungeon where they had found the Bunker to begin with! Somehow, he realized that this was where their friends were being kept. Without even thinking twice, he tossed everyone some guns, ammo, and various other gear. They then descended into the dark, dark dungeon.


After walking through the usual stuff, they finally got to the same area that had collapsed. Strangely, they found the ground to be repaired, and the book gone. After checking around, they entered.

However, a trap door opened up underneath Galloway, sending him falling into the darkness. The others looked for a way down, but the door promptly closed, keeping them from reaching him.


From within the trap door, a figure laughed.


The Naar Saga part 31: Battle with General 2

Sub-Zero, Igatona, Faetan, and the mysterious cloaked guy found themselves back in the forest; however, a good portion of their troop was strangely missing. At least they weren't being turned into BBQs!

The cloaked man wiped himself off. "I thank you for your help," he said in a voice that would make your skin crawl, "but there is much for me to do. I have some research stuff to write, you know."

Sub-Zero justed stared at him blankly. "You almost got burnt to a crisp out there, and you're worrying about writing stuff?"

The man laughed. "Simpleton," he said, his voice not disguising his distaste for the ninja at all. "Just before my capture, I had discovered a method to creating an endless amount of energy. Also, unlike wood burning, this would create no environmental side-effects. It is also incredibly cheap. I was just about to finish identifying it when you guys showed up."

Igatona didn't care, Sub-Zero was still pissed, and Faetan kept muttering about fire. The man turned away. "Farewell, then!" he said. He then began down the trail, but turned back immediately.

"Say," he asked, "does anyone know where we are?"


Galloway collected his senses from the fall. He found that his gun was completely broken, but the Sommerswerd was undamaged. The area he was in was a huge, prison-like area, with stone walls, a bunch of rusting prison cells, and various skeletons.

Suddenly, a sinister laugh echoed throughout the room. Galloway saw a lone figure walking down a long hallway in his direction. It was a man, wearing a black brestplate, leather pants, and a black trenchcoat. At his side was a sheathed sword, which was in a scabbard encrested with dark jewels. The man himself was tall, with searing black eyes and brown hair that came down in a small ponytail in the back.

The man's laughed continued until he was a few feet away from Galloway, by which point the red-haired hero was at his feet. The man looked at him with sheer contempt.

"Who the hell are you?" said Galloway.

The man just smiled at him. "Let's just say that I'm a ghost, coming back to haunt you and your dear friend."

"Oh, come on!" screamed Galloway. "Can't you do better than Resident Evil if you're going to steal your opening lines?"

The man was now SERIOUSLY pissed. "You'll pay for that mistake dearly." With that, he delivered a strong blow to Galloway's head, sending the hero flying straight into a wall.

"Did you really think you were any match for me?" sneered the man. "Even when we last fought, I crushed you easily. You only won because of my treacherous offspring and a dish rag. But now, things will be different. You have to face my TRUE power!"

Galloway reached for the Sommerswerd, but the man let out another laugh. "I know about your sword, fool. It can only use its true power in areas of light, and this place doesn't have enough power to feed it! My sword, on the other hand, gains its power from the darkness! I have the upper hand!"

Unfortunately, he forgot that he shouldn't use a long speech. Galloway slammed him with a jumpkick to the face, followed by a slice to the hand. However, the combined attacks were mere scratches to his enemy, who knocked Galloway down with one blow to the back.

"Face it," he said, "you were never a match for me. You should be thankful that your life will end quickly!" With that, he jumped straight into the air, readying his foot to slam into Galloway's neck. Galloway, sadly, was still paralyzed from the previous attack, and couldn't do anything.

However, fate was kind to him today. One of the trademark portals opened right next to his enemy. Lone Wolf himself jumped through, sending the man flying sideways.

"Run!" screamed Lone Wolf as a platform leading back up appeared out of nowhere. "I'll hold him off!"

"You fool!" shouted the man. He drew his sword, which was made completely from black steel. A black fire erupted along the length of it. "You cannot hope to win!"

Lone Wolf responded by drawing Skarn-skae. "We shall see who emerges victorious!"

As Galloway jumped onto the platform, the two warriors went at it. The sound of swords clanging filled the area as Galloway rode to safety.


The trap door opened. Galloway crawled out, much to the surprise of his friends, who were busy playing Ping-Pong. After a few minutes, Lone Wolf himself climbed out, cut and bruised in more places than you could count.

"He escaped," said the exhausted Supreme Kai Master. "However, he will be back. I know it."

"Who?" said Weiila, as she treated Lone Wolf and Galloway.

Galloway sighed heavily. "Mox."

And that's all for now, folks!


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