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The Naar Saga Part 5

The Naar Saga part 76: The First Tower

After everyone teleported into the castle, they went off to the first tower. Galloway knocked the fifth kid out and shoved him into the sack, then tried to lift it over his shoulder. He was barely able to.

"Have you considered dumping the brats?" asked Eihra. "It would save us a lot of trouble."

"No," said Galloway. "I don't want them unguarded for any length of time. Besides, it's not so bad. If it gets too heavy I can just go SSJ."

"Wait," said the female Galloway. "You said that Naar can sense energy. If you DID change into SSJ, he'd know exactly where we are and kick our sweet asses, right?"

Galloway was too busy thinking about the "sweet asses" part, but finally snapped out of it. "Fine, but I can't let them out. Anyway, who'd we leave on the ground again?"

"Colin, Drew, Wayne, those two creatures, and the army of Balding Men," responded Weiila. "They should be able to handle any attack."

" Yeah," said Galloway, "like Merlin can handle a fight with a piano."


Meanwhile, in RPGC, Merlin lost a fight with a piano.


The first tower loomed into view. Galloway pushed open the rotting wooden door and started up the steps, leaving the sack outside. Neo and Gemini decided to go with him, while everyone else stood guard over the sack and the entrance in general.

The tower's staircase twirled around, seemingly forever. However, Galloway knew that this was merely an illusion; the tower itself was only about twenty-five stories high.

The three started at a brisk pace, but a snail outran them by the time they reached the twelth story. They collapsed on the stairwell, but it suddenly turned into a slide and sent them falling all the way to the bottom. They had to make it all the way to the top without stopping!

Taking a deep breath, they darted up the stairs. Soon they were nearing collapse yet again, but they continued on. Soon they were past the thirteenth, the fourteenth, the fifthteenth...

"Almost...*pant*...there...*gasp* *wheeze*," said Galloway.

The sixteenth, the seventeenth, the eightteenth...

"Damn...*gasp* *inhale* stairs...*gasp*," said Neo.

Finally, they reached the twenty-fifth. They collapsed on the wooden floor, only to look up...and see Gemini standing triumphantly over them.

"Brother-*gasp*," said Galloway, "how the *gasp* hell did you *wheeze* get up here so *pant* quickly?"

"Easy," said Gemini. "I'm the fast one, remember? I only acted like I was tired so you guys wouldn't feel left out."

"I...will...*pant*!" said Neo.

"Sheesh," smirked Gemini, "gratitude these days.*

Once everyone's murderous rage had been contained, Galloway examined the pylon. He found a small button on the bottom that said, "Power on." Sighing, he pushed the button.

The pylon rumbled to life. The crystal on it turned a bright red, along with a part of the sky itself. Galloway then activated his codec.

(begin codec conversasion)
Galloway: Pylon 1 is online!
F. Galloway: Yippee!
Galloway: Unfortunately, we have to stay up here to make sure it stays on. You guy's will have to activate the next one on your own.
F. Galloway: Let me guess...
Galloway: Yep. SPLIT UP TIME AGAIN!!!
F. Galloway: You don't have to shout! This thing goes right into my ear!
Galloway: Sorry.
(end codec conversasion)

Weiila: That wasn't a hard challenge.
Galloway: Okay, YOU try running up a twenty-five story spiral staircase without stopping!

(Weiilanote: I then commented on the fact that I have wings. Upon which Gallo cut them off *cries* Meanie!)

The Naar Saga part 77: Tower #2

The heroes walked off to the second tower. Weiila decided to lead this group, accompanied by Eihra and Starstorm. The others stood guard, got drunk, and played ping-pong.


Instead of a staircase, this tower had a series of ladders leading to small wooden platforms. Since they had no other way of getting up, they climbed up the first ladder.

The instant the last person made it through, a trap door slammed shut over where they had entered. An eerie voice whispered throughout the area. "Welcome to your do- damn! My voice!"

Weiila recognized the last part of the eerie voice. "Naar?"

Naar's voice continued to ring out. "Seeing as how you heroes will probably try to go through this tower, I have tape recorded this message. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA- AAAHH! MY FUCKING VOICE! I HATE THIS THING!" The sound of a loud explosion followed, then silence.

Shrugging, they climbed up to the next level. Once again, a trap door slammed shut behind them. Suddenly, they were attacked by the worst beings to have ever existed. Not Pokemon, not Power Rangers, but something even worse than all those evils combined...

(Gallo-note: Sadly, due to our fear of mentally scarring readers, we will have to skip the battle with this evil force)

The three walked past the bodies and climbed up even higher. The same thing happened on every floor, with countless battles against horrors that nobody could possibly begin to describe. Finally, they reached their target: the pylon.

Two Giaks were standing guard, but Star unleashed his Pixy Sticks, easily killing both of them. Weiila then activated the pylon, which emmitted a yellow light and painted part of the sky with another color.


When the others saw the successful activation of the pylon, the grabbed the sack and began to head for the next tower. Meanwhile, the kids inside the sack were getting all the more restless. Of course, their voices were all muffled, but some stuff could be picked out.

(translated from muffle)
"Will you stop kicking me?"
"Hey! You're kicking me!"
"How'd we all fit into this sack anyway?"
"Beats me."
"Shut up!"
"Hey! You shut up!"

Galloway: *is still in tower 1*

The Naar Saga part 78: The Third Tower

When they arrived at the third tower, the group found a pleasent surprise. Wil, the hero, Graham, and Valanice were resting in front of it. After everyone talked to each other, Graham decided to send Valanice back to the base. She left, accompanied by the female Galloway.

After being explained the situation, Wil, Graham, and the hero decided to activate the third pylon themselves. They walked inside while everyone else went back to getting drunk and playing ping-pong.


This tower featured a stone staircase that rose into a pure sheet of white. The three, lead by Wil, carefully walked up the stairs. When Wil touched the sheet, though, an electrical current blew him back, sending him toppling into his comrades, sending them falling back down the stairs.

When everyone got back up, Graham decided to take the lead. He grabbed his Enchanted Crystal and rose it straight at the sheet. Some sunlight coming in from a nearby window went through the crystal, creating a beam that went straight into the sheet. The entire sheet crumbled and dissapeared.

The three continued up, and finally reached an end to the stairs. However, the pylon was not up there. Instead, as a trap door slammed shut behind them, they found themselves inside what seemed to be a prison. The wooden floor creaked with their every step. The cells were tiny rooms with a single occupant, each one of them a child.

Just as they were about to open the cells, though, an eerie laughter filled the room. Several armed Vordaks and Helghasts emerged from the shadows. Whatever they were guarding had to be important for them to be staying here.

The army of creatures moved in to attack, but the heroes were quick to respond. Graham, being unable to harm the Helghasts, took on the Vordaks, easily cleaving through them with his sword. The hero used his Destroy Undead ability to blow apart large groups of foes. And finally, Wil used constant Firagas and Thundagas to take out what was left. When it was all over, a ton of dead bodies were on the ground, and the prisoners were now looking up.

However, one more person remained. An old wizard, clothed in a green robe and pointy hat, emerged from the shadows. Grinning, he stalked towards the others.

"I know who he is!" said Graham. "This pest chased after me in Kolyma! It's the Enchanter!" The wizard laughed at the sound of his name. Graham, though, walked towards his foe.

The Enchanter chanted a spell as soon as Graham was in front of him, intending to turn him into some sort of animal. However, the protecting of Graham's Crystal made it so the spell couldn't work. The Enchanter's grin turned to a scowl as he realized what was going on.

Graham backed him into a wall and raised his sword. He moved the tip of it right onto the Enchanter's throat. "By the powers invested in me," he said, "I hereby order you to leave this land forever and cease all use of your dark magics, lest you earn the fullness of my wrath."

The Enchanter looked puzzled. Sighing, Graham rephrased his statement. "Leave!!"

The Enchanter nodded as much as he could without cutting his own neck and motioned a spell. He suddenly dissapeared, along with the cell bars. Everyone was free again.


While the hero and Graham checked on everyone they had just saved, Wil went up and activated the next pylon. It glowed with a strange blue light, along with another part of the sky. As everyone saw what happened, they grabbed the sack and headed for tower four.

Galloway: *hums something*

The Naar saga part 79: The Fourth Tower

The fourth tower loomed into view almost immediately. Just as the group arrived, the female Galloway landed neatly in front of the door.

"Sorry I kept you waiting," she said. "Valanice is all right, and so are the others. Anyway, let's hit this tower, shall we?"

The next group consisted of female Galloway, RAX, and Val. The small group of people remaining sat down, got drunk, and played ping-pong again.


This time, the tower had an elevator waiting for them. However, it only went up to the second floor. Sighing, they pushed the button.

The second floor had no elevator, stairs, ladders, or anything. In fact, it was simply empty. The instant they stepped out of the elevator, it slammed shut behind them, while Naar's voice rang out:

"I love this tower. Really I do. I hope you all enjoy your dea- oh, my human soul pizza just arrived! I'll get back to the recording later!"

Suddenly, everyone felt the floor falling down from under them. The instant they looked down, though, they saw that the ground hadn't moved at all. In fact, they were now floating! Suddenly, Naar's voice rang out again.

"Okay, I'm back. Anyway, this room has none of that...what's the word...gravity! I also took the liberty of installing spiked all over the place. Enjoy!"

Everyone gradually continued to float upwards. "Damn," said RAX, "I hate flying."

"Then again," said the female Galloway, "I'm the only one here who CAN fly, so this should be interesting."

"Hmmph," said RAX. "I can fly, you know. I just don't like to do it for too long." He then punched some buttons on his arm.

"The sooner we get to the top," he said, "the better." He then flew off, with the help of some rocket boosters on his feet.

"Ugh, men," said the female Galloway as she grabbed Val and dragged her along.

The voyage to the top was not an easy one. Several ledges jutted out, each one adorned with spikes on the bottom. RAX, fortunately, smashed through these with ease, and the ones he missed were dodgeable by the female Galloway and Val. However, the walls were also covered with the things, so they had an even tougher job getting around.

Finally, they reached the top. RAX smashed his way through a ceiling, blowing away a Giak guard. The female Galloway and Val followed, with Val spearing the other Giak to death. Finally, they activated the pylon. This time, a part of the sky turned green.


The others headed for tower five. Meanwhile, the rustling in the sack got even more frantic. Once again, the muffled voices came out.

(translated from muffle)
"Dang it, Kari! You're kicking me!"
"I am not! You're kicking me!"
"Shut up, you two!"
"Kari started it!"
"Did not! Izzy did!"
"Tai, shut them up will you?"
"Forget it."
*the Eternal Champion hits the side of the bag*
" many birdies..."

Val: I didn't do anything! DIE, GALLOWAY!
Galloway: Uh oh. *runs from Val in a cartoonish chase sequence*

The Naar Saga part 80: The Fifth Tower

Tower five loomed into view. Zero, X-Hunter, and Xavier decided to go inside this one. Meanwhile, everyone else got so sick of drinking and ping-pong that they got liquered up and played table tennis.


This tower had no stairs, ladders, elevators, or anything of that sort. Instead, a series of handholds were built into the wall, indicating that the only way to reach the top was to climb the wall.

The two reploids began their ascent rather quickly. Xavier, though, being the weakling alchemist that he was, had a much harder time in the beginning, but he eventually got the hang of it.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary...until an arrow darted straight past Zero, missing him by mere millimeters. It exploded upon impact with the wall. Suddenly, an entire swarm of the arrows were flying around. They continued their climb, but the slinging of arrows really began to get on their nerves. Finally, after what seemed like hours, they made it past the attack.

However, another one was right after that. An array of spikes began to appear around them, all pointing towards the handholds. Each one was coated with a green liquid that smelled like overripe fruit. And, naturally, anything that smells like overripe fruit has to be poison. Fortunately, they made it past the spikes (not that it mattered to the reploids, in any case), but the next obstacle was even worse.

A series of stereo speakers were all over the walls, facing the handholds. The moment they reached them, they began to play the "Barney" theme song. Everyone was close to screaming in agony, except Xavier, since he mercifully had no idea what Barney is. They struggled their way out of that tight spot.

Finally, they reached the top. They climbed through a trap door and took out a small group of Giaks easily, then activated the pylon. It began to glow a kind of black, and another part of the sky changed color.


The others saw this, and grabbing the sack, headed for the final tower.


Naar completed his clean-up at last. He then returned to his ritual chamber to begin setting up for his glorious victory. All he needed was those pathetic brats...

And all of existance would be his.

Galloway: *falls asleep*

The Naar Saga part 81: The Sixth Tower

When they reached the sixth tower, they found that someone else was already there. Sub-Zero, Mabat, and Chris were already waiting for them. After being filled in on what the towers do, they decided to take this one while everyone else sat around and didn't do anything.


The tower contained a spiral staircase like the first tower did. However, there was also a sign at the foot of it that said:

The fools won't get this far. I have no need to put traps on this tower. Besides, I have the Supreme-Helghast on the roof waiting for them.

They didn't have a clue what this "Supreme-Helghast" was, but they quickly bounded up the stairs.

When they reached the roof, nothing could prepare them for what they saw. A bloated, disgusting monstrosity was waiting for them. Its skin seemed to have been pulled over a pile of muscle and green slime. Its arms were razor-sharp claws, and its feet were like talons. It was hunched over, yet its head was still two feet above the highest member of the group. It had no eyes in its hollow skull of a head, and its teeth were stained with dried blood. This must be the Supreme-Helghast.

The monstrosity watched the three through its sightless eyes. Finally, it let out a deafening roar and charged. Even at its size, it moved with incredible speed, and knocked the three to the ground as if they were paper dolls.

They got back to their feet. Sub-Zero quickly froze the ground in front of them, but the monster didn't even slide for a second. Chris transformed into a Kaiser Dragon and launched a relentless array of attacks, but nothing worked. The Supreme-Helghast was seemingly indestructable.

Then Mabat decided to try something. He quickly casted 1000 Needles. Amazingly, the attack ripped straight through the Supreme-Helghast. He then followed it up with an array of Blue Magic spells. The monster finally ended its days as a pile of blood and guts.


They activated the final pylon. The last part of the sky turned white. Almost instantly, the colors began to meld and forge into a single point.

Finally, a massive rainbow light plunged into the very edge of Naar's castle, where they had found Tai and Matt. The ground began to shake, the sky began to fall apart, and a blinding light filled the area. Finally, everything died down, and the seventh tower was finally revealed.


Naar had been found out. Of course, it wasn't much of a threat. He could still win.

Gemini: I am the king of my room, the absolute ruler of this tiny domain. And these are my loyal subjects, Mr. PS2, Mr. TV, and the Pencil Family.
Galloway: *looks at the floor outside his room* Who spilled Pepsi here?
Gemini: The Barbarian is thwarted at the moat.

The Naar Saga part 82: Preparing for More Plot

Wil, the hero, and Graham walked down from the pylon and prepared to help the prisoners. Most of them were back in a deep sleep of some sort, but one of them was moaning and groaning in a corner.

Thinking quickly, they went over to help him.


Galloway watched the seventh tower reveal itself to them. At last, Naar's final stronghold was laid open to them. Grabbing Neo and Gemini, he jumped out the top of the tower and floated to the ground.


Weiila noticed the tower. She was filled with a mixture of fear of the coming battle, excitement that this was almost over, and joy over the fact that she wasn't a damn kid. She grabbed Eihra and Star, then jumped off the tower and flew to the ground.


The female Galloway, Val and RAX looked at the tower. Their senses were filled with battle-lust and preperations for how they would destroy Naar. F. Galloway grabbed Val and RAX and flew to the ground.


Zero, X-Hunter, and Dawson saw the tower. They then climbed down the wall of the tower without giving too much thought to Naar.


The few people guarding the sack in front of the sixth tower observed the seventh tower's appearance. They were about to get up and head towards it, when a sinister voice echoed out behind them.

"Excuse me, but judging from the weight, size, and bulge of that bag, a bunch of brats are in there, right?"

Before they could answer, Naar jumped in front of them and beat them in such a ridiculously one-sided battle that it doesn't even deserve mentioning. He then opened the sack and saw the kids, who let out a simultaneous scream.

Naar closed the sack back up, then teleported back into his tower.


Everyone (except for the group in the third tower) made their way to the sixth tower. After Weiila had healed everyone, Galloway came up with an idea. He would lead Weiila, Neo, Gemini, Star, Poke, and Val into the seventh tower, while everyone else would help the group in the third tower move the prisoners out. They would then return to the base.

Everyone agreed to the plan for once.


The hero stopped using his Healing Touch ability when the kid finally stopped moaning and opened his eyes. His gaze darted back and forth across the room before finally returning to the hero's face. "Where...where am I?" he said.

"Relax," said Graham, "you'll be all right. So will the others."

"So," said Wil, "what's your name?"

The kid went deep into thought, then took a deep breath. "Davis."

Galloway: *prepares for mucho plotto*

The Naar Saga part 83: Nightmare Becomes Reality

The small group passed through a large set of iron doors into the seventh tower. However, a trap door opened up under them, sending them falling into the bottom of the castle.


When Galloway came to, he was inside a dark cave. The only light came from the open trap door in the ceiling, which was over a deep underground lake. Weiila, Poke, Star and Val were around him, but Neo and Gemini were nowhere to be seen. Somehow, this seemed familiar...

Something grabbed his mind and compelled him into the water. When he was waist-deep, a brilliant light flashed, and everyone else vanished. Galloway was now inside total darkness.

A large creature appeared in front of him. It was almost impossible to see, but the eyes and outline identified it as the being Galloway had seen talking to Daemon before. It had to be Naar, or at least a projection of him.

"I'm glad you could join me," said Naar. "I've been looking forward to this. Now, DIE!" Black tentacles grabbed all of Galloway's arms and legs, with one going around his neck. It wasn't until then that he realized what was going on. This was his dream, the one he kept having! He was going to die!

Naar's laughter echoed throughout the darkness as the tentacles began to pull. All that could go through Galloway's mind was his refusal to surrender to this. He had to do something, but what?

Then he realized something Naar hadn't counted on. He saw how surprised Naar was when Ultra went SSJ3; that thought was still a part of his conciousness. Naar didn't know anything about going Super Saiyan. He had to try it. It was a long shot, but if it didn't work, then he was dead anyway.

Galloway gathered all his power as quickly as he could and began to transform. The shadow began to show some slight panic as Galloway's eyes and hair began to change colors. Finally, Galloway's aura exploded knocking the tentacles, which were about half a second from tearing him apart, off of his body.

When everything died down, Galloway was SSJ.

Naar charged forward, determined to finish this, but Galloway quickly choped through the side of him. His hand ripped the shadow straight in two. Galloway then fired a Kamehameha, blowing was was left of Naar to pieces. At last, it was over...

Then Naar's laughter rang out again. "I must admit, I am surprised at this turn of events. However, it isn't over. The ritual is about to begin!"

Galloway had one last chance. Putting his hands to his forehead, he reached out with his mind to Lone Wolf and Kai, begging them to somehow stall Naar until Galloway and his friends could reach him.


Naar tied Tai, Matt and T.K. to three stones that circled a large, red pit. He was about to tie Kari to the fourth one, but she suddenly dissapeared.

Naar sensed a massive power at work here. He looked to the sky and screamed, "Curse you, Kai! Curse you!"


Weiila, Poke, Star and Val looked around desperately, trying to find where Galloway went. Suddenly, the loud sound of a teleport spell was heard above them, just before Kari fell onto Star's head, bounced onto Weiila's wings, and finally hit the ground.

Just as she began to get up, another bright light filled the area. When it dissapeared, Galloway was back, and still in SSJ. Everyone was just as shocked as he was. He made his way out of the water and walked towards the group.

"Your hair!" said Kari. "What happened to your hair!"

Galloway just smiled and touched her head. When he did, though, he began to wince in pain. A cold sweat covered him, followed by him dropping to his knees. Finally, he took his hand off her, and everything returned to normal. Naturally, everyone wondered what the heck had happened, but Galloway shrugged it off.

His face soon became concerned again. "Something's wrong," he said. "I tried to power down before, but it's not working. I'm stuck in SSJ!"

Just then, Neo and Gemini jumped down from the ceiling. "We found a way out!" said Neo. "Get into the water!"

Everyone did as they were told, while Gemini climbed into the middle of the group. Making sure everyone was in nice and tight, he screamed, "Water Jitsu!" The water soon became a tornado, which pushed them out through the trap door and onto the stairs.


Lone Wolf and Kai looked down from the heaven world, with Kai showing concern.

"Galloway's power is tremendous," said Kai, "but there is much to it he doesn't understand. I almost fear what will happen against Naar."

Weiila: What's with your brother and DBZ, anyway?
Galloway: He's a card-carrying member of the "Dragonball Z Sucks in Every Possible Aspect Known to Humanity" society.
Weiila: Oh.

The Naar Saga part 84: The Doomstone

F. Galloway led the group to the third tower. She flew up to the top of the tower, then climbed down from the pylon. However, when she was almost down, she saw that everyone had already left. She then found a note:

Freed a bunch of people. We already left the castle. You take too long flying. Oh, and Galloway said to get eggs for Meliah. -The Hero

Cursing, F. Galloway began to go back on top to fly down. But when she reached the roof again, she saw a tall, black-robed figure. His face was hidden in his black hood, and had the same staff that Naar had back in the prison.

She realized what this was: a Nadziranim, one of Naar's chief magicians.

"Why, hello, my dear," said the Nadziranim. "Master sent me to finish collecting the rest of the beings in the prison, but they were already freed. So, I guess you'll have to do." He then shot a blast from the tip of the staff, but F. Galloway dodged and elbowed the Nadziranim in the back. Since the enemy was a mage, and wasn't Mox, he had no physical defence whatsoever, so he died after one blow.

The moment he fell, though, his entire body dissapeared, leaving only a pile of empty robes and the staff. Then a swarm of black spiders crawled out of the robes. F. Galloway was on the verge of panic, until the things hit her...and didn't do a scratch. She realized that they were merely an illusion, but they soon transformed into a real threat.

The swarm merged together and transformed into a large silver dragon. It leaped in, ready to tear F. Galloway apart, but she dodged easily. She then blasted it through the back with a large energy beam, killing it.


She picked up the staff and examined the stone. Removing it, she broke the shaft in two and tossed the stone into the air. She then fired a Kamehameha at it, blowing it apart.

The entire castle rumbled in protest. Even the group in the seventh tower felt the force. Finally, things died down.

F. Galloway was about to return when she got a codec call.

(begin codec conversasion)
Galloway: What happened?
F. Galloway: I just destroyed the Doomstone.
Galloway: What? GREAT!
F. Galloway: What's so great about that?
Galloway: Call it Lone Wolf's training kicking in, but I know what that stone did. Since this was to be Naar's great victory, he wanted to commemorate it. So he captured everyone he could and turned them into keychains. He used the Doomstone so his own powers wouldn't be diminished.
F.'d you learn that?
Galloway: Beats me. Just flashed into my brain.
F. Galloway: So, are those brats back to normal?
Galloway: Kari's with me right now. She hasn't changed. I guess Naar did that one himself, at least from the description of the incident she gave me.
F. Galloway: Well, I'll be with you shortly.
Galloway: WHAT?!
F. Galloway: Don't try to stop me.
Galloway: Well...
F. Galloway: Conversasion terminated.
(end codec conversasion)

Galloway: And remember, kids: If you decide to become an evil being and take over the multiverse, don't get mages as minions. They'll die after one blow.

The Naar Saga part 85: Neo's Decision

Galloway and co. continued up the stairs. However, a step collapsed when Galloways stepped on it, sending him tumbling down many stories before finally collapsing in a heap at the bottom. Since only Gemini, Neo, Val and Kari were over the step, they sent Weiila, Poke and Star back down to heal Galloway. They then continued up towards Naar.


Finally, they reached the top. Their pulses pounding, their faces sweating with pure fear, they pushed the door open.

The moment the door was fully opened, Naar teleported in, grabbed Kari, and teleported to the circle before they could blink. He quickly tied her to the last stone and prepared the usual sacrificial knife.

"Excuse me," said Neo, "but we're here, too!"

"Hmm?" said Naar, most sarcastically. He eyed the three mortals standing in front of him. "Well, I could hardly consider you a threat, but if you have a death wish...I suppose I could grant it."

He teleported in front of Gemini and slammed his fist into his chest, cracking the ninja's ribs. He then slammed him in the back, sending him crashing into the ground. Despite his nearly fatal injuries, the ninja got back to his knees and used a Fire Jitsu, but the attack dissipitated upon contact with Naar. Finally, Naar kicked him straight into the far wall.

Val threw the Gungnir, but Naar grabbed it in flight, broke it into small pieces, and burned it to ash. He then grabbed Val and slammed her into his knee. She rolled to the ground, unable to do anything against Naar.

Neo drew his sword. Naar grabbed his own blade and slashed. Neo tried to parry, but Naar's blade shattered his sword and cut his hand straight off. Neo grabbed his bloodied stump and backed away, trying to find a way out of this seemingly hopeless situation. Finally, he tried a Neo-Blast.

The explosion completely enveloped Naar, but when the dust settled, the god was completely unharmed. He grabbed Neo by the neck and slammed his head repeatadly against the wall, knocking out teeth and shattering his skull. Finally, he tossed the now-useless warrior into the ground.


Weiila quickly mended Galloway's bruises. Fortunately, being SSJ absorbed most of the injuries. However, he could hear their screams from the top of the tower.

Grabbing all three of his companions, he flew straight up the steps, finally reaching the door. Smashing the doors apart, he entered the room...and saw his friend's bodies.

"So surprised?" said Naar, who was now preparing to finish the sacrifice. "Really, they offered no resistance. It was no fun at all."

Galloway tried to move forward, but suddenly found himself frozen. He collapsed, as if from invisible injuries. "Well," said Naar, "I couldn't resist putting up one of those...'links' to your counterpart, Neo. Since he's practically dead, I don't see any way for you to move. Now, watch as your pathetic multiverse perishes!"

Weiila, however, was already behind him. Thinking quickly, she tried to heal Neo, but didn't have a lot of time to repair everything. However, something else happened. Naar began to reel away as she was casting the Cure spell, as if something in it was driving him off. Galloway felt the bond he had with Neo breaking, and realized that Naar had to be in deep concentration for it to work.

Neo got up and ran to where Naar was, while he was still distracted. Using all his strength, he grabbed the sacrificial knife. "Naar," he said, "I cannot beat you. However, I can make sure you don't weaken that pathetic trash, Galloway, ever again!"

Galloway knew what was going to happen. He tried to shout out to Neo, but it was too late.

Neo raised the knife and, in the blink of an eye, slit his throat.

Galloway: The final battle has begun! *cue Mortal Kombat theme*

The Naar Saga part 86: The Password is Fhqwhgads!

Galloway watched as Neo slumped lifelessly to the ground. Naar just regarded his corpse with sheer displeasure; nobody used his precious knife in this way. It was just so...good.

The moment Neo's head hit the ground, though, the entire area began to flash with a bright light. When it died down a few seconds later, every single trace of Neo's having been there dissapeared; body, blood, everything. Even the knife was clean of blood.

"Feh," said Naar, "what a waste. I expected better of someone like that. Well, on with the sacrifice!"

Galloway was not pleased with Naar's comments. Neo had sacrificed himself to allow Galloway to kill Naar...and now the one he had to destroy was laughing at him. He pulled his arms back and began to channel energy.


F. Galloway speeded to the top of the seventh tower. Fortunately, there was a window to break through, thus giving her access. However, as she got closer, she stopped when she heard a voice from the other side. It sounded like it was saying, "Ka me ha me..."

A massive beam of energy blew her out of the sky just as the same voice seemed to be saying, "HA!" She fell into the bottom of the castle and smashed straight through the ground.


When she woke up, she was in a dark, lifeless tunnel. In fact, the only life that had been in there at all was the guard she just smashed. Picking herself off his lifeless body, she approached a heavy steel door.

There was no handle, no hinges, or any keyhole. All there was was what looked like an Atari 2600 version of a yellow duck. Below it was a message that read:

To access creatures, please say the name of the duck.

She thought about it, then realized what the duck was. Quickly, she said the word:


Nothing happened. She tried several versions of the word, but nothing worked. Finally, out of sheer desperation, she pounded on the door and shouted, "JUST HOW THE FUCK DO YOU PRONOUNCE FHQWHGADS?"

The door immediately swung open, sending her toppling into the next hallway. With batted breath, she went down it.


Naar was completely unfazed by the attack. "Just what were you trying to prove, moron? You know an attack like that can never damage me!"

Galloway grinned. "Really? Check your hand."

Naar looked at the hand that was holding the knife mere seconds ago...and saw nothing. Galloway had vaporized the entire thing! Cursing, the dark god turned his eyes back onto his enemy. "You ruined it! That knife was needed to complete the sacrifice! Now the power will never be mine!"

Naar raised his sword. It was the same one Mox had back in the dungeon. "Very well," he said, "if I cannot use this children, then I guess I'll have to dispose of them."

What will F. Galloway find down the next hallway? Can Galloway save the brats in time? Does anyone even think about these questions, anyway? Tune in next time, same fanfic time, same fanfic channel!

The Naar Saga part 87: Team Attack! Gemini, Val, Star and Poke vs. Naar

Galloway reached for the Sommerswerd, but suddenly found himself unable to move his hands. He looked down, and saw a ring of black mist surrounding them, like handcuffs. Naar let out his naturally evil laugh, and slowly moved his sword's pointy tip towards T.K.'s throat, as if to draw this out as long as he possibly could.

Weiila quickly finished healing Val. The small group decided on a plan almost immediately: Weiila would go and break whatever grip Naar had on Galloway, while the others would try to distract Naar and undoubtably get their asses handed to them on a silver platter in the process.

Gemini leaped forward and slammed his foot into Naar, sending the god staggering sideways, as well as causing him to drop his sword. Val then threw Gungnir while Naar was still recovering from the kick, impaling him straight through the heart. Star then unleashed his dreaded Pixy Stixs attack, burying Naar under a barrage of feline creatures. Poke threw out a pokeball containing a Pikachu, then proceded to cut the kids free and stuff them into the nearby sack, where the fifth kid was still inside. Weiila used her healing abilities to break the hold Naar had on Galloway's hands, allowing him to draw the Sommerswerd.

Naar, however, pulled the Gungnir out and tossed it out the window. He then vaporized all of Star's cats. Next, he tore poor Pikachu (yeah, right) apart. And finally, to piss Gemini off, he called him a tall freak. Galloway grabbed Weiila's arm firmly.

"Listen," he said. "Fly everyone else down to the bunker. It's parked at the bottom, just by the entrance we took the first time we came here. When everyone's there, have them leave, and return here. Now go!" Weiila, grumbling all the way, grabbed the sack and the others, then strained herself and flew out the window.

Naar looked around, his eyes flashing with rage. "You fool!" he said. "You have ruined EVERYTHING! NOW I WILL KILL YOU LIKE THE WEAK MORTAL YOU ARE!"

Galloway raised the Sommerswerd and smiled. "Let's get it on, bitch!"


Colin, Drew, Ryan and Wayne were outside, drinking water and talking about the "good ol' days" when they heard voices coming from inside. They opened the door, and found that all the keychains were gone.

Instead, there were piles upon piles of people!


F. Galloway continued down the hall, not knowing of what awaited her at the end.

Galloway: A few that visit the boards might know that I promised to kill Val here. So...*cuts off Val's head, stuffs dynamite down her neck, sliced off her arms and legs, and runs away as her body explodes*

The Naar Saga part 88: F. Galloway's Secret

F. Galloway continued down the hall for another two minutes before reaching a large room. Inside was a piano, some chairs, a semen-stained bed, and a metal door.

Suddenly, a large, muscular man entered the room. He was dressed in silver armor, had no helmet, and carried a large sword. On his armor was a nametag, which read "SRO: Senior Rape Officer".

The man grabbed F. Galloway and threw her onto the bed without so much as a word. He then pulled over a TV and VCR.

"Why, hello, dear," he said, as four chains suddenly wrapped around F. Galloway, tying her to the bed. "I'm sure you remember me. I visited your world once. A pity Naar had to destroy everything."

F. Galloway looked at the man in disgust. "Naar's days end now. He can't win this one!"

"Ah," said the man, "but he can, and will. In fact, I think there's time for a little game. I remember the last time we met. In fact, I have a recording right here." He grabbed a tape and placed it in the VCR.

What it showed cannot be described here without getting this fic deleted. It was essentially a porn video, only instead of having third-rate actors, it had F. Galloway and the man. After he finished raping the living crap out of here, a bunch of other men, including Impaler, moved in on her. Fortunately, it then went into an old wedding video, so the rest wasn't viewable.

F. Galloway was completely silent at this point. The man walked slowly towards her. "Remember how this happened? After Naar killed your friends and family, you decided to get back at him. You were crushed easily. In fact , Naar actually rated you as the most dissapointing foe ever. Man, we had some fun after that, keeping you as a rape doll and all. Well, time for some fun!"

F. Galloway looked around, her eyes slowly beginning to tear up. Suddenly, she had an idea. "Well, big boy," she said, "why don't you take these silly chains off. I can't do my moves like this."

"Well, well," said the man, "I guess you finally learned your lesson." He pressed a button, and the chains dissapeared. F. Galloway sat the man down on the bed.

"Now, turn around and close your eyes," she said. "I have a treat in store for you." The man did as she said. F. Galloway sneaked over to the piano and removed one of the strings, being careful not to make too much noise.

"Why, my dear," said the man, "what is this surprise of yours?"

"Why, honey," said F. Galloway, standing right behind him with the piano wire firmly wraped around both hands, "here it is!" She threw the wire over the man's neck and pulled tightly. The man screamed, his eyes wide with fear and panic, but it was too late. Within seconds, he was dead.

Putting the wire into her pocket, she opened the next door. Finding a small clipboard on the wall, she read it:


Orders from the Master:

Creatures have been captured. The Master has no idea what these are, they were simply there with the brats. They are to be exterminated in any manner you see fit after the ritual is complete. Oh, and a girl is coming. You know what to do with her...

The Master

Galloway: And after much plotting...there is still much more plotting to go.

The Naar Saga part 89: The Materia

Galloway gripped the Sommerswerd tightly with both hands as he watched Naar carefully. The dark god was apparantly doing the same thing. In fact, they stood there for two minutes before Galloway remembered something.

He took out the Materia. Suddenly, the entire area was filled with a massive blast of white light. Galloway shielded his eyes for fear of going blind. Naar stumbled back, dazed.


Galloway slowly uncovered his eyes. The entire area was now white, with no walls, floor, or ceiling. In front of Galloway stood a tall, magnificent warrior, dressed in golden armor. He carried a massive broadsword, and his face was hidden within a golden helm. This was none other than Sun God, Kai.

"Galloway," said Kai, "you have done well. In fact, even I did not expect such power from you. That is why I have come to ask something of you."

"Really, Kai?" asked Galloway, a bit puzzled at this. "What do you want?"

"I want you to live. You cannot win against Naar."

Galloway's face twisted into a mixture of surprise and anger. "What? But...but all this training! These battles! These people! You want me to give up because I might get killed?"

"Think about it," said Kai. "Naar is a god. As you may have discovered, gods are not immortal, but come pretty close to that level. Despite your power, you are still a mere mortal, a mere..."

"Human, right?" added Galloway.

"No," said Kai, "that is not the word I would use. You, my young warrior, are not human."

Once again, Galloway's face did the dance of misbelief. How was this possible? If he wasn't human, then what was he?

"Now," said Kai, "give it up. Become my disciple, like Lone Wolf did. One day, you too shall become a Supreme Master, with power that you couldn't even dream of. Live, Galloway, live."

Galloway's answer was direct and to the point: "No."

Kai was not pleased with this. "What? But I told you that it's hopeless against Naar! Why do you still want to fight? What is there to risk your life for?"

Galloway was shocked at Kai's lack of wisdom. "Ever since Mox showed up, I've been fighting evil after evil. I never had time to think about why. However, when I was a kid at Weiila's house, it came to me. Somehow, I am the only one who can defeat these monsters and madmen. For some reason, I have to keep fighting, until the day I either run out of evil things to destroy or die trying. Kai, you can take your disciple thing and shove it! I'm taking Naar on!"

Kai, remarkably, stayed awake during the whole speech. "But, what if you do die here? Naar will continue his destruction!"

"He'd do it anyway, right?" asked Galloway. "And if I face him, and lose, I can at least die with no regrets. Right now, I'm not fighting because I have to. I'm fighting because I want to. Nobody else even has a remote chance against Naar; not Weiila, not Starstorm, not even Gemini. I want to face the greatest evil, and hopefully, destroy it once and for all. I want this nightmare to finally end."

Kai looked away. "So, despite what I have told you, you will still face Naar, at the risk of your very life."

Galloway's answer was once again direct and to the point: "Yes."

Kai looked back at Galloway, but this time a sense of joy was felt. "Congratulations. You passed the final test."

Galloway's face went back into misbelief mode. "What?"

"I wanted to make sure you were sincere about this. Besides, I'm couped up with a bunch of dullards all day long. A god's entitled to a little fun, right?" Galloway just nodded along in agreement.

"Now," said Kai, walking towards Galloway, "I will give you one final gift. This will hopefully be enough to push you over the edge. Defeat Naar, and bring peace to all the worlds."

Kai placed his hand on Galloway's chest. Suddenly, Galloway's aura began to flare up uncontrollably. He finally found himself powering down to normal, but when he was back, he suddenly felt his strength skyrocket yet again. His mind began to fill with thoughts beyond his reckoning. Finally, Kai pulled away, leaving Galloway gasping for air.

"I have given you the wisdom of the Kai," said Kai. "What this means is up for you to discover. I trapped you as a Super Saiyan to see what effects it had on your body. Sadly, it seems that you can use your new abilities when you are not transformed. So don't change, no matter what. Well, back to the battle with thee!"

"Wait!" said Galloway. "You said I wasn't human. Then, what am I?"

Kai turned and walked away. "Survive this battle...and I will tell you."

Galloway wanted to ask more, but his body was suddenly pulled away.


Galloway found himself standing back in Naar's ritual chamber. The dark god's eyes suddenly lit up with surprise.

"Your power!" he said. "It half a second?" Galloway then realized that his meeting with Kai was outside of time, so no time had passed at all since when he had used the Materia.

Naar's voice suddenly became infuriated. "That aura...DAMN YOU, KAI!" He then rose his black sword as Galloway raised the Sommerswerd.


Panting and wheezing, Weiila sat everyone down in the bunker. She then began to leave, but a radio suddenly went off.

(begin codec/radio conversasion)
F. Galloway: Hello. Is anyone there?
Weiila: Yeah. I got this through the bunker's radio.
F. Galloway: The other me turned his codec off.
Weiila: Well, what's up?
F. Galloway: I found some more prisoners, if you're interested.
Weiila: Okay. You got any names?
F. Galloway: Let's see...Agumon, Veemon, Biyomon...
Weiila: Wait a second. Those are Digimon names...
F. Galloway: Yeah. So?
Weiila: *sighs* Just bring them on board.
F. Galloway: That's the hard part. They're all unconcious.
Weiila: What? Well, the two we found before were like that...maybe it was Naar's doing?
F. Galloway: Yeah. Galloway said that if Naar caused it directly, then the only way to cure it would be to destroy Naar.
Weiila: Okay- wait a second...
F. Galloway: What?
Weiila: I feel something...divine going on. It was right where Galloway...
F. Galloway: Shit! The others- how did they get down?
Weiila: Well...
F. Galloway: The teleporter was broken! They have to use the bunker!
Weiila: I'm picking up something. I'll check it out before going back to Galloway.
F. Galloway: Gotcha.
(end codec/radio conversasion)

Galloway: *holds a cup of coffee while twitching*
Weiila: What's wrong with him?
Gemini: You keep bugging him about getting this done, so he has to stay up past midnight every day to work on it. Needless to say, he's gained a coffee addiction.
Weiila: How bad is it?
Gemini: That bad.

The Naar Saga part 90: Endgame (part 1)

Once again, the two returned to a staring contest for about a minute. Finally, Naar charged forward, his sword raised to cleave Galloway in two. Galloway, however, blocked the attack easily and kicked Naar back with one foot, throwing the god off-balance. He then slashed downwards, but Naar recovered quickly and parried the attack.

The two jumped away from each other, then charged again. Galloway, however, sidestepped Naar at the last second and slashed again, this time cleaving Naar's left hand clean off. The god drew back, black blood oozing from the stump on his arm. However, to Galloway's surprise, the hand suddenly jumped back into the air and reattached itself to Naar.

Galloway jumped back again, but Naar wasn't falling for the same trick twice. He charged, but instead of continuing his attack, he stopped when he got within five feet of Galloway, who was still in the middle of a sidestep. The god slashed, this time grazing Galloway's right arm, but doing little other damage. The small wound almost instantly sealed itself up, leaving Galloway undamaged.

The two continued in a similar fashion, with no one side gaining an advantage over the other. Finally, they withdrew again. Galloway watched Naar's movements carefully. This was NOT going to be an easy fight.


Weiila dumped the kids out of the bag, then flew back out of the bunker and into the castle. She had to find the others, and fast!


Galloway slashed at Naar again, but the dark god dodged and countered with a lunge. Galloway grabbed the blade and kicked Naar straight in the chest, then stabbed at his enemy's heart. However, Naar moved out of the way easily. Galloway realized that he would have to figure out another plan, and fast!


The hero smashed down the metal door leading into the next section of the castle. The rest led the kids through as they scrambled to find a way out. Things were not looking up.


Weiila continued her mad flight throughout the castle. Finally, she found a dead body lying on a bed, apparantly the victim of the old "piano wire" trick. She then looked through the open door, and saw F. Galloway shoving the Digimon into another on of those giant sacks that seemed to be everywhere.

Just then, the far wall began to crack. Finally, a large chunk of the wall was smashed down. When the dust cleared, Scorpion stood on the other side, a very pissed-off ninja.

Right after that, ANOTHER wall came crashing down. The hero walked through, followed by everyone else in the castle.

"Well," said Weiila, "that was quick."


Galloway continued to hold his ground, but was unable to even scratch Naar. Naar, meanwhile, was unable to scratch Galloway. The two were too evenly matched.

Suddenly, Galloway remembered something. He couldn't go SSJ, but maybe...

"Galloway," said Kai's voice, echoing through Galloway's mind, "I know about this 'Kaioken' thing of yours. You might as well give it a shot; it won't affect your new abilities as much. However, remember that they are the key to winning this battle, so power down to your regular level when you wish to use them."

Galloway cursed this turn of events, but had no choice. He quickly powered up the Kaioken to level 12.

Galloway: Must I put something here? Fine. Uh...I LIKE SWORDS!
The Naar Saga part 91: Endgame (part 2)

Galloway dashed forward and slashed downward, connecting head-on with Naar. He then let loose with a swarm of thrusts, slashes, and various other form of attacks. Finally, he quickly threw of a Spread Blast for good measure.

When the dust cleared, Naar wasn't damaged. In fact, the dark god was amused by Galloway's attack. "Your divine aura," he said. "It shrank."

Galloway realized what had happened. All of his normal techs and skills were worthless here. Only Kai's abilities would work. But, what were they?


Scorpion checked the area. "All's clear," he said. "It looks like everyone ran out when these place went to hell. Pity that their escape bridge happened to be ceremoniously cut apart." F. Galloway then realized why the teleportation pads had stopped working so suddenly.

The kids were reunited with their Digimon, and everyone was starting to get happy. However, the entire castle began to shake violently.

"Uh, I think know whould be a good time to leave," said Wil. Everyone grabbed the sleeping Digimon and ran back to the bunker.


Galloway stopped his Kaioken and looked at Naar. The god's expression was returning to fear. " shot back up! What happened?"

Galloway smirked, then charged. However, Naar easily dodged. He ran to the other side of the room and raised his hand. "Prepare for your doom, 'Kai Lord'! ETERNAL DAMNATION!"

A massive beam of black energy was released from Naar's hand and came rushing towards Galloway. Galloway found himself unable to move for some reason. This was the end, he thought. He crossed his arms in front of him...

Then, on some kind of hunch, he powered down farther. The beam hit him dead on, but dissipitated upon contact. Galloway's body was surrounded by a golden aura, which soon dissapeared.

Naar cursed. "What...what is this! is this possible?" Galloway realized what it was; the weaker he was, the more powerful Kai's abilities were.

Galloway raised his hand and shouted, "Kai Ray!" A golden beam hit Naar dead-on, blasting him out of the castle. Galloway jumped into the air after him.

Naar recovered, then raised his sword. "!"


Weiila checked the controls. A red light was flashing, and if a red light is blinking, it's automatically bad. She checked the readout...and found that there was almost no fuel left. They could lift off and get a few yards away from the castle, but after that, it was over.

Cursing, she pushed the launch button.

The bunker began to take-off. Soon it was clear of Naar's castle, but just then, it began to fall. Once again, the Flying Bunker was now the Falling Bunker.

Fortunately, Weiila saw the "In case of falling, hit this, moron" button nearby. Upon pressing it, a bunch of parachutes opened up all over the bunker. The falling piece of metal slowly landed in the water, with everyone safe.


Galloway charged at Naar again, knocking the god back. He then sliced, giving Naar a nasty cut. Cursing, Naar withdrew a bit. Then, he began to laugh.

"Let's make things a bit more interesting, shall we?" he said. He began to gather power in his hand. Galloway felt the amount the power he was collecting; it was enormous.

"This is how the game is played," said Naar. "I will shoot the planet with this blast. The power will then spread all over, turning this planet into a time bomb. Five minutes after the blast, this planet, and everything on it except me, will be reduced to dust!"

Galloway looked shocked. So, he was going to take everyone down with him. Naar seemed to read his mind. "If you can beat me," he said, "before the five minutes are up, then the whole thing will stop immediately. If not...well, either way, you'll die. If you want to stop me, now's the time."

Naar looked at Galloway expectantly. He didn't, however, expect what Galloway said next.

"Do it."

Naar grinned. "I see you like a challenge. I like that. I might even pat your head before I remove it. Now, let the Endgame begin!"

Naar fired the blast into the ground. It simply sank in on impact, but small bits of dark lightning crackled along the ground a second later. They began to spread.

The endgame really had begun.

Weiila: This isn't one of those "three weeks for five minutes" things, right?
Galloway: Nope.

The Naar Saga part 92: Endgame (part 3)

Galloway charged at Naar, but the god sidestepped, grabbed Galloway's head, and began to knee him constantly in the face. Galloway broke free, then fired an energy bolt from the Sommerswerd. Naar dodged it easily.

Galloway attacked again, but Naar kneed him in the chest, then slammed him in the back. He then kicked Galloway into the air and raised his sword.

"Sad," said Naar. "I really expected better of you." He then dashed forward to finish the battle, but Galloway recovered and parried.

"Don't get so happy, Naar," said Galloway. "This far from over!"


The group in the bunker found the emergency lifeboats. However, only the kids could get on, so the adults had to swim to shore. On the way, they found Blade, who had finally climbed back up.

Once back on shore, Colin and Drew met up with them. Naar's minions had decided to make one final showdown in the confusion, and everyone was inside the base. He led them through a secret passage into the basement, away from the heavy fighting.

Once everyone was inside, Colin locked the door. "That outta hold off any of those things."

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Then Gemini touched the ground.

"Something doesn't feel right here," he said. "It's the same thing from Naar's castle."

F. Galloway suddenly remembered something. "You don't think...that blast was responsible for this?"


Galloway quickly blocked another attack, but Naar immediately lunged, scratching his leg. The god then elbowed Galloway in the chest and slashed at him again, this time cutting his face.

"I wonder how much longer you can take this," said Naar. "In fact, which will kill you first: me, or the explosion?"

"Like I said," replied Galloway, "this battle isn't over!"

He then checked his watch.

Four minutes left.

Weiila: That was short.
Galloway: Would you rather I went on DBZ time?
Gemini: If we do...*looks evil*

The Naar Saga part 93: Endgame (part 4)

Weiila silently sneaked out of the basement, then flew up to Galloway, who was having another stare-down with Naar. "Okay," she said, "what's so damn important that I have to come all the way up here?"

"Weiila," said Galloway, "stand by to heal. What I'm going to do next is highly dangerous and extremely stupid, but might be the only chance we have left."

"Huh? What freakin' idea do you have now?"

"Just do as I say! It's our only chance!" With that, Galloway charged. However, Weiila saw that he was purposely holding the sword wrong.

"My, my," said Naar, "you want to die that badly? All right, I'll grant your wish." He then thrusted, stabbing Galloway straight through the stomach. He then just examined his skewered prey, until he heard Galloway laughing.

"Have you ever...seen...Spartacus?" asked Galloway. " know...about...the...slow kill spots? You...just" He then sliced at Naar, cutting a deep, diagnol wound across his entire body. Naar threw Galloway off the sword, his nearly lifeless body landing neatly in Weiila's arms. She immediately healed him.

"Thanks, Weiila," said Galloway. "That was the only time I've even been able to damage him. But it wasn't enough." Just then, he noticed Naar doing something. It didn't seem...right...

A blast suddenly erupted from Naar's hand. Galloway prepared to block, but it sped past him and Weiila, did a 180, then barreled back down and connecting head-on with Weiila's back. She coughed up some blood, then fell all the way back to the ground.

Galloway just looked down at her, not moving an inch. Weiila had just died; his stupid plan had killed her. Then he noticed that she was barely moving. He rocketed down towards her, but Naar wasn't done yet. He shot another blast at her.

Galloway landed right between Weiila and the blast. He raised the Sommerswerd to block it, but the sword absorbed the blast like it was nothing. Galloway smiled, even as he jammed his last Senzu down Weiila's throat. If he had only known about this when he fought Mox.

Weiila was healed immediately. "Any other bright ideas?" she asked, completely being a smartass. However, Galloway was too busy looking at Naar to notice her sarcasm for once.

"Get down," said Galloway. "I have little time to finish this." He then flew back up to face Naar again.

Naar's newest wound, unlike the others Galloway had tried to inflict, was still there. "You bastard!" he said. "I'll crush your soul for this!" He then charged forward to finish this, but Galloway easily blocked all of the god's attacks. For some reason, he was fighting a lot better now...

Galloway flew up a bit, then came down with a powerful slash. Naar parried the attack, but the impact shattered the dark blade completely. Naar was left without a leg to stand on now.

Galloway glanced at his watch.

Three minutes left.

Weiila: Is it just me, or are these getting shorter?
Galloway: Is it just me, or are you getting more critical?

The Naar Saga part 94: Endgame (part 5)

Galloway drew back, then lunged, stabbing Naar right in the arm. The dark god pulled back, but not before Galloway sliced open a wound on his leg. Galloway then flew back and fired a massive Kai Blast, blowing Naar towards the ground.

Naar recovered in mid-air, but not before noticing Weiila climb down into the basement of the building everyone was hiding in. He immediately fired a massive blast, blowing the building apart.

Galloway watched in horror, then drew back. He had to end this now. There was only one chance left...

He checked his watch. Two minutes left.


Deep in the crater, a lone figure began to break free from the rubble. Finally, he smashed his way out, amazed that he was still in one piece. He quickly made his way to the best spot to observe the battle.


Galloway got as far back as he could and began to channel power into the Sommerswerd. Naar was too busy gloating about his victory to notice at first, but when he finally did, he realized what Galloway was doing.

"I won't let you!" he shouted, before firing another huge blast at Galloway. However, he didn't move an inch. The blast was destroyed in mid-flight by another one.

Naar turned to see who did that, but couldn't find the target. Then another blast came, hitting him dead in the chest wound Galloway had given him. This was followed by another to the back.

"Damn it!" shouted Naar. "Who keeps doing that?" He flew around frantically, but found no one. It was like a ghost was attacking him.

Galloway finally finished charging his energy into his weapon. He checked his watch. Only thirty seconds left. He had to finish this now.

He charged forward and found Naar. The god was ready to watch the planet explode, so he didn't notice Galloway flying behind him until it was too late. Galloway thrusted the second he was in range, and the Sommerswerd went straight through Naar's body. He then flew back and aimed his arms at the god.

Ten seconds left.

Naar laughed one last time. "At last," he said, "the true one has been found." Galloway didn't have time to think about this. He only had five seconds.

Galloway quickly finished the spell. He shouted the word that would be Naar's doom:


The Sommerswerd suddenly exploded in a massive array of light and power. Naar's shadow could be seen in the explosion, mere milliseconds before finally disintegrating into nothingness.

The dark lightning on the ground stopped instantly. The castle vanished without a trace. The battle was finally over. Naar was dead at last.

Galloway smiled, then fell to the ground below. A lone figure grabbed him and took him into the bunker.

"Heal," said the figure before leaving. "I want to kill you later."

Galloway: PAR-TAY!

The Naar Saga part 95: Another Little Problem...

The carnage at the destroyed building didn't exist. The basement DID cave in, but strangely, everyone was able to pull themselves out of the rubble. Like Galloway had said, T.K. and Kari were back to normal, as was everyone and everything else in this world, save for the eight hundred craters, seventy destroyed buildings, multiple dead bodies, and the bunker floating in the water.

However, something was very wrong here. Tai and Matt were still missing. After about an hour of digging, they finally found the two...only to learn of another problem.

They were still seven-year-old kids.


Galloway woke up when his codec went off.

(begin codec conversasion)
F. Galloway: Wow! You survived!
Galloway: Well, somewhat. Did you WANT me to get killed out there?
F. Galloway: The thought DID cross my mind, yes. Anyway, from the looks of it, Naar's gone, right?
Galloway: Yeah. Is everyone back to normal?
F. Galloway: Yeah, except for...
Galloway: Let me guess. Tai and Matt didn't turn back.
F. Galloway: You got it. How'd you know?
Galloway: My senses improved when I was a SSJ. Combined with a few minor skills I got from Lone Wolf's training, I was able to sense Naar's aura on something I touched. When I touched T.K. and Kari, Naar's energy was still there. However, when I touched Tai and Matt...
F. Galloway: Then, what did this?
Galloway: If it wasn't magical, it had to be chemical. Alchemical, in fact!
F. Galloway:...I have the Pun Police on speed-dial.
Galloway: Okay, okay. It is possible to create pills and potions that affect aging, but it would take an immense amount of time, energy, and knowledge to get something THIS precise. However, I guess I could find a way to counter it if I figured out what the formula that CAUSED this was.
F. Galloway: So you're staying?
Galloway: Until this gets resolved, yes.
F. Galloway: I might as well. I don't have much of a world to go back to, really.
Galloway: All right. Bring it up with the others and call me back in a few hours. I need some sleep.
F. Galloway: Gotcha! Oh, and have a kitchen knife ready.
Galloway: Why?
F. Galloway: I wasn't kidding when I said I'd rip this codec out of my head.
Galloway: O...kay.
(end codec conversasion)

Galloway started to get back to sleep, but then saw someone else standing over him: Lone Wolf. "You did it," said the Kai Supreme Master. "Naar has finally been destroyed."

"Why're you here?" asked Galloway. "I'm sorry about the Sommerswerd, but..."

"Don't worry about it," said Lone Wolf. "The sword's all right. It just needs to be recharged for a couple thousand years. In the meantime..." Lone Wolf pulled out a katana, very much similar to Galloway's old sword. Galloway took it as a gift.

"Also," continued Lone Wolf, "Kai promised to tell you about what race you are. This will be hard to believe, and seem stupid and plain idiotic at first. Are you willing to proceed?" Galloway nodded, and Lone Wolf continued.

"When you fought Naar," he said, "you triggered a kind of hidden DNA in your body. It caused a...well...minor change. You see, the Ultra-Orb hid this in you when it exploded, so that it could be brought out when all your power was expended."

Galloway raised his eyebrow. "What kind of change?"

Lone Wolf pointed towards a large mirror in the corner of the room. Galloway got up and looked in it. His scream could be heard across dimensions and planes of existance.

He had grown a monkey tail.


The figure went and bought a six-pack of beer and a lawn chair, then sat on a rooftop and watched the scene below. Nothing was more interesting than watching sheep before the slaughter. Nothing.


The man turned off his Telivision-O-Everything (tm), then lit up a cigar. At last, it was beginning.

The birth of the true one could begin.

Galloway: Who is this new threat? What is this change coming over my body? Will I ever shut up? Will the narrator and the rest of the cast ever get paid? A few of these questions and more will be answered soon!

The Movie Saga... face it, he'll never ever go away! Whee!

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